Tuesday, April 7, 2015

hippity hoppity

I'm going to work my way backwards from Easter to B's birthday party to my mushy mama musings on B turning one, as I am way too wiped out from traveling and partying and holiday-ing and car-trouble-ing {which involved much car-seat-swapping and favor-calling-in-ing and other pain-in-my-ass "ings"} to find my big camera cord or pen appropriately introspective thoughts on baby-aging. 

So!  Easter!  There were baskets!  With treats!  Although not too many treats, as our household needs 'nary another small plastic "treasure" for me to step on or fish-hook out of B's mouth nor more sugary substances... Christmas, Valentines, and all four of our birthdays within a span of 12 weeks has left us stuff-weary.  New warm-weather jammies and swimwear are the new name of the Bunny's game.  Also psychedelic strobe light squeezy chicks and lollipops and scratch-and-sniff tattoos.  Because the Bunny isn't 100% lamesauce.  

The carrots were L's idea.  She was also very clear on the double "Dear Bunnys." Apparently salutations times two is extra polite!

Mom and I hid 20 eggs on Easter Eve amidst the din of Final Four arm-chair spectating.  L found 19 within four minutes of waking and would have shut B completely out of the race had I not nudged a green egg his way.  I guess the hunting at school and all my "uhhhhh, maybe if I hide your post-nap snack in a few plastic eggs, it'll kill 15 minutes of our drizzly afternoon" endeavors really paid off for our eldest this year! 

Taking a Waffle / Play with Brother's Birthday Haul break

Just look at those cherubic faces... {yikes}
We managed to get dressed and out the door for church on time -- no small feat, but easier than last year's attempt with a three week old.  L was extremely well-behaved during the service; she told us on the way over she might "ask somebody to turn the music down" {apparently she found Christmas Eve excessively joyous}, but I suppose she found the volume appropriate this go'round.  She also thought it was pretty cool you could go to the bathroom during the middle of the sermon and still hear the preacher over the speaker system -- simple wonders! B was fascinated by the bell choir but got a bit boisterous after the second hymn.  He and E wandered around the children's ministry building for the remainder of the hour. 

Post-worship, we headed to Green Pastures -- my absolute favorite brunching spot of all time.  This place holds a lot of childhood magic for me; the combination of a big historic home smack in the middle of a funky South Austin neighborhood, the mossy oaks, the albino peacocks meandering around the property, and a delicious buffet spread just can't be beat. Also: MILK PUNCH. I was really jazzed for my kids to experience it for the first time.  Except for the milk punch part.  They're not yet ready for large quantities of bourbon. {Maybe next year.}

The drizzly weather coupled with our earlier reservation meant L didn't have a ton of competition during GP's first round of egg hunting... E still made sure she brought her A-game.  And thanks to Amazon's failure to uphold it's end of the Prime Shipping Bargain, our girl was sporting the right footwear for an athletic advantage. Her efforts were rewarded with more "choc-LIT!" 

B was tired and working on some molars so I wouldn't say he was his best self.  He did enjoy exploring every inch of the wraparound porch, though. 

The remainder of our Easter likely doesn't deserve to be memorialized.  We had to wake the kiddos up very early from much-needed naps to make our flight back to Dallas {one guess as to how well that went over}, but, after a dicey trip through security {not one but two dramatic flailing-on-the-floor breakdowns over L's new bunny having to ride the conveyor belt through the x-ray machine}, we treated B to his first taste of Amy's ice cream and the afternoon was mostly saved {other than that dead car battery waiting for us upon landing. SIGH.}. 

I hope your Easter was delightful and filled with chocolate bunnies and devoid of faulty vehicle mechanics! 

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  1. Both kiddos looked adorable on Easter! B is looking so big these days!

    Also...we have that M&D farm cube puzzle. Big hit in our home!


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