Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Snap Kitchen Clean Start Juice Cleanse*

*100% unsponsored

**I was going to title this post THE GREAT CLEANSING, but that sounded a smidge too...uh, I dunno, genocidal, so we'll just stick to the much-more-boring-yet-descriptive option.

By popularish demand, I'm jotting down some notes on my experience with Snap Kitchen's Clean Start Juice Cleanse.  Feel free to pass this one by if you feel this is a bunch of yuppy bullshit {I wouldn't blame you!}.

The Quick-and-Dirty: 

Overall, I feel this particular cleanse was an easy, albeit pricey, way to reset my body after much wine-and-cheese-and-sugar abuse and jump-start some new nutrition habits.  If your health goals / expectations are similar, and you don't mind spending coin, I would recommend it! 


With both my kiddos, my weight loss and fitness have gone through similar cycles: Constant breastfeeding and conscious attempts on my part to eat whole foods {but not really count calories or deny myself all that wine I missed out on for 9 months} and be active results in steady pound sheddage {that is a completely made up word} for 7 or 8 months post-partum.  Then the nuggets start really putting away solid food, and I'm not nursing nearly as often, but I keep eating as if I have a newborn.  Weight loss plateaus {or even starts to climb back up a bit}.  

The solution after L entered toddlerhood was to get - SURPRISE - pregnant again.  That ain't happening with B, and for the last few months, I've really gotten into a bad cycle of "rewarding" myself with superfluous lattes, sweets, and huge glasses of wine. Not to mention big portions -- the food I cook is usually quite healthy, but not if you're eating enough of it for a 300 lb lumberjack.  I hate how my old clothes fit and the size of the new clothes I've bought to be comfortable.  I don't really do scales {I get obsessive about numbers}, but I have a decent idea of my weight, and it's not a great place for me, vanity or health-wise. 

I knew I wanted to make changes, but that first week of totally revamping your eating habits is killer -- especially when you're at home alone with a pantry full of Goldfish staring you in the face. I'm a fan of Snap Kitchen's prepared foods and had spied some of their cleanse literature.  I did a little research {mostly reading other bloggers' experiences}, and the Clean Start juice lineup seemed like a good fit.  I liked that the juices provide enough calories {1110 per day} and fat for a human to actually function somewhat normally and are packed with tons of nutrients {this ain't the lemon-juice-and-cayenne-pepper Master Cleanse, y'all}.  Everything is super fresh {you can only buy 2-3 days worth at a time or risk bumping up against the expiration date} and cold-pressed {I'll be honest here: I have no idea if cold-pressing is just a bunch of yuppy "science," but it sure does sound good, so I'll roll with it}. I also knew if I shelled out the cash, I'd trudge on through without cheating -- something I likely with which I likely would not have been successful if I'd made such a drastic switch in my own kitchen. 

The Specifics: 

This specific cleanse involves six daily 16 oz juices consumed 2-3 hours apart.  SK is a little vague on the maximum number of days they recommend you cleanse... I decided to commit to 3 and potentially head back after that for 2 more days of juice.   The cost for 3 days worth of juice is an even $141.  Quite spendy -- I'm not even going to rationalize it; it is what it is, and it ended up being worth it to me. 

Here's the juice line-up: 

*Easy Greens (apple, spinach, cucumber, kale, lemon, lemongrass) This was much tastier than I anticipated -- you definitely taste a lot of refreshing cucumber.  Asterisk due to the fact my literature actually says Juice #1 is supposed to be "Super Greens." I'm not sure if they guy who packed my juice just had a brain fart or they were out of the Super Greens or what, but my parcel had three Easy Greens in it.  

Energy Boost (lime papaya, watermelon, mint, coconut water) Also pretty yummy; I always felt as if this one should come mixed with vodka and garnished with a miniature umbrella.  I did not, however, feel like this one was much of an energy boost.  I definitely got the hungriest between #2 and #3 each day.  I think I snacked on a handful of baby carrots {SK says you can have a small amount of any raw veggie - not fruit - that appears in your juices if you feel the need to chew something} each day about an hour after drinking this sucker. 

Anti-Oxidant (beet, apple, cayenne pepper, garlic, lemon, carrot, jalapeno) Uggg, my least favorite by a long shot.  I just do not like beets.  It wasn't all that spicy though, and it did keep me full -- possibly because it took me 45 minutes to an hour to drink it.  

Carrot-Ginger Elixir (carrot, apple, lime, ginger) This one always made me want Thai curry.  I thought it was delicious and really fresh.  A pick-me-up for sure after all those beets. 

Spicy Basil Lemonade (lemon, basil, palm sugar, cayenne, water) Very spicy.  I love spicy stuff and this one burned {in a good way for me, but perhaps not if you don't like heat}. This is supposed to be the big "detox" juice, which makes sense given it's similarities to the Master Cleanse concoction. 

Chai Cashew Protein Shake (cashews, filtered water, vanilla bean, cinnamon, dates, ginger, sea salt, cardemom, nutmeg, clover) After a full day of fruits and veggies, this is like the most delicious milkshake you've ever consumed.  So many thumbs up... and I think I'd feel that way regardless of if I were cleansing.  

I pretty much stuck with SK's recommended schedule (8 am, 10 am, Noon, 2:30 pm, 5 pm, and 7:30 pm), and, as I mentioned above, the only thing I actually chewed was 5-7 raw baby carrots mid-morning.  I wouldn't say I ever felt sluggish, but I was glad L was in school on the first two days so I was able to take a quick 30 min power nap while B snoozed.  {TMI ALERT} I actually started my very first post-partum period on Day 1, and I felt like dying from cramps that evening and the majority of Day 2.  At first, I was pretty pissed I was missing out on empty carb consumption, but the timing ended up being a pretty good thing, I think -- the cramps were so horrible I didn't feel much like eating anyway, and sticking to my juice schedule ensured I put plenty of awesome things into my body.  I will also mention I had a miserable caffeine headache on Day 2, which I anticipated given my 2-3 cup coffee addiction.  But by Day 3, I actually felt pretty damn awesome.  Energized and much less bloated. 

The Follow-Up:

After 3 days of cleansing, I felt great. Continuing the juices for another 2 days would have been totally feasible, but (a) I found myself getting a little obsessive in my head, and (b) I just didn't have time to swing back by SK to pick up two more rounds on Day 3.  So Thursday and Friday, as recommended by SK, I stuck to minimally processed whole foods to ease back into real digestion.  No meat, no refined sugars, no dairy, very minimal processed carbs, no booze.  So basically, veggies, nuts, black beans, fruits, and eggs.  I did have toast with my eggs for breakfast both days, but no other pasta or rice or bread.  I've recommitted to logging everything I eat with My Fitness Pal, and that is really helping with portion control.  We don't eat much meat anymore, but I'm working on relying less on pasta to fill out my meal plans.  Also, wine on the weekends only {womp, womp}. 

The Results:

I feel like I started this endeavor with pretty realistic goals, and those goals were met at the end of the cleanse.  I broke the cycle of overindulgence, "shrunk" my stomach, and got myself jazzed up about a few much needed lifestyle adjustments.  Like I said before, I don't own a scale, but my pants and shorts fit a bit looser and my face looks less bloated; I wouldn't be surprised if I lost 3-5 lbs.  

That's about it!  Questions?  


  1. Thanks for the review! Buying shorts at Target last week was an all time low/purchase of the largest size I've ever worn (incuding pregnancy), and I'm in dire need of a re-start.

  2. I love reading experiences like this. I was just looking into some sort of "cleanse" since I'm about to stop breastfeeding and need to stop eating like an a**hole. I've been binging on sugar and oatmeal ever since those two pink lines appeared. You know it's bad when you matter-of-factly describe to your husband how to cure your twizzlers in a hot car to be the proper cheweyness (or maybe that's just me...). I'm a bit leery of a juice only cleanse since my blood sugar can get pretty wonky but I've had great success with Whole30 before and think I'll give that a shot.

  3. I'm curious about (TMI question)... Bathroom stuff / frequency. I'm getting married next month so am intrigued by a cleanse to de puff a few days before, but want to understand if I'll be running out of meetings at work all day long!!

    1. I definitely peed more than normal but nothing crazy like every 30 minutes or anything.

      I was warned there might be an uptick in the, um, #2 Situation. Nothing super notable on Days 1 or 3, but there were some "intense moments" on Day 2. However, I'm not sure whether to blame the juice or the monster period... I'm sure both were contributors!

  4. Thanks for sharing! It is rather pricey but also nice that it's actual fruits and veggies, etc. in the juices that give you nutrition and some sustenance.

  5. Two questions: Did it effect your milk supply? My youngest is a bit older (by two weeks) than B and still doesnt comsume much FOOD (hello severe gag reflex/reflux that will not give up) so milk supply is main concern (still). How was your thinking on day two? Like could you have worked with the caffeine withdrawl? I work full-time and it would be easiest for me to stick to a schedule during the week (when I look at a clock follow routine vs weekend when I just want to hang out etc). But I am worried about the caffeine headache being debillitating (as I am prone to migraines AND headaches already). Loved this and thank you for sharing. PS I am so dreading that 1st cycle - it has been almost 4 years since I got pregnant with #2 before it returned as well!

    1. I did not notice any difference in milk supply but B isn't nursing that often -- 2-3 times a day and really only for comfort/to get sleepy (although all my attempts at introducing WCM have all be big failures - he hates it). So I'm not sure how much breastmilk he's even really getting on a normal basis.

      At the peak of the caffeine headache, I could not have done anything that required a ton of brainpower, but it did go away with Ibuprofen. I'd say the vast majority of the discomfort I felt during the cleanse was period-probs.

      When I was "researching" cleanses, I did read one woman who was prone to migraines ate raw almonds midday to get some more protein in and hopefully avoid a migraine trigger. Food for thought? (HA)


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