Thursday, March 5, 2015

Seriously Ruth-Ann

I had this whole post written and scheduled, but... HOLD THE PHONE, because I must first share this Tumblr with you immediately.  It is the best thing that has happened to me all week, major childhood milestones included, sorry, not sorry, kidlets. 

Hopefully, you're now so grateful to me for the audible chuckles you'll forge ahead through the banality that is me bitching about the weather {again} and yammering on about my precious angel-pies {again}. 

Where is the sunshine?  I'd like it back, please.  I put up with ignorant backwoods politics and second-degree burns on my butt from my car seats in summertime for two reasons: Mexican food and tee shirt weather in February.  Texas is not holding up its end of the bargain right now, and I'd like my money back.  Or at least a boatload of breakfast tacos and a margarita as big as my head. 

Pour one out for those pansies my mama planted for us six days ago. 

Prior to last Friday's tiny blizzard, we shipped our eldest off to Camp Gigi so I could do a ginormous Spring {har har} Cleaning.  We were long overdue for a Stuff Purge -- the master closet alone took me 3+ hours. I mailed two massive bags off to ThredUp, trashed my hoarder shoe box collection, and packed my car to the brim with Goodwill donations. I have a few more areas of the house to tackle, but overall, I'm feeling much lighter, although I think I'm still clinging to a few items that will likely never zip up again. Denial...not just a river in Africa.

While it was refreshing to have 48 threenager-free hours, I was a little bummed I missed out on playing in actual, fluffy snow with my Bug. She wanted to make snow angels upon her return, but had to settle for an icier variety. Poor, deprived Texas child. 

This ham sandwich celebrated his Temporary Only Child Status by taking his first steps! He wasn't entirely sure about his newfound mobility, so not much additional progress made after the initial stomping about. Fine by me; easier to pretend he's still a nugget-baby that way. 

Movie of choice for Saturday night was Whiplash.  Miles Teller is just really, really adorable, even when bleeding from the hands. Two big {non-blistered} thumbs-up for the entire shebang... Even though it spurred Practice Court anxiety nightmares for a few days after. {To be clear, no one ever chucked a cymbal at my head in PC. Although some days did feel like the emotional equivalent.} 

We had another big milestone Monday night...

Big Girl Bed Time! Yes, she's been in a crib all this time, and no it's never occurred to her to climb out, and yes, I realize I'm one lucky sonofagun. I'd have kept her in there until puberty, but it seemed like she was getting cramped and waking up more in the night as a result. I wasn't exactly planning on moving her Monday, but her bedding came in the mail, and she was so stinkin' excited that we just went for it.  It ended up being the biggest nonevent ever... Overly cautious children may refuse to jump into foam pits {WHY, CHILD?!! I WANT TO JUMP IN THE FOAM PIT!!}, but they also stay in their beds. She is still waking up in the night {seems like bad dreams? but she's basically still asleep so she can't articulate them? but definitely not traditional night terrors? I DUNNO}, but a quick tuck-back-in seems to do the trick the majority of the time. 

So much freezing rain pummeling our windows as I type...and school has already sent out its regular CYA Potential Closure Information email, so that bodes well for tomorrow {today}. At least we have leftovers of this soup

I've made this recipe twice this Winter and it does not disappoint. I'd never simmered stew with a Parmesan rind before and, TRUST, it's life changing! I ditch the anchovies and add 2 additional slices of bacon. This go'round, my spinach / arugula mix seemed a little slimey so I stuck with just kale + two zucchinis I rescued from a shrively death in the back of the veggie crisper. Carrots would be excellent in there as well.


  1. what has your experience been like with thredup? i have a bag sitting on my bedroom table as we speak.

    1. My initial impression is that they have a good business plan but are a bit overwhelmed by the initial success. Things take a really long time to process -- it took la week to confirm my bags made it and it'll be almost a month before they get back to me about what they'll buy.

  2. "ignorant backwoods politics and second-degree burns on my butt from my car seats in summertime" in exchange for t-shirt weather in February. YES. Your friend over here in Florida understands. I'll send you some of my sunshine (high of 86 today) for some good Mexican food. I haven't had anything truly amazing and authentic since I left SoCal.

    Yay for big girl beds! How did the pool noodles work out? We have giant ugly gates on B's bed because she sleeps like a crazy woman. I'd love to trade them in for something more subtle.

    Saw your comment above on Thread Up and delays. I recently used Twice and it was very quick. About 7-10 days after I shipped my stuff off I had an offer.

    1. I feel like the politics and butt burn comment should be followed by an Aminatou-like "uuuuuuuugh."

      The pool noodles are working great this far! L flips around all night and hasn't taken any tumbles!

      I've never heard of Twice! I need to check that out as I'm quite impatient and must know how many dolla dolla bills I am owed for all my Childless & Thin Kate clothes!

  3. Oops, (rewriting this since I'm
    Not sure if my first comment went through). My almost 3 year old is still in a crib and I'm not rushing to get her out either since she sleeps fine in it. Maybe in a month or two. Where did you get that pretty bedding?

    1. It's from Pottery Barn Teen {wtf} -- I believe it is called the Kayla quilt, although it's much more comforter-like than quilt-like.

      Keep her in there as long by as it works!!

  4. Our pediatrician suggested moving our son out of his crib before his 3rd birthday (in February) because they just get more and more attached afterward. We hesitated for a very long time because, like L, he never once attempted to climb out of it. We finally received the bunk beds (he shares a room with his younger brother) and he slept in it that night. He did amazing! We had been talking it up all week and how awesome it was and how big of a boy he is. Yeah, it went great for a week or two, and then it's gone back and forth ever since. Some nights and nap times he does great and doesn't get out, others he is crying, climbing out, standing up on it to open the curtains, etc.. Also, this used-to-be non-crib-climber-outter is now climbing into his BROTHER'S crib quite often. I hope it continues on the up and up for you guys and L.


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