Wednesday, February 4, 2015

1 down...

...2 to go! 

We are all party, party, party for the duration of February, and we start with E on the 2nd {sorry Phil}.

B was in charge of decor.  And libations.  He did pretty well on a shoestring budget... such a freeloader, that one. 

All joking and CPS-incident-report-inducing photography aside, we had a fabulous low-key multi-day celebration {Monday birthdays are the pits}.  L helped me bake the cream cheese grapefruit piece de resistance, and I gave up creative license completely in the decorating department. If adoration is measured solely in how much of your kitchen grout is gummed up with sticky sprinkles, we have affection in spades. 

Poor E shall be forever my child-birthday-party-craft guinea pig... What man doesn't get jazzed about oversized glitter cake toppers? 

Apart from baked good consumption, we enjoyed a weekend of fine family dining at True Food Kitchen and The Porch, neighborhood strolls, puddle jumping, and Parenthood marathons {we missed it already}. 

Presents were opened on the official day-of, and we had a legit family supper {the guest of honor chose tortellini salad and roasted brussels...random, delicious, and easy -- no complaints from the cook!} to round out the celebrations.  I'm a bit embarrassed to say this is the first time in L's life I can remember us eating a weekday evening meal together at home -- normal work schedules and earlier bedtimes make it a nearly impossible feat, plus E and I are both inclined to eat later. It was harried but quite nice... I hope we can make it happen more often! 

Oh, and then we are more cake.  9 days until Round 2! 


  1. Sprinkles are (one of) the bane(s) of my existence. Vacuums turn tail and run at the sight of some sprinkles. Ugh. Looks like a great celebration!


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