Wednesday, March 25, 2015

photos you've probably already seen of stuff that already happened.

SB2k15!  It went down two weeks ago! Unlike Cabo '01, I did not return home with a tramp stamp henna tattoo of an iguana {much fun, such class}, but a good time was had by all, regardless.  Pics or it didn't happen, yes?

Karaoke with your girlfriend {heckling courtesy of pesky little brother} -- a Spring Break staple!  I think they were mostly belting Twinkle Twinkle... I suppose there's plenty of time for them to memorize Donna Summer and Aretha and Heart. 

Park playdates, the Wildflower Center, and the Thinkery kept us busy even when the weather was blustery and wet. 

My second-born chunker showed off his high-stepping and bid farewell to Corazon with shrimp enchiladas and half the chip basket. He also screeched at many-a vehicle passerby. 

Two - count 'em - TWO adult evenings out in a row... one ladies-only, plus one with the gents -- both included margaritas. 

Waco stop-overs were enjoyed on both legs of our journey, as we never pass up an opportunity to see Mama J. We also never pass up an opportunity to cut L's incessant moaning in hlfa, re: "'dis is a looooooong car ride!"  L's middle namesake was also visiting, making our stay a double-whammy of fun! 

We returned to Dallas just in time for some epically gorgeous weather...then some more WOMP WOMP rain and ickyness. But! Pre-More-Blah: TULIPS!  Living three-quarter miles from the Arboretum is pretty much the best. 

St. Patrick's Day happened. L was all "green is NOT my favorite color," and B no longer fits into anything that has a high green-to-other-color ratio, so our clan was looking super festive.  I did manage to convince Big Sister green hair clips and a bow + her rainbow dress would bring her good luck, and there was leprechaun pesto and milk for supper {see how impressed she was?}.   We did okayish, I suppose? Mental note to procure more festive attire next year. Thank goodness for nursery school and their penchant for crafting thematic headgear for each and every holiday or we'd be really lost. 

Foam pits make us happy.  Good friends moving away make us sad.  We bid the M family bon voyage on their new Arizona adventure last Friday -- with one final night out for the mamas and one last hurrah at the open gym for the tots. I'm still in major denial so I won't dwell, 'lest I think too hard about part of my Dallas Village setting sail. 

Not too much else to report. Another weekend come and gone {and another Libery Burger devoured on the patio}... Warm temps seem to be here to stay in North Texas, and I have a brownie recipe for the ages to share with you immediately, if not sooner.  So... happy times! {But don't mention B turning O-N-E in a week. Seriously, just shut your mouth and walk away.} 

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  1. I cannot believe your baby boy is turning ONE! That is crazy. And you did better for me on St. Patrick's Day. We had no fun green foods. Maybe next year.


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