Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Indian Summers with Block Island Organics*

I'm always a bit taken aback when I see the Back to School banners unfurling.  With two kidlets starting at new nursery schools {plural because our move was unexpected and we missed registration deadlines...#fwp}, I suppose we do have a bit of preparatory shopping to complete, but it's more of the "crap, I wonder who still has shorts and tanks in stock for my weed-like meatloaves" than the "yippeeeeeee let's order all the teensy-tiny flannel jumpers singing their siren song from that stack of Fall catalogs" variety. I even had to bite the bullet and buy B a new pair of Natives as the knock-offs I so smugly scored back in May are long gone from Old Navy's shelves and now two sizes too small for his Fred Flintstone feet. 

Yes, with the highs solidly hovering in the triple digits for more weeks than I care to acknowledge, bare arms and legs are likely to remain standard until Halloween candy goes on sale {and there's always those super fun years where we're stuffing the Thanksgiving turkey in cut-offs}.  As I'm dusting off the school totes and busting out the labeling Sharpies, I'm also restocking our sunscreen stash.  Even after the pool shuts its gates come October, slightly cooler temperatures will keep us constantly outside in the sun, and I'm just as nuts about skin protection as I am about a big drippy slab of brie. 

Since L arrived, I've been on a sort of Sunscreen Quest.  I knew mineral-based sunblock is recommended for tiny humans' sensitive skin, and I'd read sprays are horrible for kids' respiratory systems {not to mention often end up unevenly applied}, but wasn't quite sure what else to look for. I'd always used Neutrogena for my own pool and lake days, so that's what I mostly purchased for our brood, dabbling here and there with some other brands as well.  Then, at the beginning of the summer, I read some very troubling things about Neutrogena and promptly switched brands for our beach trip {using the EWG's Skin Deep app as a guide for purchasing clean skincare products -- do y'all know about this?  It's amazing!  I consult it before I buy anything now! Okay, tangent: complete}...where L broke out something fierce in a full-body rash.  Since then, we've tried sunscreens endorsed by badgers and lizards, babies in CA, and one Ms. Jessica Alba.  Each one left something to be desired.  

Then, a little over a month ago, Block Island Organics graciously sent me a freebie sunscreen for our family to try. Before we even lathered up, I was impressed with the company's goals to provide quality, non-toxic sunscreen with total ingredient transparency while educating consumers on skincare science.  I also love that Block Island Organics was family-founded and is now owned primarily by women!  Block Island boasts products that rate super high on the Skin Deep scale, are free of all the nasties that do more harm than good to our skin and overall health, plus everything is vegan and never tested on animals. 3 cheers for my crunchy, bleeding heart! 

After using Block Island Organics {we received the SPF 30} on the kiddos and on ourselves, we are definitely new converts!  The mineral based formula is thick but smooths out beautifully and absorbs quickly.  It definitely stayed put {even during 2 weeks of very hands-on swim lessons!} but I also never felt as if I needed a loofah to scrub it off at night.  The biggest win in my book?  No rashes for my uber-sensitive-skinned girl!  Block Island is now a permanent part of our year-round suncare arsenal {along with my other winning find, Thinkbaby... another great company we love}; I promptly ditched everything else. I've purchased two new bottles to keep us happy and healthy hiking, swinging, splashing, and playing in the coming months!  

Block Island Organics is generously offering EA readers 15% off all purchases made on their site through Monday, August 24, 2015 with the code: katee

You can also purchase Block Island Organics products on Amazon.

* My initial tube of Block Island Organics was a freebie {I purchased subsequent tubes with my own money}, but I received no further compensation nor was I required to post this review in exchange for said sunscreen swag.  Amazon links are affiliate.  Per usual, all thoughts contained herein are 100% my own

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