Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dallas Fall Fun {double pumpkin emoji}

WASPy children in a pumpkin patch... equal parts shocking and unique, I know.  

#Basic autumnal endeavors?  We've got 'em in spades, y'all!  

Last weekend, we visited E's parents for an early PawPaw birthday celebration, and we squeezed in two of our favorite Dallas activities as well.  Austin is home, but I feel like the luckiest duck to have such a good excuse to frequent the Metroplex.  

Other than our friends and family, I think I might miss the Dallas Arboretum most of all.  We lived practically across the street from its entrance, and that proximity + our membership made it so easy to zip over whenever we felt like some fancy fresh air.  There were many weeks during the annual Tulip Festival, the 12 Days of Christmas Gazebos, and Pumpkin Village when we strolled and picnicked nearly every day.  The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center here in Austin is wonderful but not quite as convenient {and, frankly, the Arboretum is more fun -- and I rarely admit Dallas has a leg up on Austin in any arena!}.  

Anyhoodle, it was so good to be back!  We arrived early enough on Friday morning {which was absolutely gorgeous, weather-wise} to get a decent parking spot and skipped straight to the Pumpkin Village.  I've seen it dozens of times, and it never fails to impress.  The kidlets had an absolute blast {they especially enjoyed this year's addition of the chuck wagon}, and, while I don't think I'll win any contests for the coordination of youthful fall fashions, we did get to put the ol' checkeroo next to Forced Photos with Decorative Gourds on our Stuff White People Like Ultimate October Bucket List. 

{looking back through my camera roll, Moosey" was really being a photo hog on this particular outing - I must have 30+ shots of her draped across various hay bales and giant squash.}

Oh!  And we also ate hotdogs, al fresco -- a theme of our entire weekend, apparently, because...

...we woke up Saturday morning and headed straight to the State Fair! 

I'm such a Fair Fan.  It brings back so many memories of attending with my parents {and also of many glorious victories and horrendous losses inside the Cotton Bowl}, and I love that we're making more with our brethren. 

With kids in tow, we like to arrive after the gates open {7am} but before most of the exhibits are up and running {usually 10}.  This gives us ample time to park and buy coupons so we're amped and ready for a proper Fletcher's corndog breakfast when the stalls begin serving {9:45ish}.  Yes, folks -- it's both an art and a science. 

This was B's first Fletcher's and I have to say... I was most nervous when he took his first tentative lick and subsequently shoved the stick away.  I've become rather attached to him and really didn't want to have to leave him for adoption with the prized piglets.  I'm almost over the shock of his hatred for ice cream, but I'm not sure I'd survive a distaste for Fletcher's.  Thankfully, he warmed up to that dog as it cooled and proved another zealous fan!  

I should note we did make a concerted effort to sample the much-touted vegetarian Fletcher's but never did hunt it down. Anyone have an actual taste or is it the fried food version of Sasquatch?

I'm tempted to put this on my Christmas card... FA LA LA LA LA FLETCHER'S 4-LYFE. 

The Children's Medical petting zoo was a huge hit, per usual. L almost had E convinced to buy her a baby goat, and the miniature donkey licking B in the face was apparently the best thing that's ever happened to him. 

Random Parental Musing: So many of our "bigger outings" up until recently  have mostly been for L's benefit; I knew enough this time around to realize an 8 month old doesn't give two hoots about zoo animals, etc.  But now - HUGE duh - B is his own little person with his own reactions to new things, and it sometimes takes me by surprise when I realize oh man, THIS IS THE AGE! When the magic really starts to happen! When petting zoos and mule saliva elicit delighted squeals and frantic baby-signs for "more! more! more!"  18 months is awesome!  {except when it's not} (but, mostly, AWESOME}

L was very specific in her ride requests -- she wanted the cars, the bears, and the carousel, in that order.  Didn't matter that there were a dozen fun, age-appropriate rides en route to the carousel from the bears, oh no.  The tiny Type-A heart wants what the tiny Tyoe-A heart wants. And it most definitely DOES NOT want to ride the desired rides out of order OR its brother to sit next to it on a horse for a photo-op. And don't let said brother fool you -- he thought those swings were pretty nifty once we started moving {phew -- potential psychological scarring averted!}. 

All in all, a fabulous Fair outing! 

And now that I've successfully taught L all the words to the theme from State Fair, we'll be working on our best Ann-Margret choreography for next year! 


  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all! :-) Love your sense of humor. thanks for sharing. Oh and if you are still interested in vegetarian recipes. Here are links to two I have recently tried. http://cleaneatsfastfeets.com/2013/11/22/stuffed-artichoke-soup-with-brown-rice-and-asiago-cheese/

    1. Ooo these look great! Thank you!

  2. Your little ones always give me such nostalgia for three years ago when B & O were that age. Hence I find your kids extra cute, haha!

    I also love 18 months even though I know that is not exactly what the masses would say. Tantrum are still amusing, sleep is decently sorted, naps still happen, and all the learning and exploring and excitement over EVERYTHING (a bird! a squirrel! a BUS OMG A BUS!) is just completely endearing to me.

    1. I'm totally with you! While the insistence to get into EVERYTHING without the self-control to listen to "no" makes me want to rip my hair out, this is the age where I really get into my parental groove! Maybe it has something to do with being less of a "baby person" than many!


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