Friday, January 23, 2015

5 on Friday

For your Friday, five things I am currently...

Listening to... the How Did This Get Made? podcasts whenever the toddler is out of earshot. This one is definitely NSFW and NSFKWCRT {Not Safe for Kids Who Can Repeat Things -- although it's fair game for one-on-one baby time... sorry about the assault on your virgin ears, B}, but it is oh-so-hysterical.  The episodes with Adam Scott as a guest commentator make me pee my pants. 

Reading... I just finished Descent yesterday {than you, Melanie for the rec!}, and it's one of those books I have to obnoxiously implore everyone I encounter to read.  It's a compulsion. The writing is just... lyrical.  "Haunting" and "harrowing" are the most overused book review adjectives out there, but they happen to apply, full stop, here. Listen to the NPR review if you need more convincing.

Celebrating... the end of our ant infestation!  Did I fail to mention ants marched right into our living room from underneath our stairs, presumably accessing some sort of minute crawlspace between the levels of our foundation and cascading by the hundreds onto our brand new carpet? Because they did. OF COURSE THEY DID.  We've had ants before in our kitchen, and they are rotten bastards to get rid of.  Even more so when you have fabric fibers to fret over.  Even our Terminex man failed. Turns out, Borax + honey does the murdering quite nicely.  Although you have to fight the urge to hoover those squirmy fuckers up for 48-72 hours while they traipse back to the queen with their little backpacks full of poison.  My perseverance and trixy crafting paid off, and now L is officially off "just flick it! and get that one on your brother, too, while you're at it!" duty.

Wearing... all the high-rise jeans/cords from Gap. If my 16 year old self holding the scandalous naked-boy-on-a-horse Abercrombie bag could see me now... {although, really, what does she know?! she wore tube tops with baggie khaki cargo capri pants}.

Wiping... so much snot.  B is sick again with a going-on-four day high fever.  I'd be slightly more concerned about the flu {way to go, Only 23% Effective Vaccine}, but we're almost positive he just caught L's most recent preschool cold and his newly minted immune system just couldn't fight it off the way hers can. I have come to the conclusion this week that not much is worse than the Sick Baby + Well Toddler Combo. Especially when the weather is crummy and you can't even haul them both around the block for some fresh air and sanity. I could tell you I've had dozens of entertaining indoor crafts up my sleeve to keep my eldest entertained while I wrestle with the Nose Frida and degunk the humidifiers, but my pants would be on fire.  I like to think a little boredom is good for the tiny meatloaves anyhow.  Boredom and Curious George's A Very Monkey Christmas, that is -- which, if you were wondering, does not lose its magic after the holiday decor has been packed away.

Planning... birthdays galore! LBug wants Peppa Pig and B is getting a pre-Easter brunch and I have loads of fun-but-not-too-psychotic ideas for each of them. And somewhere in there, E and I will blow out our own candles and celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary.  It's go hard or go home Feb-March in this family!

Oops, that was six.  Nothing like a bonus to round out the week!


  1. Love it... will def bookmark the podcast and book and ugh, ants, hate 'em. dying over the tube tops and khaki cargo capris. I think back often to my early teen style and wonder who ever decided to sell such monstrosities.

  2. Ohh, love a good book rec - thanks! Adding it to my list. I've been meaning to check out HDTGM. Have I recommended the podcast Call Your Girlfriend yet? (If I have, forgive me. I'm all over the damn place these days.) Two long distance friends discuss politics, pop culture, current events - just about anything. They're smart, hilarious, uber-liberal feminists. I don't recommend them to everyone based on the foregoing description but I think you might love them as much as I do.

    1. Ooo I haven't heard of Call Your Girlfriend but it definitely sounds like something right up my alley! Adding it to my podcast feed post-haste!

  3. I forgot to say - Feel better sweet Brady boy. Sick babies are so pitiful. :(

  4. Ok, have added HDTGM to my podcast feed (it's been on my radar for awhile, and I am in a podcast-listening GROOVE at the moment), Descent to my library hold list, and those jeans to my shopping/wish list. Sorry about the ants (but yay for eradication!) and the sick baby - hope he's feeling better soon!

  5. Love your 5 things today!

    I added Descent to my library list after seeing your comments about it in the FB group! Excited to check it out!

  6. I'm reading Descent now and it's so good!

  7. I read Descent based on your comment from your 2014 books post and COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. Such beautiful writing. I typed a giant comment for your book post and then it somehow deleted before posting. Too lazy to re-write it. Loved the book post though! Another one I just read and adored is All the Light We Cannot See. I know it's on your list and you will not be disappointed.


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