Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Austinites... yada yada yada

Well, there are still boxes left to unpack and frames to hang {and B's room still looks like it did the first day we moved in} {hashtag-poor-second-child}, but we are definitely home.  

I've been adding photos to this post for nearly a month, each time thinking I'll get around to posting about our the move, Father's Day, family outings, various adult festivities... and then grabbing a popsicle or a beer and just reveling in my {our!} first Austin summer as residents in fourteen years {ever!}.

I fear the pressure to memorialize will paralyze me indefinitely, so I'm just going to scratch the long-winded commentary on yester-month {let's pretend that's a word} and tick right along tomorrow with more current happenings.  

But! For posterity's sake, I will mention here... {a} I have officially redeemed myself in the paint-color-selection department, {b} porcupine visitors are smelly but provide really fantastic preschooler entertainment, {c} I highly recommend renting this frock for your next sparkle-worthy occasion, {d} we think E is the tops and made him a Toolbelt of Cliches to prove our affections, and {e} have I said how much we love it here? 

We love it a lot.

{just in case}


  1. So thrilled for you guys - we're still living amongst boxes and empty rooms (950 sq ft > 2400 sq ft is.... different), but it's still home sweet home!

  2. Can't say I blame you for loving Austin! We've been in our house for almost 3 months and I still have a few boxes to either unpack or put somewhere!


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