Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Peppa Pig Theme Music Haunts My Dreams

Gotsta get this post in before Halloween recaps become completely irrelevant {although I'm sure you're just delighted to see another one of these suckers clogging up your feeds...}. Apologies in advance for all the repeat photos that I've already #overgrammed and over-Facebooked. 

We began our festivities with L's Fall Party last Thursday... the Fall Party I was told would not involve costumes other than school-provided masks.  So we sent L to school in her very favorite frock instead. 

{"I love mah star dwess 'cause it has stars and a tutu!"} 

{Anything with a ruffled skirt is a "tutu" and is preferred over all other things. An actual tutu is not a "tutu" and is shunned with every fiber of her toddler being. You follow?} 

E called me after drop off to tell me L was the only kidlet in class not wearing a costume.  WONDERFUL. I'm still not sure where the disconnect was there, even after having a conversation with her teacher about it {a casual, breezy conversation... because I don't want to be That Mom... even though I was totally That Mom on the inside}, but L was so enthralled by her zebra mask {"No, it's a KITTY KAT, Mommy;" um, okay, sure} that she didn't seem permanently scarred.  Plus, I'm told the party had a cookie-decorating component.  And who can really hold a grudge when icing and sprinkles are involved?

B, who was not offered any cookies, wasn't so sure about this whole Halloween hullabaloo when it came time for the official fitting of his sister-selected George costume {Peppa Pig's brother, duh}.

He spent Halloween morning plotting his revenge:

I packed up the piglets and the three of us joined our friends at the park for more revelry.  And more cookies. 

I was pleasantly surprised everyone wore their costumes {#vaginapigears} with smiles as Peppa herself had a meltdown to rival her brother's earlier that morning. {"I no wanna be a pig! I just wear mah star dress!"}  At one point, E asked me why I looked so distraught and I replied I was trying really hard not to have my feelings hurt by a 2 year old.  Parenting Lesson #4,821: Preschoolers do not give a shit if your love language is Glue-Gun Burnt Fingers and Handmade Halloween Costumes. Outsource that nonsense. 

Love these meatloaves...  I have photos of some of them together on their very first Halloween!  


After we ran off the sugar highs, the four of us trucked it down to Waco for treat-or-treating at Mama J's house with J and T-Pop, too! 

We hit up a few houses and returned to the carpeted-steps of my youth for the very best part of Halloween... Candy Sorting! L chose M&Ms as her treat {shocker} and was subsequently bribed with more M&Ms to allow her brother to touch her pumpkin for photographic posterity. 

These two are trouble, I tell you...

L woke up at 4:30 am Saturday morning and wouldn't go back to sleep, because "I can't find my bandaid."  E was super amused, as you can imagine.  She was kind of a pill for our morning activities {Baylor Homecoming parade}, but this actually worked in our DST favor... poor tuckered out chiclet slept 13 hours and straight on through that time change Sat/Sun.  Thank you, Universe, for righting yourself! 

Tired pumpkins at the parade... {for the second year in a row I failed to pack proper cold-weather attire for all of us; after an entire month of highs in the lower 90s, a low of 40 just really doesn't seem possible to me, apparently}. 

E and I were able to sneak away for the game against KU.  Since our regular tailgating buddies ditched us for their son's 2nd birthday party {LAMESAUCE, Z & L}, we wandered around with spare beers in our pockets and watched all the young folks act a fool like the big creepers we are. 

Super pleased with wins for both the Bears and the Horns later that evening.  Also pleased with awesome grandparents and cousins that take our tiny crazies to Kiddyland to ride the carousel fourteen times while we're partying like rockstars throwing back Lemon Chills at McLane. 

Ended our ghoul-y fun weekend with a jaunt around White Rock and Mr. B's very first ride in the shopping cart.  Monumental happenings 'round these parts, I know! 


  1. Love it all, but E wins the internets with those socks!

    1. He'll be so pleased you noticed the RG3 Superman socks! I probably should have mentioned them...

  2. Hang in there with the homemade costumes. I made them for my kids until they essentially forced me to buy - at ages 9 and 10, if I remember. And the stories and the memories are worth it.

    Have I ever told you about the time my son INSISTED on going as a potato? See what I mean?

  3. I will only eat LemonChills at Baylor football games.


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