Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Snow Day. Again.


Pretty sure I jinxed myself with that previous comment, re: regretting L wasn't around to play in the snow. We woke up last Thursday to 4 inches of powder...basically unheard of for March in Dallas. School was closed {again}, but at least this time we had something to show for it. 

Sister roused her dad for a quick scouting expedition, while I figured out how the heck I was going to layer B up enough to Solo-Snow-Parent {Final Solution: sweater and sweat pants over footed jammies over onesie/leggings/socks + Russian Vodka Baby Hat... all stuffed in the Beco underneath my down parka. He was actually sweating by the time we came back inside}. 

My Bug finally got her snow angel{s}, and we built a snowman "snow face" as best we could, given the fact I couldn't really bend at the waist.  I realized later I should have lugged the pack-n-play out to the front porch so we could better engineer our sad little Olaf, but oh well. L seemed pleased with the end result -- and the frosty crudites! 

B did not make a peep the entire hour+ we were outside.  His face pretty much says it all...

Winter is a Horrible Time. I'm resigned to my fate. 

Then I made everyone traipse around the neighborhood, because damn if we weren't getting some exercise after all that time spent bundling. 

Our reward for icy calisthenics was a big bowl of snow cream.  Which I honestly have no earthly idea if I made correctly but was tasty nonetheless.  Plus no one seems to have caught any sort of environmental acid snow plague.  Bonus Points for that. 

So, all in all, a fun morning despite my unattended to to-do list. I'd still pay a king's ransom for some sunshine.  Even down here in Austin {it's "Spring Break" this week, donchaknow} it's been positively dreary.  If we skip Spring and go straight to Summer, I will have words. 


  1. I think Friday here in the ATX is supposed to be nice if you're still around. It's been soooo gloomy, I am beyond over it! Of course come August I'll be missing it. Aren't we all so fickle? Ha!

  2. Totally unrelated to this post - how did you transition Brady from the RNP to his crib? Did you do a post on that (if not, would love to see one). I'm hitting that point with my little ball of mush and it's not going well...

    1. Oh the RNP transition! It's the devil!

      I kept him swaddled in breathable muslin blankets so he wouldn't startle awake (he could roll at this point but would bust out of the swaddle prior to doing so -- I just checked periodically to make sure nothing was around his face), and put him in the PNP with books propping one side up at an angle. You could do this with a crib, too; I just wasn't ready for him to be upstairs.

      It took 2 or 3 nights but then it was fine. He didn't sleep as long in the PNP at first but it wasnt horrible overall.

      I've also heard you can roll up receiving blankets or towels under the fitted sheet in an upside down U shape around their bodies to mimic the "nest-like" quality of the RNP. Not sure how I'd feel about that with a baby who rolls a ton, but something to ponder!

  3. Thank you! We will continue to tough it out. Luckily I decided to do this transition right as I'm going back to work and he's going through a growth spurt, so there's that.


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