Friday, May 22, 2015

Five on Friday

five.  Thank you so much for all the relocation well-wishes!  It's great to have the cat out of the proverbial bag...and now I can add that bag to the pile of diaper boxes I've squirreled away for packing purposes. Is there anything worse than packing up all your earthly belongings?  Especially when your earthly belongings now include 8,937 teensy pieces of plaything plastic? I feel like I do a decent job of regularly editing and simplifying, but I might as well be a sob story on Hoarders at this point with all the crap I need to pack. 

four.  I hate to ask again so soon, buuuuuut...


...who has restaurant recs for Santa Rosa Beach?  We are headed there with the grandparentals, and we are all new to the Seaside area!  I doubt we'll dine out a ton as we'll be vacationing condominium-style, but any family-friendly must-eats we shouldn't miss?  Or things to do other than beach-bumming and pool-lounging {because the seashore is just so relaxing with tiny meatloaves in tow!}. 

three.  L's last day of ECLC at Wilshire was yesterday.  
On list of the things I'm saddest to leave behind in Dallas this little nursery school nears the top. L was so quiet and shy around her teachers and classmates her first year... This year she did a complete 180 -- she adores her friends and teachers, chatters about them all the time, is bummed one her days off.  She's learned so many things, and it's been a treat to watch her bloom in this sort of environment. I'd camp out on that yoga mat in the middle of the night in a February drizzle a hundred more times for her to have such a fantastic introduction to a "school" setting.  

two.  Mamas of little boys!  These are the best summer shorts!*

{don't mind me // just taking a break}

I think I might spend more money on B's clothes than I do on L's.  It's just so much easier to find cute girls' duds at lower price points.  There's only so much room for monsters and puppy dogs and footballs, yaknow?  However, I have been quite pleased with Old Navy this Spring/Summer... Whereas I usually like about 10% of their toddler boy gear, I'm currently giving about 55% of it an enthusiastic thumbs up! I stocked up on tons of tees for my little drool factory as well as some really adorable swimsuits and rash guards.  But these knit shorts are my favorite -- the material is thick, they are short enough so they don't look sloppy {and long enough so B doesn't look as if he's wearing Soffe dance shorts from 1996}, and they could pass for Mini Boden. 

*not an affiliate link or sponsored content. although, per usual, if Old Navy would like to send me free stuff, I'm pretty sure they know where I live. 

one.  Anyone else watching The Chef's Table on Netflix? 

We watched the first stand-alone episode {each is a documentary short featuring one chef} last night {Mossimo Bottura of Italy}, and I really, really enjoyed it.  It soothes my weariness with Top Chef over-saturation -- I enjoy the focus on the actual person and their creative process without all the TIME IS RUNNING OUT music.  A nice change of pace in the culinary television sector, to be sure. 


  1. Just getting around about your moving to ATX news. Considering I've never left the ATX area {I'll use that loosely since I've always lived in the 'burbs except for the first 17 months of married life}, I couldn't imagine leaving, so welcome home! Also moving is awful. We moved TWICE in the last year and the plastic toys are just the worst. We threw away SO MANY TOYS that were missing parts and it was so liberating.

  2. In response to #5, I can say there is one thing worse:packing/moving while 8 months pregnant. Maybe it balances out some, fewer small plastic pieces vs more can't possibly Pack/Unpack another box. Either way, we'll be bringing the little home to piles of cardboard.

  3. Congrats on your move! We have dreams of maybe moving to Austin one day too, but I have a feeling it's down the road for us. Though I'd like to do it before the girls are in elementary school which would mean fairly soon (oldest is about to turn 4!).

    We just watched the first episode of Chef's Table and loved it! Haven't see the rest yet, but excited to check them out!

  4. L's pink shoes look perfect for summer! Where did you find them? I'd love to get a pair for my kiddo. Thanks!

    1. They are Natives brand and we loooove them! I bought ours at Nordstrom.

  5. were midway through episode #2 of chefs table & i'm totally digging it too. have you watched "a chefs life" on PBS yet? it's fabulous too, and set not too far from me (or from WFU!) toddler boys clothes are SO HARD and yes, SO EXPENSIVE. i always joke with my girl mom friends they have it easy, target has the best girl clothes & dumpiest boy ones. i don't feel nearly as bad buying the pricier things now that i have 2 boys ... three cheers for hand me downs! enjoy your weekend!

  6. Santa Rosa Beach is great! I'm headed there this afternoon.

    The Red Bar in Grayton is a MUST if you've never been. It's loud and kid friendly. Be prepared to wait though.
    If you have an afternoon/night without the kiddos head to Bud and Alley's in Seaside. Sit on the deck/upstairs and have the tuna dip- it's delicious!

    Enjoy your trip!

    And good luck on the move.

  7. Santa Rosa veteran here! Here is the short list of must eats - Red Bar, Stinky's Fish Camp, Sea Grove Market (fish tacos for lunch), Charlie's Donut Truck in Alys Beach, Cowgirl Kitchen, and Blue Mountain Creamery.

  8. I have been reading your blog FOR.EV.ER; I just adore it!! I just got back from Seaside, so I'm happy to give recommendations! The Great Southern (get the peach mojito, but they're famous for their key lime pie), Louis Louis (famous for their crab cakes), and Bud & Ally's are must-visits! They have fabulous food trucks, so those are great to stop for a bite (try the bbq nachos at the bbq food truck)! We found them all to be very kiddo friendly (we did eat outside at Bud & Ally's). Do you have one of those roll up chalkboard mats? I got one for my 2 year old; she loved it!

  9. My family's beach house is in Watercolor- girl, I've got you covered. Shoot me an e-mail with what you are thinking, and I will get back to you!

  10. Moving is THE WORST. We're in the unpacking stage and I just want to throw everything away and start over. This too shall pass.

    Santa Rosa beach is our favorite! Our favorite places are: Seagrove market, Louis Louis, red bar, blue mountain beach creamery (I have dreams about their banana pudding ice cream) and 723 whiskey bravo!


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