Friday, September 18, 2015

5 on Friday


I'm working on the rest of our Wyoming recaps {I'm sure you're all waiting with baited breath}, but I thought I'd join April and the gang for a little {late} 5 on Friday...


The kids are both officially "back to school" which is both weird {I haven't had time to myself on a regular basis since before B was born, and it's strange bopping around town without at least one of my little buddies} and wonderful {I can unpack all those remaining boxes! workout in the middle of the day! peruse job postings like internet porn! wahoo!}.  Since our move was a bit of a surprise, B and L are at different nursery schools {there was room for L at our first choice, but not for B} -- slightly obnoxious from a drop-off/pick-up standpoint but they're less than a mile apart and the hours coordinate well.  I am sure I'll be muttering 4 letter words under my breath {apologies, parochial school} once the weather requires coats and rain jackets, but at the moment, it's not a huge deal.  Everyone seems to be adapting nicely to our new routine, although B is touch-and-go some days.  He attended "class" four days prior to our vacation and then missed four days... his reentry this past week has been bumpy.  I'm sure he thought that first week was just temporary and now here we are dumping him off after two weeks of 24/7 family togetherness.  Today seemed heaps better than Monday and Wednesday, though, so fingers crossed he's getting his groove back! 


I joined Snapchat, and it's ridiculous.  I have to Google how to do everything, and I still do not understand the purpose of sending a private snap to someone {can't you just text? or is this like a dick pic situation?  these are the questions I ask my early 20s cousins who made me join}, but I am slightly addicted to the "My Story" portion of the app.  Mini DitL streams are right up my alley, and I love that my feed {is that what I call it?} is mostly full of people being unedited goobers.  Snap it to me at cheesefiend13 {WHO IN TARNATION TOOK CHEESEFIEND?}, if you care to see me trying to keep up with the youths. 


We are slowly phasing meat out of our diet. I'd say we're about 85% vegetarian at the moment. We'd be 100% if it wasn't so difficult to find filling meatless meals that packed with processed carbs {me} / brisket and restaurant bacon didn't exist {E}.  Any vegetarian cookbook or blog recs? My mom gave me this gem from a 1970s time machine and it's legit {bra-less on the jacket photo and everything!}, but I'm looking to add a few more to my shelves. 

humorous aside: when I first thumbed through this sucker, an article from 1997 from the AAS fell out...all about how to make the most finger-licking BBQ brisket at home. All resolve is weak in the eyes of Texas meat smokers, y'all! 


For the last 3 years, I've ordered personalized fall-themed attire for L {and, last year, matching for B}. I realized yesterday I'd dropped the Etsy ball, but I'm a little too lazy/cheap to care {if they can't sport them all of September through all of November, my wallet is pretty much staying shut}. I do believe I've partially redeemed myself by purchasing coordinating holiday PJs in August, though. Can't beat a Carter's coupon with a stick, even when it's seasonally nonsensical. 


Aaaaaand, my flight to Dallas to meet E to see Garth Brooks this evening is boarding {yaaaaaaaahsssss}, so I'll just conclude this random airport post with a screenshot of these goobers. I love their guts, but is a three year old next to me who keeps blowing slobbery raspberries and kicking my leg, so I'm infinitely happy to fly without them today! 

Happy Weekending!


  1. We eat vegetarian about 75% of the time (maybe higher for me because I only eat meat if we have it at dinner). Some favorite cookbooks are A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen by Jack Bishop, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison, Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson (I like her book Super Natural Cooking, too, but find that I use SNED more regularly), World Vegetarian by Madhur Jaffrey, and both Plenty and Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi (I like Plenty a little more but both are great. The recipes can be time consuming and/or have a long ingredient list so I have to remember to plan those for days when I have time and read the recipe all the way through well before dinnertime).

    I'm looking forward to seeing other suggestions. I am about at capacity on cookbook space but I love taking books out of the library to give them a trial run.

  2. I totally ordered Christmas jammies in August too. And they've since sold out, so we're not the only crazies 😉!0

  3. For the gourmet part of vegetarianism, try the Greens Cookbook by Deborah Madison.

  4. I highly recommend the cookbooks from Moosewood Restaurant - some of my very favorite recipes when we were non-meat eaters. New Classics is my most used one. I also really like The Kind Diet by Miss Clueless herself.

  5. I'm not a vegetarian but I like the Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck cookbook. The recipes I have had are good and it's just kinda funny in general. They have a blog too

  6. the Martha Stewart 'Meatless' cookbook and 'The Southern Vegetarian' are my two favorite veg cookbooks. The skillet greens with eggs and mushrooms from 'Meatless' is so, so good.

    Most of my favorite vegetarian/vegan recipes as of late are from the Budget Bytes website. Her chana saag, dal nirvana, black bean and avocado enchiladas, and vegan red beans and rice (the smoked paprika and the coconut oil are key) are on heavy rotation here.

    The Kitchn's coconut braised chickpeas with spinach and lemon are amazing over baked sweet potatoes. The Kitchn's recipe for wild rice burgers is great, although it's taken me some practice to get them just right (I find a wild rice blend vs. 100% wild rice works better).

    Dinner: A Love Story's Mongolian tofu stir fry is delicious, as long as you get the tofu really crispy.

    Hope these are helpful! We're trying to phase out meat as well, although we already eat a lot of meatless meals anyways. The ones above are our favorites, but I find it hard to find ones that aren't carb-bombs either. Please post any successful favorite yall find!

  7. Oh also the quinoa and black bean tacos (sometime I use bulghur wheat...depends on what I have on hand) and the African peanut stew, both from Budget Bytes, are terrific. And her homemade naan takes a little time, but isn't difficult and is AMAZING.

  8. We are totally not vegetarians, but I do love the blog "Oh My Veggies" for meatless recipes!

    Also...still jealous about your Garth concert. And Tricia!! I can never get enough of "She's In Love With The Boy" of my favs!!!

  9. The "Oh She Glows" cookbook is pretty fabulous! It doesn't replace meat with a ton of cheese which is the pitfall to vegetarian cooking.

  10. I second the rec for any of the cookbooks from Moosewoods. We're not vegetarian (my SIL is and uses them religiously), but it's damn good food.


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