Friday, November 20, 2015

five on friday

Y'all know the drill...


We've officially survived a week of Hand Foot Mouth Disease.  I wish I could say it's been a swell time, but, yeah, no.  A swellING time?  Maybe.  But probably not as that's not even a great pun.  Multiple classrooms in both chicklets' schools are infected, and we know three other families currently fighting the good fight, so at least we are on trend.  

HFM: So hot right now.
B was the unlucky duck this go'round -- Ever since her first year of MDO, L has had the immune system of a prized ox, so I'm not too shocked she's come through unscathed, but I've been knocking on lotsa, lotsa wood at the same time.  Or maybe the Universe is just gearing up for Part 2: Thanksgiving Edition.  WE SHALL SEE.  But for now, at least, L continues to healthfully relish her self-appointed roll of Town Crier by shouting "Bray-ee has Hand & Foot Disease in his mouth!" as loudly as possible to random groupings of parents at her school drop-off and pick-up as I frantically attempt to keep my tiny leper as contained as possible.  Not mortifying in the slightest. 

B has been a decent little patient, but it's always so maddening to have a young toddler this sick... I know he feels like absolute crap, but he won't sit still to rest to save his life, hasn't wanted to eat much of anything, and doesn't have enough words to tell me how to help.  Plus E has been in and out {but mostly out} of town since last Friday night, so we've all been riding the Hot Mess Express.  L has been enjoying more Curious George Christmas {CHRISTMAS MONKEY! CHRISTMAS MONEY!} than I normally allow, and B is pretty much subsisting solely on fruit snacks and gummy vitamins... but my post-bedtime SSB game has been on point!  Many thanks to the folks at Motrin and Bota Box for making any minuscule successes this week a possibility!


WTAF, Google Image Search?
We are hosting Thanksgiving this year, and, per usual, I am equal parts psyched and stressed {although more like subconsciously stressed... HFM seems to have robbed me of my ability to give a shit, but I am having very vivid "morning of Thanksgiving and I haven't purchased any ingredients to make anything or the turkey" dreams}.  No experiments on my planned menu this year... Whole Foods is roasting my turkey for me {so kind}, the Parade-Watching Spinach Strata and Squash Casserole are chilling in the freezer, and I'll be hammering out Hatch Mac {scroll down for my modifications - I also use about 3/4ths the Velveeta and substitute extra sharp cheddar for the rest}, Cornbread Pecan Dressing, and Pumpkin Pie between forced-familial bursts of cleaning.  Sister Schubert and our guests will take care of the rest.  We are also doing a casual Friendsgiving {except with some family, too?} on the 28th.  I haven't really thought much about that save for buying a cute tablecloth for the kiddie table and more bubbles for the bubble machine.  Ho hum, I'm sure it will all be fine.


I really like these tees from Gap, and I am in no way obligated to or profiting by telling you that. I have my size in both the Tall and Regular lengths, and I prefer the Tall {shocking}.  They are not as loose fitting on me as they appear on the model, buuuuut... MODELS.


Save 40% on cards & stationery

I finally chose a holiday card design and pulled the trigger on order our cards.  Shutterfly was this year's winner {it's always a toss-up between Minted, Tiny Prints, and Shutterfly... I'm always pleased with all of those vendors' products!}, and they are running a big 40% off sitewide special if you are still in the festive stationery market!


I tried to write something about the attacks on Paris and the Syrian refugee crisis much earlier in the week and it wasn't nearly...enough.  My thoughts are also with terror-stricken Beirut and Baghdad , but I'd be lying if I said those {scantly reported -- a topic for another day} incidents had the same effect on me as the reports from France I watched in shocked silence one week ago.  Rightness and Fairness aside, we are drawn to those stories that more closely mimic our own lives, and images of bodies in a street that could just as easily be any American city remind us of our own fragility.  My own words are lacking, but I've found myself furiously nodding my head as I read others' work.  Two of my favorite op-ed pieces: here and here.

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  1. I wish no one has thought about Christmas Monkey...and I definitely think fish DON'T know when it is Christmas

    Instead of singing normal Christmas songs in my head I sing those damn monkey songs

  2. Potentially rude question, but I think you and I are about the same size. What size do you like in the t-shirt?

  3. Thanks! That's what I was thinking I would get. :-)


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