Monday, February 16, 2015

birthday / heart day / sick days

Woof. Last week was a doozie. After thwarting illness for the entire school year, a plague of snot took down L and over half her classmates. I conveniently threw out my back {a decade-old bar tending injury that resurfaces from time to time just to piss me off} {don't laugh; kegs are heavy}, so what would have been a rough couple of lazy days became 48 hours of me moaning quietly on the floor, lobbing Kleenex and Goldfish in the general vicinity of my children while the perfect, sunny stroller weather mocked us from the window. Glory be to the little-g god of hydrocodone -- I knew I had those c-sections for a reason {other than present kidlet company, of course!}. 


Thankfully, even though she had a hell of a time sleeping any reasonable amount, L was uncharacteristically sweet to B while housebound. {photos indicative of sibling warm fuzzies but taken a few weeks prior, in healthier times} She also spent an impressively long time earnestly crafting Valentines for family and school friends -- art is not sister's favorite pastime so I was pleasantly surprised by this particular, productive time-suck! 

My Bug, though sleep deprived, was well enough to head back to class on Thursday for her Valentine's Day celebration -- she selected her snappy casual ensemble all by herself and was super psyched to procure 89 new pieces of tiny goodie-bag crap to treasure and cherish {re: strew all over the house and subsequently freak out when we say we're not sure exactly where "that little superman tattoo Grace gave me with the cape and the sparkles that I love so much" is}. 

There's L with her darling friend M -- their little heart hats were pretty stinkin' cute. Unfortunately, my girl's attitude for the next 72 hours was anything but adorable.  A week of broken sleep and minimal napping and general icky health just took its toll, and it was meltdown after meltdown after meltdown.  Constant whining, extended tantrums... Not really how I wanted to spend my birthday or our weekend. 

But! My parents were visiting, and the reinforcements were much appreciated!  Friday the 13th {I feel as if I've had a disproportionate number of F13 birthdays, btw} provided some glorious weather, and we took full advantage with lunch at Klyde Warren Park {Savor again; don't mess with a good thing}. 

My parentals treated me to a 2 hour nap while my spawn screamed in their faces, and then E and I escaped to the movies {it was a tough call to complete our Oscar tally card... is early onset Alzheimers or taking out terrorist cells more birthday-festive? we went with the terrorists}.  I drank pinot noir out of a pint glass, and no one yelled at me when I mentioned we were out of yogurt pouches -- it was a solid evening. {insert my standard soapbox bitchfest about the inability to dine out almost anywhere on my birthday without hassling with crappy overpriced prix fixe menus and single stem red rose centerpieces and extra tables jammed in; I am not a VDay Hater, but couldn't it be, like, the 27th or something?}. I also enjoyed a delicious berry chantilly cake and delighted over gifts of new red chucks, a smelly hippie essential oil diffuser, and a Notorious RBG tee.  Many, many thanks to all those who made my birthday special -- I think 32 holds great things, even though my threenager tried her damndest to start me out with a mental breakdown!

Valentine's Day and the rest of the weekend was for picnicing and parking and matching shoes and strolling and taking lots of deep breaths.  There were a few good naps thrown in there, as well as some chocolate covered strawberries and B's first brush with gourmet grilled cheese, so I think everyone's attitudes are on the uptick. Hopefully. I think.  Fingers crossed. 


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope everyone is back to good health now.

  2. Happy birthday ... May 32 be your best year yet;)

  3. I just bought Drew and me matching Converse (pink of course) and CANNOT wait for them to come in. Happy birthday!!!


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