Monday, October 26, 2015

DIY Dinosaur Hoodie

We're back again {nearly 3 years later as that's about the average time between my bouts of "crafting"} with another installment of The Easiest Fucking Crafts of All-Time! 

Hold onto your butts, kids, because, today, we're fashioning no-sew dinosaur hoodies, and they are pretty stinkin' cute as far as eleventh hour Hail Mary costumes go! The best part? Assuming you already own a glue gun and a hoodie you don't mind "transforming," this sucker will cost less than that replacement pack of trick-or-treater Reese's pumpkins you accidentally opened and scarfed last week.*

*just me?

Here's what you'll need to make the baddest-ass #WorldsMostOkayest homemade costume of the season:

- hooded sweatshirt {mine is a zip-up, but a pull-over would work just as well}
- hot glue gun and glue
- 1 square of white felt {for the teeth}
- at least 4 additional squares of felt in various colors {for the scales; I used 6 different colors but had plenty of felt left over, so do what you feel} 
- 1 more square of felt in a color that matches one of the scale colors {for the tummy}
- googly eyes {mine are about the size of a quarter}
- hot iron

Note: I did not anticipate turning this endeavor into a blog post as I was DIYing, so I apologize in advance for the non-real-time depictions.  And the crummy photography in general, but I'm assuming you're used to that 'round here. 

Directions: Fire up your iron! Fold your sweatshirt length-wise so there is a crease running straight up the middle of the back {where the scales will go}. Iron that crease so your "working line" will stay put. I nearly skipped this step as I loathe my iron, but it definitely simplifies things. Turn your iron off so you don't burn down the damn house. 

Cut the felt you're using for scales into triangles. I used 42 triangles total, and they were 2 inches equilateral-ISH. But this is not an exact science, y'all. Just make those triangles however you do you. 

Glue gun time... Starting at the nap of the neck, glue overlapping triangles along one side of the ironed crease all the way down to the bottom of the back. I used six triangles for this section {twelve total with the other side complete}, but, again, just go with what looks good to you. Flip the hoodie over and glue triangles along the other side. I chose to mirror my triangles so they matched up with the other side, but you could alternate the positioning if you wish. Do the exact same thing with the hood, but don't take scales all the way to the hem since you want a gap between your scales and your teeth. I used 4 triangles per side {8 total} for the hood. I had a little space between the "back scales" and the "hood scales" so I added one more triangle on each side to bridge the gap. 

Turn your sweatshirt so the front faces you, and fold the hood down so the top seam meets the tag. The scales should be popping up in the center. Glue two more triangles down on each side to form the bases of the eyes. Then glue down your googly eyes. 

Taking your scissors, cut jagged peaks along one thin section of white felt {this should look like a long, skinny crown that hasn't been formed into a circle}. Glue your "teeth" under the seam of the hood, centering it under the eyes. 

Taking your "tummy felt" square, cut a large circle or oval. If you have a zip-up style sweatshirt, cut the circle in half and glue a piece on either side of the zipper on the belly. If you have a pullover, just glue the circle intact onto the belly.

To make the tail, cut two long strips of scrap felt and glue them together. Leaving an inch of space up top, glue over-lapping triangles - point down - along the strips. I used 18 triangles total {including a small triangle centered on top of a bigger triangle at the end of the tail for a "spike"}. Glue the tail to the underside of the waist hem, using that uncovered inch of the backing to attach. 

And that's that!  Zip your little dino up and let 'er rip! Not too shabby for an hour of labor and $5.61, right? 

I kinda half-assed B's first Halloween since L was so adorably insistent that we all be the Peppa Pig Family last year {#vaginapigears 4-lyfe}, so I'm jazzed for him to have a legit costume {there will be Carter's furry feet involved} on Saturday.  

And if it pours throughout trick-or-treating hours as the forecast ominously suggests, I'm sure I can rustle up some stowaway Reese's... if only I can find my own hiding places...

Happy Last-Minute Halloween Crafting! 


  1. Cute costume and hilarious tutorial!

  2. That costume turned out adorable! Nice work! Sidenote: Have you tried the white chocolate Reese Pumpkins? I think you can only get them at Target, but they are fabulous.

  3. I did this last night for our 18 month old--thanks for the easy idea for a not so crafty person...

  4. I modified this for a newborn using a striped sleeper and matching hat - so stinking cute!! Thank you for idea and tutorial! (And I'm tagging you in comment on Instagram so you can see finished product) 👍


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