Monday, February 9, 2015

double takes

TWO _______ {to us} {/newish to Dallas} eateries.

Savor Gastropub - We had a belated child-free celebration for E's birthday this past Saturday at this bright gem off Klyde Warren Park.  The restaurant itself is pretty much a big box-o-glass -- park views from every seat!  The patio looked like an incredible spot, as well.  I would say bar / lounge area rates high on the Dallas Douchery Scale, but that just makes for better people watching. Everything we ate {lobster puffs; roasted brussels; hake "clam chowder;" short rib; itty-bitty dessert trio of pumpkin creme brulee, pear & hazelnut dome, and fried pie} was delightful, and the service was top-notch.  Also: Honey Lavender Moscow Mule! 

The Blind Butcher - So. Much. Good. Sausage.  You will wait for a table {or cut a bitch for a seat at the bar in the back}, and it will be worth it.  Pastrami egg rolls. Pretzel bread. Bacon brussels. Pork belly poutine.  Brisket & Jalapeno hand-cranked sausage.  Charcuterie for miles. Just order the whole {locally sourced, produced on-site} menu and then roll yourself home in a beer bomber glass. 

... pairs of birthday boots!

LBug has been putting the hard sell on a pair of rainboots for "jumping in muddy puddles." We were a bit skeptical as the child has systematically refused to even try on boots of any kind for the entirety of her short life. But we spied some ridiculously adorable ones at Target last week and went ahead and snagged them in her size.  Doing so covertly wasn't to be {alas, attempting to stealthily shove flashy rubber boots under boxes of fruit bars and applesauce pouches proved ineffective under the razor eye of a preschooler afflicted with Wantitis} so Sister found herself with early birthday kicks.  It was love at first splash.  

L's boot bounty grew again yesterday when her grandparents and aunt took her to Cavender's for her very first pair of cowboy boots.  I enthusiastically pushed for red or orange, but, as you can see, all of my feminist efforts at gender neutrality have blown up in spectacular fashion.  Regardless, girlfriend is enamored with her pink pair, and I'm just pleased we were able to hide all the styles with rhinestones.  We definitely have one well-shod threenager on our hands! 

...scooters in contemplation.

Speaking of birthday gifts for three year olds, we are in the market for a scooter.  Does anyone have any experience with the Mini Micro or the High Bounce Glider Deluxe?We've tested out the former, but the latter has slightly better Amazon ratings, and I have a major tendency to obsess over reviews when it comes to purchases like this. Additionally, can any of y'all recommend these crazy-ass Raskullz Helmets? They kind of burn my eyeballs, but my child hates things on her head, and I fear the only way we'll get a helmet on her without tears is if it looks as if it were shat out of a Lisa Frank unicorn. HELP. 


  1. We got J a mini micro...not the one with the seat, just basic scooter, for his 3rd birthday. He scooted around the house a bit but due to a December bday, didn't really get scooting til a few months later in the spring. It's great and he loves it. He doesn't use the brake too much, more steps off or turns, but I think that might come this year. It was amazing how fast he picked it up. Within a week he wanted to scoot everywhere! I've been really happy with it and it's the scooter we see with kids around here. We also got a Nutcase helmet and it has been durable, seems comfortable and toddler approved. He knows he must wear his helmet if he's scooting. He'll use the helmet when riding his new big boy bike (!) this year too.

  2. We got Em a mini micro for her third birthday and she LOVES it. It's been almost six months of heavy scooting and that sucker looks brand new. She likes the feature where you can lean to turn it, and the brake seems really easy to use. She was a little hesitant on it at first but I think the three wheels make it quick to figure out. Overall, we're big fans! I spent way too much time researching helmets and wound up with the giro rodeo child helmet (on amazon, of course). Em is also not a fan of headwear but we made it a "you can't get on the scooter without the helmet" rule right from the beginning - the desire to scoot won out over the distaste for the helmet.

  3. We got BG a "Little Nutty" helmet and he lives it. There are a bunch of different styles to choose from - ladybug, watermelon, etc that she might be distracted by as well. I realize this has nothing to do with the cat lady helmet you posted - I have zero experience with that brand just thought you might check out Little Nutty as well!

  4. Nutcase helmet! Finn has the paint splash one and I think it's pretty cute.

  5. We have the Radio Flyer My First Scooter, so I can't comment on the scooters, but I found the Raskullz helmet to be much too large. My kids have heads in the 90th percentile and it's still a little too big for my 4 year old. We've had good luck with Schwinn helmets and haven't had a problem with the kids not wearing them. My kids will not ordinarily wear any kind of hats and are stubborn as mules, but they get the whole Becky Bailey "keep you safe" line of logic when it comes to bike riding.

  6. Ha, so I totally have a post scheduled for tomorrow about 2 of my current favorites in several categories and I feel compelled to tell you that it's a coincidence so you don't think I'm stealing your idea and not giving credit :)

    Also, totally saw those rain boots at Target this weekend and was tempted to buy a pair for Clara and a pair for myself to match- very cute!

  7. I love the cowboy boots she picked out! It's a rite of passage for every Texas gal; I still remember buying my first pair of boots with my grandparents. Those babies got a lot of use!

  8. Because your little one loves "jumping in muddy puddles" and piggies, I must tell you about one of my favorite books for little ones: The Piggy in the Puddle by Charlotte Pomerantz (pictures by James Marshall, one of my faves). Also, LeVar made a Reading Rainbow about this book (and the process of claymation while he was at it). the story starts at 17:00.

  9. The little guy I nanny for has the Mini Micro. Highly recommend it. One of his friends had the Radio Flyer one mentioned above and after a group playdate where 2 out of 3 had the Micro Mini they switched (not as fast or easy to turn/maneuver). It maneuvers really well and is easy to learn. It can go pretty fast so just be prepared for that. She'll pick it up quickly I'm sure!


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