Thursday, October 22, 2015

Five on Friday


I am not normally a "Pinterest-y Snack Mom," but these suckers have been somewhat of a hit in our house for both kiddos, as well as an excellent breakfast or lunch selection for me.  Plus they provide another banana ingestion mechanism {why do we always buy so many damn bananas?}, aside from the ever-popular "let it brown on the counter until it's absolutely perfect for banana bread but never actually make banana bread" option. I call them Banana Nut Firecrackers, which apparently makes them sound exotic and enticing... I have no clue where I came up with this moniker, but it works, so we're going with it. 

I just mix a little fresh-grind almond butter with some honey {because we all know you buy the fresh-grind with no sugar or salt to feel smugly superior but have to mix it with something to make it actually edible... #science} and some chia seeds, then spread it over banana slices and top 'em with dried cranberries or cherries or coconut chips.  Chocolate chips would be excellent as well... or sprinkles, if you need to bring out the big guns. These Bare Simply Toasted Crunchy Coconut Chips {not sponsored, just FYI} are absolutely addictive and an excellent addition to our topping / general snacking rotation.  They were an impulse buy for me at HEB, but it seems like they're available at a whole host of places, including Costco, World Market, and Whole Foods.  Get you some! 


the love is palatable
I had several inquiries in regards to L's flower girl dress so I thought I'd give the source a little {again, non-sponsored} shout-out.  My sister-in-law initially sent me an Etsy listing for this particular dress, but when it came time to actually order, the shop had closed. However, I discovered the seamstress, who lives in China, was operating through a new website - Auto Alive Dress dot com. Interesting branding choice, but okay!  I was a tad wary at the onset, but communication was prompt {all the dresses are custom fit so I had to send in measurements} and production / shipping ended up being super speedy considering the dress was sewn halfway across the globe {hopefully not by seven year olds}.  The quality really is lovely, and the dress was packaged so nicely I didn't even need to press it before the big day.  And, I mean, $46.99?  Flower girl dresses at bridal shops are at least  twice that price! I kind of want to go through the measuring process again just to get this sucker made for Easter... 


One thing I love about our library is there's a separate row of shelves dedicated purely to holiday books.  This makes it incredibly easy to pick out a few seasonally appropriate but new-and-unknown-to-us selections each week.  Our at-home Halloween "library" is pretty lame: Room on the Broom {which is indeed delightful} is our all-star standout, but everything else is either a very simple board book {although I will say B loooooves It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse, but only because the "EEEEK!" with the "scary" pumpkin cracks him up to no end} or a character-type Halloween book {Curious George, Charlie Brown, Fancy Nancy, etc}.  It's been fun to bring home fresh offerings that also get L jazzed about all things spooky!  Our two favorites, in case you're looking for a couple last minute treats, are Here They Come! and Zombelina.  Both have excellent illustrations, simple but clever plots, rhyming text, and feature ghoulish characters that are much more charming than they are scary.  Highly recommend! 


Speaking of the library, I'm hoping Santa will bring both tater tots personalized library totes for Christmas.  Our Trader Joe's canvas shopping satchel gets the job done, but I figured special bags would be unique and fun but also a wee bit practical {see also: NOT ANOTHER DAMN TOY BECAUSE I HATE FUN}.  While perusing Etsy on behalf of the big guy in red, I found these custom offerings by Sixpence Press {say it with me one more time: not sponsored}: 

Library Tote for Kids - Custom Printed LIbrary Book Bag - Children's Tote Bag - I love Reading
Library Tote for Kids - Custom Printed Library Book Bag - Children's Tote Bag - little boy explorer library tote book bag

Super cute, right?  And useful? At least for five-ish years until they reach the age where one might get beat up for having a dedicated and personalized library tote? 


'Lest you think I'm incapable of discussing anything other than kid shit... let's go hog wild and take a looksie at one of my master bedroom walls!  WTF do I do about decor over the bed with that weird corner window throwing an epic wrench into the symmetry situation?  The universal suggestion on design sites seems to be hanging an entire wall of curtains with a piece of art or mirror mounted on top.  Perhaps I have a feeble mind for interior design {actually, there's no "perhaps;" this is a completely true statement}, but that much drapery brings to mind the backdrop for a casket wall in a tidy funeral parlor.  And, as much as I love Six Feet Under, I don't want to sleep with the entire Fisher family {maybe just Peter Krause...}.  ANYHOODLE... Survey!  Hang nothing?  Pretend that window isn't there and just hang what I want {a sunburst mirror... an element that is likely passe, but IDGAF} {so many cursing acronyms in one paragraph!}?  Something else neither I nor Pinterest has thought of?  School me! 

As always, thanks to April and the gang for linking up!


  1. I know I can't see the whole room but is it feasible to move the bed to the right wall so it's facing the window?
    Assuming that is not an option, have you posted this as a design dilemma on
    I agree not to do a whole wall of curtains. I would move the bed slightly to the right so the headboard is not touching the window at all and then put whatever you want to above the bed. Ideally, you would center the headboard on the open wall space but I'm not sure you have room for that with the current size side table? If you are willing to replace the right side table with a smaller one, you'd have a better symmetrical look (IMO!).
    Also, side tables do not have to match. A centered bed and centered art will do wonders.

  2. What about a mirror similar size to the window on the far right? Then you could put artwork or something in the center, above the bed.

  3. I'm with Elizabeth. Center the bed on the unwindowed wall, find side table/shelf arrangements that fit, and then put whatever you like over the bed! If you want sidetable symmetry, what about two installed modern shelf thingies, something in a color like that of your bed? Love the bedding and the walls.

  4. My daughter wore the dress you want to get for Easter in white silk as a flower girl dress. It was DARLING. And I agree about the speed and quality. Quite a pleasant surprise for that small price.

  5. Thank you for the Halloween book recommendations...we are in dire need of new material. As to the master bedroom decor dilemma, what if instead of a full wall of drapery, you just hung curtains on the sides like this:

  6. Loved this list... and hello Peter Krause in Six Feet Under. Hello.

  7. The posters above stole my thought- move the bed to back up to the unwindowed wall.

  8. I second Team Shep on the curtains on either side.

  9. Corner bed is always an option

  10. I am also with the corner bed if doable

  11. I would do some kind of plate arrangement that's also asymmetrical in the middle to throw things off (, and then a big-ish vertical frame on the right? This one's a toughie, for sure.

  12. Corner bed isn't ideal (getting out of bed to use the washroom in the middle of the night). I've been to many hotels and can tell you that every time they center the bed on the wall space. I'd probably replace both night stands though, because they are both wider than the space will allow and if you remove one the balance will be off again.

    Above bed you can place either one large piece of artwork or 3 framed prints. Odd numbers look best! It's a great space and just needs some adjusting to look even better. Lots of people in small NYC apartments work with even smaller oddly shaped spaces, you've totally got this!


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