Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ce-le-brate Good Times! {Come on!}

We've had two very special, very celebratory weekends in a row, and if I don't scribble them down quickly, they're liable to trickle right out my ear. 

Firstly, that very energetic, very spry young lady down yonder turned 91 on October 10th, and my parents, the kidlets, and I were oh-so-thrilled to help her blow out her birthday candles!  She truly is an ever-present source of joy and inspiration in our lives, and we're ridiculously thankful for her fantastic health and spirit.  I had the privilege of knowing two of my great-grandparents, but I don't have any memories of doing much with them aside from visiting on occasion.  L and B are two of the luckiest ducks to have a great grandmother who actively engages them and spends quality time with them on a consistent basis.  Words like "gift" and "blessed" get tossed around far too often these days, but she is the former to us and we certainly feel the latter by her.  

The photo above is about the only decent shot I managed to capture of the weekend, although there is some video footage of L's very serious {very sloooooow} rendition of the Birthday Song, as well as Mama J's reaction to the Horns' beatific W over OU {which, let's face it, was by far her favorite birthday gift... although the kids' handprint mosaic paver was pretty stinkin' cute}.  We missed E {who was cheering on the Bears in Lawrence}, but it sure was a fun-filled 24 hours in Waco!

Then!  This past weekend, my sister-in-law {L's Aunt B!} married my new familial holiday partner-in-crime-in-law {Uncle S!} in historic Gruene, Texas! 

E and I dropped the meatloaves off with my parents after school and meandered down to our condo to enjoy the gorgeous weather and the sites.  We did a little rehearsing and a little dining and generally enjoyed the company and the river views child-free before the moppet storm hit Saturday morning. 

I have to admit something... my expectations were pretty damn low {and my anxiety a smidge high} for Small Fry Wedding Participation.  It took L months to really warm to the entire idea of being a flower girl, and, up until 2 weeks ago, would dissolve into tears at the mere mention of having her hair done.  Even after getting super psyched about being "the second fanciest" and relatively resigned to a "a bun...with a flower crown{!}," I still couldn't anticipate her reaction to all the attention during the ceremony. {SPOILER ALERT: She rocked the socks off the entire soiree.  I am duly chastened.} 

And this one!  Whooooooboy, this one!  Normally so pleasant, Concerned Citizen returned with a vengeance.  Perhaps it was the tiny Barber Shop Quartet Singer costume we shoved him into, but the little dude seemed none too pleased with the afternoon's scheduled activities at first blush.  Then he discovered veggie sticks and suckers were involved and shaped up. 

While B inhaled as many lollis as his little heart desired, L waltzed down the aisle like a total pro and stood quietly and attentively throughout the entire ceremony.  When Aunt B walked down the aisle, she adorably shouted "Go Aunt B!" and clapped when I finished 1st Corinthians {right before B got his dum dum solidly stuck in my hair}.  Basically, she was the most adorable, angelic, cheery badass flower girl of all time.  

I pretty much can't stop staring at these photos of these goobers all gussied up.  Obviously, I'm partial, but ugggggggggg SO SWEET. 

Since the wedding began at 4 pm, the kids got to enjoy a decent chunk of the real party before they had to hit the hay.  L boogied down with all her favorite gents and watched Aunt B's every move with awe {nothing is cooler than your aunt looking like a real live princess!}.  B lumbered around as if he owned the place, getting his groove on one second and rolling around in gravel the next.  

They didn't quite make it to the cake cutting, but I'd say they sucked every last bit of proverbial marrow from the hours they spent partying, leaving the adult-folk to do the same after their departure. 

And for their sparkling behavior, they were rewarded with promised wedding cake for breakfast.  The fact that it was pink was pretty much the cherry on top of L's weekend sundae!  She asked us on the way home when she gets to be a flower girl again, and I haven't the heart to tell her she doesn't have any future gigs currently on the books.  

Future opportunities notwithstanding, I know she'll remember her first wedding very, very fondly.  As will we!  Congratulations B & S!  We're all so thrilled for you! 

Never ones to quit while we're ahead, we braved the Fall Festival at the church where L attends school after Sunday naps.  I'm pretty sure more treats and major activity weren't necessary, but it sure is fun to be Yes Parents every so often.  So we let them eat snow cones before their burger-and-fries supper and happily collected their candy prizes and even let B roll deep in a bounce house packed with 8 year olds {until the third time he got clotheslined and visions of spinal injuries danced in my head and I hauled his booty out of there while he kicked and screamed at such injustice}.   

The photo ops weren't nearly as magical, but brown bags full of refined sugar, clothing stained with red dye #5, and glassy-eyed expressions are marks of a good time, so we'll take 'em!  


  1. I do so enjoy your little family. Thank you for sticking around your blog.

  2. I have 2 cousins (brother and sister) getting married a month apart this coming summer, and it'll be the first weddings we take our kids to. I am SO excited to watch them boogey down and go crazy! Family weddings are the best, and it looks like y'all's was awesome. The kids looked super cute - I love B's bow-tie and L's hair is beyond precious.

  3. Um, the wedding finery? I am dying of cuteness overload!

    1. I mean, I might have to institute Fancy Dress Tuesdays just for an excuse to bust out those duds again!


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