Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day in the Life: January 28, 2015

It's that time again... I think I say this each time, but I really feel like I typed up my Fall DitL post last week.  Nope, it's been 3 months on the nose.  Time really does fly.  

I'm creepy and enjoy reading about the minutiae of other people's lives {I feel like I say that every time, too}, but I'm sure these are a total snore for many of you. If that's the case, I apologize!  I am amassing enough of these suckers that the comparison game is becoming a pretty big hoot... I need to make a photo book compilation at some point.  

Okay... onward!  Thanks as always to Laura for motivating me to power through these and for hosting the quarterly link-up.  If you'd like to participate, head on over to Navigating the Mothership for the details. 

Winter 2015: Wednesday, January 28th 

Kate is 2 weeks shy of 32
E is 1 week shy of 33
L is 3 weeks shy of 3 {let's hear it for those Feb birthdays!}
B is 4 days shy of 10 months 

5:45 am - B is crying.  I went to bed early last night {before 10}, and this is the very first wakeup from my bunch save for some fussing from B around 3 am {he settled down on his own} which is a massive improvement from the past two weeks.  I go upstairs, assess the diaper situation, and crawl into the big bed in his room with him.  I side-nurse him back to sleep. Usually I can manage to snooze a bit more as well, but it's not happening this morning. I make a reservation for my second choice restaurant for E's birthday... my first choice topped all the "best new" lists for 2014 and isn't showing anything available on OpenTable... make a phone alarm to remind myself to call later today to double-check.  Read a little Station Eleven on my Kindle app. 

7:20 am - B wakes up and seems quite pissed to be snuggling with me.  He does this every morning.  What's up with that, dude? I haul us both out of bed and hustle downstairs.  L is finishing up her breakfast {mini blueberry waffles and blueberries and yogurt} and feeds B a little piece... few-and-far-between yet super adorable sibling moment. I change B's diaper and punch the coffee.  L starts playing "church" with all her buddies.  "Church" is a new game, sprung from Christmas Eve services and that super annoying Hozier song that will not leave me alone on the radio. E takes B into the living room and according to L, the boys are in one church and the girls are in another.  We are instructed to sing.  Somehow E and I pull off a rousing duet of Total Eclipse of the Heart {we are parishioners of the Church of 80s Pop}. 

I clean up the roasting pans that were soaking overnight and unpack L's lunchbox from school yesterday {forgotten due to kitchen sink plumbing drama... stinky old milk, yuck}. I tackle the drying rack as well while B plays with some straws he found in a cabinet. Since buying swimsuits for myself is no longer funtimes, I covet all the adorable itty-bitty resort wear in the Garnet Hill catalog.
8:10 am - E makes B breakfast {he eats the same breakfast as L except about twice as much - yikes}.  I make a big picnic lunch for the kiddos to take to the park later {hummus + tortilla roll-ups, apple slices, blueberries, cheese sticks, banana, goldfish, and applesauce}. L starts reciting nursery rhymes from school, and E and I discuss how horrible some of these little ditties are, namely "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater" and "There Was an Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe."  Wikipedia is eventually involved... Trivia for the Day: In unspecified "olden times," women wishing to get pregnant would wear the shoes of others who had recently given birth!  You are so welcome for that tidbit.

More coffee for me.  I fold a load of laundry that seems a bit on the stinky side {must have left it too long in the washer pre-drying}, but it's just a pile of our crappy "clean-up" towels I used to mop up our kitchen faucet disaster yesterday so I don't bother rewashing.  Kids are playing in our room while E showers and gets dressed for work. It sounds like there is a kicking incident of some sort.  L hauls some old purple ballet flats of mine out of our closet and clomps around in them.  This prompts an extended discussion about her much-loved "purple shoes" {purple Mary Jane Crocs that met their maker months ago}.  I assure her for the eleven-billionth time she can pick out a new pair this Spring. 

8:45 am - E leaves for work.  All the gremlins wave at the backdoor until they can't see his car any longer. L requests another yogurt.  She's allowed two a day and maxes out early today.  B plays with his foam dinosaur book. E forgot his wallet and comes back to retrieve it. L is still "sooooo hungry" so I cut up some apple for her while B plays with the cabinets. I pop in a piece of toast for me, and turn on Call Your Girlfriend.  Ann and Aminatou are discussing the Hobby Lobby decision and RBG's saucy dissent of amazingness, among other things.  I figure Girl Power Civil Liberties chit-chat cancels out other slightly more inappropriate topics {new pelvic exam guidelines, etc}... then they start saying "sex" a lot, and, not being in the mood for a "what sex mean, Mama?" discussion, I decided to save my CYG fix for a more toddler-free time.  L tells me Piggie wants a scooter for her birthday.  I'm glad she's back on the scooter {which she is getting} and off the kitten requests {which she is definitely not getting}.  L and I go to battle over her constantly putting things in her mouth; small tantrum as I put saliva-covered items in timeout.  Potty trip.  

9:10 am - I take B into our room to get dressed.  L says she wants to play in the playroom upstairs with BeeBee.  I let her go up there herself; I love her independence in playing...and the fact that I can trust her not to destroy anything or maim herself.  B wrecks havoc on L's setup of buddies in "Piggie's old apartment" {Piggie apparently changed her address last week... she now resides in the living room, but I guess her friends still throw ragers at her old pad.}. 

9:15 am - Total freakout from both kiddos.  B is ready for his nap, and BeeBee's pacifier is stuck in the bars of the shopping cart upstairs.  I untangle BeeBee for L, get L dressed, and get me dressed.  My upper back all of a sudden feels really, really shaky.  Feels like there is definitely something amiss, and I can barely pick B up.  I dig out a Rx strength Ibuprofen and cross my fingers it helps.  I put the kids in the car and load up the diaper bag and picnic bag.  We are pulling out of the driveway at 9:45.  We are meeting friends at 10:30, and it only takes 20 minutes max to get to the park, but B desperately needs a car nap, and I've decided Starbucks is in order.  I usually frequent the local White Rock Coffee, but I need something for my stomach with that Ibuprofen and Sbux has better food. Plus, a new one with a drive-thru just opened up a quarter mile from our house and it's pretty hard to pass up that convenience.  

Triple grande nonfat latte and reduced-fat turkey bacon and egg white breakfast sandwich procured! I turn on the radio and L asks me to turn it up... Toby Keith is on, making fun of the McD's hot coffee lawsuit.  I'd generally like to third-degree burn TK's genitals with a fast food beverage, so I switch him off and turn the Dixie Chicks on.  We just recently rewatched the documentary Shut Up and Sing and I'd almost forgotten how much I love their Taking the Long Way album.  L asks me if Natalie Maines is Taylor Swift {no, dear child, and get yourself together, please} and "why she say 'it too late to make it right'" {that one is a little tougher... how much explanation about first amendment rights and ignorant rednecks is appropriate for a three year old?}.  She also asks me "remember yesterday when Daddy and Mama wouldn't play Play-Do with me?"  That was 3 weeks ago, and we were trying to get dressed to attend a birthday party.  This child can really hold a grudge.  Then I get to hear about how Piggie's Mama and Daddy play Play-Do with her and that makes Piggie so happy.  Piggie-as-Proxy really knows how to lay on the guilt.  

10:40 am - We arrive at the park after taking a really, really circuitous route to prolong B's snooze.  We load up the double stroller and find our friends.  L wants to swing so I alternate pushing with fishing small rocks out of B's mouth.  When swinging loses it's appeal, I set up our picnic blanket and set B up with some toys that present less of a choking hazard.  I notice a little boy wearing a Hug Life tee and excitedly text my friend Lindsey.  Really, really cool to see one of her designs on a total stranger 1,600 southwest of her! 

After sufficient energy-burning and gabbing, the kiddos tuck into their lunch. The demolish 90% of it.  Fresh air is the best -- so thankful to live in Dallas on January days like today.  I'll be singing a different tune in 4 months, I know. 

L heads back to the rock wall and twisty slide with Mister Chick Chick {a school craft project from last Easter that is her obsession de jour}.  There is some Mister Chick Chick Drama when another kiddo attempts to kidnap her {Mister Chick Chick is a girl... duh}. L's little friend D says he'll "protect" her... cutest thing ever. 

We hang out enjoying the day and our pals for almost 2.5 hours.  At 1:10 pm, we load everyone up, hit up the potty, and head back to the house for naps.  I have to ply B with rice cakes to keep him awake, but of course he's alert as can be the minute we're back home.  I put L {and Mister Chick Chick} to bed at 1:30. 

I attempt to nurse B to drowsy, but he's caught his second wind.  I reheat leftovers for my lunch and chat with my mom while B plays and Boom begs. 

2:30 pm - B finally seems ready for bed.  B will only take one nap per day in his crib now, and he hasn't napped longer than 45 minutes in three weeks {save for the one day I was out of the house... then he napped for 3.5 hours in the crib, WTF}, and it's making me crazy.  Not only does he end the day totally cranky and overtired, but I can't get anything done without him attached to my hip {he hates the play yard}. ANYHOODLE, I nurse him to sleep and he is down by 2:45.  I say a prayer and cross all my appendages. 

My back is really aching again, so I fire up the heating pad after straightening up a bit.  I remember to call my first choice restaurant for E's birthday and ask about a reservation... they don't have anything currently available until 10:30 pm, and we are decidedly not that cool anymore, so I put us on the waitlist for anything in the 7-8:30 range.  Do a little local food porn research for Girls' Night {most obnoxious social phrase after Date Night} on Friday.  Order a few things for L's birthday party.  Research bouncy house rentals.  Ironically, I Don't Know How She Does It is on in the background and SJP is also entrenched in bouncy house procurement.  This movie is seriously the worst.  Thanks for all the Mom Wars Stereotypes! 

3:30 pm - I hear L stirring upstairs but she seems happy, so I let her chill in her bed with her books some more.  She often gets pissed if you get her too quickly from a nap so long as she doesn't wake up crying.  Girlfriend needs her downtime... Sing it, sister, I feel ya.  

3:50 pm - I head up to get L, and she randomly greets me with "when your leg hurts, you say 'ow'." Very true.  I change her out of her pull-up {there is poop involved... I don't delve into pottytraining talk on here very often, but if anyone has any tips on sleep-poop eradication, I'd be oh so grateful... she's been completely pottytrained during her waking hours for over 6 months... but I'd say about 80% of her #2s happen while she's asleep. HELP} and she requests an episode of Peppa Pig.  I get her set up with PP... love that show, but hate that it's on Nick, Jr with all its horrid commercials.  I have to fastforward through an ad for something called a LaLaLoopzie Diaper Surprise which is essentially a freaky Coraline eye-button doll that shits charms for a bracelet into its diaper... WHAT?!!!!! 

While L logs her screen time, I prep dinner from this month's Cooking Light {Almond Butter Chicken Satay that I am just planning on stirfrying with veggies and coconut rice}. I also go ahead and make the kids' dinner {black bean and spinach quesadillas} so it isn't still piping hot when L decides she's suddenly so starving she cannot survive.  Load dishwasher.  

4:40 pm - I go upstairs to retrieve Mr Potato Head's sunglasses {MAJOR EMERGENCY} and hear B chatting to himself.  An almost 2 hour nap!  High-fives, little buddy!  

I take B downstairs and remember our picnic bag is still in the car.  Retrieve it and clean it out before it gets too foul with old food smells.  I nurse B for a second while L plays, then we all head upstairs at L's request.  

Major battles over the dollhouse.  There isn't any place to put it where B can't reach it but L can.  I distract him with finger puppets and then his first ride in the Cozy Coupe.  He is thrilled to be in the CC and happily sits there turning the key and trying to honk the horn for 15 minutes.  Have I found my new babysitter?  Perhaps so! 

5:45 pm - Right on cue, L determines she MUST EAT RIGHT THIS SECOND OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING.  She really wants a smoothie, but she's already had tons of yogurt and fruit today.  "Please, Mommy; Puh-LEASE can I have a smoothie, puh-LEASE."  The dramatic, emphatic "puh-leases" are a new thing, and it's actually ridiculously hard to say no after their implementation.  I tell her I'll make her a smoothie if she finishes every single bite of her quesadilla. She says she's not hungry... but can she "puh-LEASE" have a smoothie?  Ahhh, toddler logic. She ends up eating 1.5 of the 2 slices of quesadilla so I cave and handover some fruit {apple slices} but stay firm on the smoothie. 

B eats most of his quesadilla and blueberries.  He would eat the entire double pint of blueberries in one sitting if we'd let him.  L negotiates a chapstick application.  I ask her if she'd rather clean up before or after bath and she picks before.  We have a dance party to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack as we clean up {which is the slowest process ever and really just an excuse for extended playtime, but whatever}. 

6:15 pm - Bathtime for both hooligans.  I put B in and ask L to undress herself and go potty.  As independent as she is, she hates doing tasks she isn't good at {don't we all} and often tells us "I can't" for things that take a bit more effort.  We have a brief standoff over her hopping off the toilet herself vs. me lifting her off.  She ends up doing it herself after very dramatic tears.  In the bath with B, she keeps telling me to "go in the kitchen, Mama, so I can play with Brady."  Which translates to "I'd really like to drown him so could you please leave the room?" After about 10 minutes, I get B out and into jammies.  I slather Vaseline all over his poor chapped-from-crawling-everywhere feed.  Then I get L out.  She won't cooperate with her diaper so she ends up getting 2 out of 3 stories taken away. This is always a bummer for both of us, but there's no other form of punishment that works at this time of day. 

6:40 pm - E is home!  We all head upstairs.  E & L read Jazzy in the Jungle and put on L's pig PJs. I brush her teeth and we sing 4 songs {Itsy Bitsy Spider, Down by the Station, Miss Mary Mack, Twinkle Twinkle} in the rocker with the purple night light turned on.  Lights out at 7:10.  Multiple rounds of "I give ____ a kiss and a hug" before we finally close the door for the night.  E tells B goodnight at 7:15 and I nurse him to sleep {the decor over his crib used to be much more festive, but Captain Destruct-O figured out how to stand on his tippy-toes and rip it all down, hence the bare-bones aesthetic}.  

7:30 pm - I head downstairs to make E's and my supper.  He works in the kitchen to keep me company while I cook and we watch the national news on the DVR.  Spurred by the current measles outbreak, we discuss vaccines and the constitutional legality of federally mandated immunizations {we are seriously the coolest}. Dinner is not at all working out -- I burn the rice and the microwave instructions on the sugar snap peas result in overcooked mush.  I dump the rice and quickly make some substitute cous cous and throw some Trader Joe's goyza in a skillet to make up for the lackluster offerings. I probably should have just skewered and grilled the chicken as the recipe called for.  Oh well. 

8:30 - We set up in the living room.  E works and I watch Fixer Upper, then a Modern Family and a Seinfeld rerun while typing up this post.  

10:30 - Leave most of the kitchen cleanup for tomorrow and head to bed.  E has a closing this week and will be up for a while.  Station Eleven time on my Kindle under the covers.  Really enjoying this book thus far. 

... Pass out with my Kindle hitting my face sometime later...


  1. DITL posts are some of my favorite, and I definitely read every word. It's so fun to see the ups and downs of the emotional day of a toddler - I don't have to live it, of course.

  2. Haha! I love these posts too! It makes me seem more "normal" LOL. Too funny all the similarities and differences in parenting children close to the same age (Oldest Daughter will be 3 in May youngest turns one in March).

  3. I really enjoy these posts actually! I can still remember buying the first DC cd (with Natalie that is) when I lived in Knoxville...have them all now. Lullaby makes me cry like crazy now - I used to just think it was a pretty song but mama sap has invaded now.

  4. It's been 2 long years now since the top of the world came crashing down... LOVE that album! Half the CDs that I burned to my laptop don't play and I can't find that one and I am bummed. My 5 1/2 year old son LOVES the chicks so we bond over jamming out to whatever songs I have and what we can find on YouTube. I am agreeing with everyone else and I love these posts. Being a working (outside the home) mom makes for much more boring posts. For 7 hours I sat in the recliner with my laptop in my lap and answered emails and worked in spreadsheets. I love that you and E had a discussion about vaccines - my husband and I have been doing that as well. Lots of nerdy fun there!

  5. I loved Station Eleven so much. It was my favorite book of 2014.

  6. Fist bump to my fellow 3 year old in a crib and rear-facing friend! Finn gave up the crib reluctantly a few months past 3 and we might let him forward face a 4. As for the pooping, bribery worked over here, but maybe only because he was holding it while awake.

    1. I feel like maybe I SHOULD move her into a big girl bed after her birthday {if only to make our summer vacation sleeping arrangements a bit easier}, but I really don't want to! The crib is so easy! And she likes it in there!

      Love me some extended rear-facing! She's happy and safer... not changing that any time soon!

  7. I love these posts! I don't have a blog, but kind of want to do these just for myself as my son grows (he's 2.5 months old now), as it'll be neat to see what he was doing every few months. I also wanted to say thank you for recommending The Husband's Secret...I'm reading it now whenever I nurse the kiddo and it's SO GOOD!! I now want to read all her books!

    1. You should! Do the DITL posts for yourself AND read more Moriarty, that is!

  8. Glad you did it! Chuckled out loud a few times, including L's assertion after her nap.

  9. I am a 30yr old mom to a 2.5yr old and a 9 month old so we definitely lead very similar days. I love your day in the life posts and really all of your posts. You may have tried this already but maybe a sleep sack would help Brady with crib napping? Both of mine still sleep in them for nightime and naps. Some people don't have luck with them but I'm a fan.

    1. I used a sleep sack with L for almost 2 years, but B was not a big fan. He's great in his crib at night, but naps have just recently become kind of a crapshoot when it comes to length. Blerg - sleep conundrums are the worst!

  10. Oh the sleeping Brady picture - so cute!!

    Re: potty training. Meh. No real advice. These things usually do seem to sort themselves out but it can be such a PITA. Would it help to put a little potty in her room maybe? And I make Oliver sit down before sleep or rest time - often he has to go once he is forced to slow down. Good luck!

    Finally - I admire all your cooking and trying new recipes! I do cook regularly but it's old standards and it's exhausting me lately. Somehow you make it seem like a fun thing. I'm sure it feels that way for you, too, hm? :)

    1. Part of the nighttime poop issue might be she is still in her crib (eeeeeeek), although she never seems to wake up until after she's gone. We are transitioning soon and will definitely make the potty in her room easily accessible (leave the light on in the bathroom with a stool, etc -- we have a little potty but she never warmed to it; she's exclusive with the big toilet), but I think part of it is she just doesn't want to slow down long enough to try for a bit before bedtime. Might have to bribe with some iPad time!

      I actually really do love to cook! Which I why I tend to do a lot of it after the kiddos go to sleep (prep work notwithstanding); it definitely becomes a chore when I'm wrangling them at the same time!

  11. Clicking over from the link-up ... This was fun for me to read as my kids are just a bit older than yours (my daughter's 3 1/2; son is 14 months). So many similarities! My little boy eats twice as much as his sister (seriously where does it all go?) and my daughter is quite obsessed with yogurt tubes too (although we don't limit her daily consumption ... probably should). You have a great sense of humor! Thanks for sharing your day.

  12. I am interested about this call your girlfriend. I must check it out! The quesadillas look yummy and healthy, and you have a cute family!


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