Tuesday, March 31, 2015

good day, sunshine

Oh, y'all.  Hopefully you're all down for ten weeks of photos of my be-jerseyed child in various manic stages, because three year old soccer is just the tops.  The gorgeously perfect weather certainly aided in our enjoyment of L's game, and it's not like I'm on the verge of purchasing any sort of thematic stick figure car decals or anything, but I just had the best time watching my cautious child barreling down the field {usually in the wrong direction} with a gaggle of other preschoolers.  After a few initial breakdowns over gameday attire {GREEN IS NOT MY FAVORITE COLOR! But I do like blue... BUT WHY 'DOSE OTHER KIDS WEARING PURPLE? WHY I NOT ON THAT TEAM?! ...Mommy, I'm just not going to look at the green on my shirt, okay?} and the official gameday ball {I WANT MYYYYY PURPLE BALLLLL... I ask Coach if we can use my ball today!}, the Kickin' Kangaroos said the YMCA Pledge {adorable} and set out to defeat the Lone Stars. 

There is no official scorekeeping for the Threes, but I'm pretty sure we lost by about 11 goals. We had chutzpah going for us, though.  And water.  Lots of serious hydration going on over on the 'Roos' sideline. After 35 minutes of solid play, our girl ran over to the orange picnic blanket and declared "I will have my picnic now, Mommy."  And that was that. She was not budging from her chicken nuggets for the final 10 minutes.  Oh well.  She did rock the high-fives / "good game" portion of the afternoon. 

And B rocked the bench-warming portion. Those thighs are totally turf-ready. 

After that stunning Feat-of-Athleticism, L and I attended a most-adorable Wizard of Oz themed 4th birthday party for her little friend Ruby.  L has yet to be introduced to Dorothy and her motley crew {my child is anxious over 1976 Winnie the Pooh's misadventures with a hive of honeybees; I can't begin to fathom her reaction to those fucking flying monkeys} so some of the finer details went over her head {Yellow Brick Road made entirely of CHEDDAR!}, but she was pretty jazzed over the rainbow cake.  I sent my mom the above photo and she immediately asked if Ruby's mom made it. I replied in the negative, but apparently I completely misjudged the very impressive talents of my friend A.  Now I shall attempt to convince her to make me six sugary layers of technicolor awesomeness on my next birthday! 

Although yelling "your goal is over THERE!" 3,859 times and negotiating pinata candy consumption is super duper romantical, E and I snuck away Saturday night to celebrate six years of marriage with lobster shooters {engagement night nod! all happy events should be memorialized with crustaceans in shot glasses!} and yellow shoes {which I've worn every March 28th since 2009 || thank goodness something from that day still fits}.

E remarked a few months ago we should do something really big for our "5th" anniversary; I reminded him we'd already done a pretty big thing... that is, have B three days later.  Ya know, last year, in 2014. I can't fault his calculations, though -- math is hard with these two crazies making time somehow fly. 

 Yep, life looks a lot different than it did six years ago -- more commitments, more wrinkles, more messes... exponentially more happiness. 


  1. So many happy feels for you :)

  2. the intense hydration pic makes me want to put DH in soccer very, very badly. Happy anniversary!! I never can remember how many years I've been married either- math is hard. As are remembering dates. Including what day it is. . .

  3. I can't believe B is about to be 1! And I can't fault L's taste in soccer fashion - I would rather wear a purple jersey and kick a purple soccer ball any day!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I love the wedding shoe tradition- I did the same thing last year on our first. Also, seconding the sentiments about the fucking monkeys. Totally ruins the movie for me.

  5. Kiddie soccer photos are the cutest! I need to look into this for the fall for the photos alone! Also...you're right. Those darn monkeys are terrifying.


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