Wednesday, November 4, 2015

another damn halloween post

This is more of a photo dump than a post of actual substance, but, hey, Halloween, right?

We had the great pleasure of having my aunt Joy play sleepover last Thursday evening.  I'm not sure she was anticipating Austin Flood 2k15 2.0 when she made her travel plans, but she was an excellent sport, happily forging through the deluge with me for both nursery school drop offs on Friday. And, because I am an incomparable hostess, I also recruited her to make rice krispie treat pumpkins for B's {utterly ridiculous and unnecessary} class celebration {don't worry, I'll continue to vociferously share my opinion on full-blown toddler "school" parties each and every holiday... get excited for Christmas, y'all!}.  Just what every guest wants to do at 9 pm, I'm sure!  Thankfully for me, she had the genius idea of buttering our hands before forming the pumpkins... Pinterest was all "oh, just let the mixture cool a little bit and then you can easily form balls!"  Per usual, Pinterest is a dirty, dirty liar. 

TL; DR: My aunt came and is awesome and don't forget to butter your hands for optimal krispie ball formation. 

L spent a good chunk of Friday morning crammed in the bathroom with her classmates due to storm warnings {apparently Buster the ginea pig came with and this was the most hysterical thing that has ever happened to L ever, ever, ever}, and then at 10:30, I received an email from her school asking parents to come pick up their chickadees ASAP.  There was no such missive from B's school {Methodists are wimps and/or Catholics laugh in the face of severe weather}, so I was still on the hook for his party.  Another familial shout-out to my dad, who baked pizzas while I ran to get L and helped me drag everything up to the church for the main event!  

Apparently jelly beans are choking hazards, and I picked the two most obnoxious lunch sides for 18 month olds {string cheese ghosts: require unwrapping / tangerines with jack-o-lantern faces: require peeling}, but everything looked pretty cute, and I suppose the little tater tots had fun.  Developmental appropriateness issues aside, the ham sandwich below is now a rice krispie treat fan 4-lyfe. 

Actual Halloween dawned clear and bright!  Despite the downed leaves and mud, it was a really beautiful day.  L was dressed in her Doc McStuffins costume and ready to trick or treat by 7 am.  She settled for gingerbread pancakes at Kerbey Lane and a Zilker train ride.  She also agreed to ditch her coat and stethoscope until dusk. 

My parents and cousin Margot came over for apps and beverages as the kidlets were completing final ToT prep.  B happily wore his hoodie but he made it clear it was too hot for the matching leggings and fuzzy feet.  Such is Halloween in Texas. 

Trick or treating was super fun this year.  L really got into it, and B was a total trooper and made it around our cul-de-sac before deciding the stroller with a lollipop was the way to roll.  Our neighborhood was jam packed with costumed kids, and many streets had block-party-like mini fiestas going on with the adults.  I love living in a place that really gets into the spooky-fun mood!  

We hope you're Halloween was spooktacular! 

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  1. I bet your parents are so thrilled to have y'all in Austin so they can help out and be there for stuff like Halloween!


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