Friday, May 8, 2015

Five on Friday: Thanks & Randos

five.  Muchas gracias for all the housing well-wishes!  Our new casa is basically a done deal, but I've become rather superstitious about real estate over the years, so forgive me while I hold back for a few more days.  But I will share two {horrible quality, picture-of-an-iPad-picture} photos...

The property was never listed on the market so, sadly, no fancy professional shots, but I am quite fond of our new den and kitchen.  Overall, the new house is a little older, a little cozier, and whole lot more our style than our current space.  I'm preemptively jazz-handing all over town! 

four.  And even more thank-yous for all the Seattle and Vancouver recs!  E and I had an amazing trip, and I am very much missing my lunchtime wine and breadbasket. 

Full trip recap planned for next week!  We sure did miss these faces while we were gone -- they had a fabulous time with J and T-Pop!

If you're local and have yet to check out the Children's Garden at the Arboretum {or plan on being in Dallas while it's warm}, go-go-go!  It's our tippity-top Stay-Cool-Without-a-Pool activity once the temps climb past 85!  

three.  Does anyone have personal experience with these pants?  

Is this the sort of getup that only works on Amazon-Twiggies?  Will everyone assume I've finally lost my damn mind and forgotten to change out of jammies?  I think I've had just enough wine tonight {last night} to actually order them... 

two.  Do y'all watch Togetherness? Season One is long over, so it's ripe for binge watching if you didn't catch the train right out of the station. 

I've been an Amanda Peet fan for a zillion years {Jack and Jill, anyone?!}, and I have so much love for Mark Duplass, but, ugggggggggg, Melanie Lynskey's {the nice stepsister from Ever After!} character just kills me in the very best way.  She is so relatable... not so much the {SPOILER ALERT} emotional affair stuff, but the way she's adrift after years of "just" being a mom... I'm rooting for her, big time, even though the finale was a total gut-punch. 

one.  L's school put on a little "Pastries for Parents" party yesterday in celebration of both Mother's and Father's Day {the semester ends in two weeks, hence the early fiesta for dads!}.  

There were adorably rousing renditions of Bah Bah Blacksheep and Five Little Fish, overly dyed sugar cookies, and crafted gifts galore.  L and I actually had a small tiff over that toddler thumbprint clay heart necklace... apparently she felt it matched her outfit and I felt it was positively precious and my most prized possession ever and YOU CAN'T JUST GIVE ME PRICELESS HANDMADE JEWELRY AND THEN TAKE IT BACK, LEIGHTON, GAH. 


  1. But where is the guest bedroom pic? IT IS RELEVANT TO ME! Also, Togetherness is INCREDIBLE, even if it does hit a little close to home sometimes.

  2. Is that Tai Bo on the Togetherness clip? ! I was just contemplating digging out my old Billy Blanks tapes during my morning walk. Too coincidental.
    I would rather binge watch than exercise, anyway.
    I like the vibe of your new kitchen + living room. Congratulations!

  3. I missed the new house news!! Congrats!! Love that family room and kitchen area..can't wait for more pics!

  4. Re: the pants: I was in Old Navy yesterday and came so, so close to buying a pair. Until an overweight 60-year-old woman walked up wearing the same pants. I was still tempted and think I may give them a shot. For what it's worth, even the overweight woman did not look bad in them. (And I'm overweight too -- but in the post-kids-out-of-shape way, and not in a sedentary 60-year-old way.)

  5. Congrats on the new abode! We just moved also, and though it sucks with zee wee ones (and I only have one!), there's something about a shiny new place to live that is just wonderful. Good luck with the move!

  6. I will have to check out Togetherness - seems right up my alley!

    And new house yayayayaayay once again :)

  7. Oh my gosh, those pants. I just ordered a similar (but not EXACTLY the same- pair from ON last week and got them today. RIDICULOUS. I don't know if I guessed poorly on the size, although I got a L, which is what I'd normally wear...but they look 100% like highwater pajamas. I'm so distraught, but also cracking up at how awful they looked on me, so I can't even be too mad. I'm not sure if a smaller size would have helped it look less pajama-ish, Returning immediately.


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