Friday, April 17, 2015

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Ug, bathing suit season is upon us.  I'll be super honest here... I'm not looking great naked these days.  I almost want to say I felt better about my body last summer, but perhaps that was simply due to the very low post-partum bar; newborns give you a big ol' pass, for sure.  Currently, I get a decent amount of exercise, but I'm still eating as if I were nursing a dozen times a day, and, SPOILER ALERT, that is no longer the case.  I do know my midsection clings to about 10-15 pounds until I've completely weaned, but that doesn't explain the other extra weight.  Long-sob-story-short, BOO SWIMSUITS.  

Except for this Modcloth swimsuit.*  1,269 positive reviews can't be wrong -- this sucker is something short of a miracle.  The fabric is thick {and somewhat "rougher" than usual, I suppose due to the polyester} but is super supportive and comfortable on.  There will be no fretting over nip-slips in this number, but, at the same time, it's quite far removed from Sad Mom Suit Territory.  I took the recommendation of ordering a size or two up {I just did one}, and I'm very glad I did.  Perhaps if I enjoy enough wine this evening, I'll add my photo to the ratings section; I absolutely love it when I can see snapshots of real people in clothes before I purchase online!

*link is affiliate || items purchased at full price with my own dolla-dolla-bills. 


I am currently contemplating a juice cleanse {SEE ABOVE}. 

ALL THE EYEROLLS, right?!  I know.  Given my past history with disordered eating, I am hyper-skeptical of "quick fixes" and diet gimmicks, both from an effectiveness standpoint and from the personally-good-for-my-mental-health angle.  However, I do feel like I could benefit from a little "shock to the system" action to reframe my current eating habits and act as a jumping off point for a bit of a lifestyle change.   I am already a huge Snap Kitchen fan, and I've read a decent number of independent reviews of their Clean Start cleanse.  The general consensus is the juices taste pretty great and provide enough calories and fat to ensure you don't starve / commit hanger-induced-homicide.  It does seem that most of the reviewers only cleansed for one day... Anyone out there done a longer version?  I'm thiking 3-5 days.  I'd love to hear general experiences, but would REALLY love to hear any specific experiences with SK's Clean Start.  


I tried to enrich B's Texan childhood with an impromptu bluebonnet photo sesh.  It went slightly better than L's first time in the wildflowers. Sorry kids; best get used to this particular Springtime Forced Fun activity, as I'll be making y'all dodge fire ants and sticker burs and bees in the name of Tradition until you remove yourselves from the family gravy train.  


Conversations with L; 4/16/2015

E: L, you're my #1 girl!
E: "Number one" means you're the best!  Don't you want to be the best?


Have you seen the Trainwreck trailer?  Have you watched it 64 times like I have?  If your answer to either of those questions is "nay," you have some catching up to do. 


  1. I did a 3-day juice cleanse last summer. At the time, I hated it, felt very tired and cranky (and I was "allowed" to eat any raw foods that were in the juices--like almonds and spinach, cucumbers, etc.). But, I did drop some weight and slimmed down a bit (partly because of the "prep" for the cleanse). I did also find juices that I liked and continue to drink. So to each their own?

  2. i did not do a snap juice cleanse, but i did do a local juice cleanse. mine was 3 days. I did it during spring break of 2L year of law school while friends were in tropical locals. day one was kind of misery -- i felt off and lightheaded and blah. wanted to do lots of sleeping. might not be good for your kiddos. but days 2 and 3 were pretty great!

    I lost some water weight, and def was not craving sugar when I got off it, which was a nice change.

    It was also nice to have my meals laid out for the day -- no decisions to be made!

  3. I didn't use snap, I used a local juicery, and did 3 days. I was happy I did it because I needed proof that I had some semblance of self control. The other benefit for me was that I found myself craving healthy foods (for a few days) after the cleanse.

    For me, the com was that it was expensive and I didn't lose a pound.

    Something to think about

    1. I definitely wouldn't be cleansing expecting to lose anything more than water weight (if that?). More as a way to break my current cycle of too much sugar / wine / cheese!

  4. i have done the SK cleanse a couple times. I think all the juices taste GREAT. I would suggest doing it when you have a few days that aren't too busy and you are able to relax at home. I think doing it with 2 small children would be challenging! And um, when you drink that first green juice in the morning, make sure you're near a toilet. It really gets ya going if you know what I mean.
    I have had more success when I just did one day and supplemented with berries, apple slices, a handful of almonds here, a turkey roll up there. The times I have attempted 3 or 5 days have been less successful-for example, telling my husband, "Oh I'm just having juice today, but I'll pick up a rotisserie chicken for you for dinner" That ends with me in the car on the way home from the grocery store thinking "Ohmygodthatsmellssogood" and I ended up in the Taco Bell drive thru. True story. So set realistic expectations for yourself and remember everyone has a different version of success. The snap kitchen cleanse has never given me a rockin bikini bod. But if I have been having lots of pizza, french fries, beer, wine, ice cream, etc. and feel like I need to "reset", the juices are a delicious way to drink a lot of healthy things. Hope that helps!

    1. Awesome! That does help! Sadly, it will take much more than a juice cleanse to get me anything close to "bikini ready!" But I am definitely looking for a nice "reset."

  5. I love swimsuits like that but alas my 10 yards of torso keep me restricted to tankinis. Oh - and I hadn't even seen anything about that movie until your post and it looks so delightful! I'm excited!!


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