Wednesday, December 30, 2015

a merry little christmas

If we're being technical, today is the 6th day of Christmas and those geese a-laying are honking at me to get our holiday blogged, 'lest we {lords-a} leap into 2016 without the requisite recap post. 

Or something. 

ANYHOODLE! Christmas! It happened! 

We spent three very merry {and very warm... shorts! on Christmas Eve!} days at my grandmother's home, and it was wonderful, per usual. There isn't a Christmas in my recollection that hasn't taken place, at least partially, in Waco, and I'm incredibly thankful a fourth generation gets to make their first holiday memories in similar {if not nearly identical} fashion! 

While I would have loved a big, roaring fire, the weather was actually a godsend: the kiddos spent a good deal of their waking hours outside and kept the cabin fever at bay! On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed chili and tamales for lunch and all managed to arrive on time to the candle light service. L was a rock star in church this year -- she actually paid a lot of attention and asked a few very thoughtful questions at an appropriate volume! Progress! B was all "I'll sit here with this snack mix for the first 3 carols and then I'm a-gonna scream through the second prayer until you take me down to play with the dry erase pens in the basement, mmmkay y'all?"  E brought him back in for Silent Night as we figured he'd be completely transfixed by all the flickering candles / enjoy waving the kids' glow sticks about, but, alas, his reaction was more "OHMAHGERD FIRE! LEMME TOUCH IT LEMME TOUCH IT LEMME EAT IT!" so out to the lobby they went.  Maybe next year! 

Afterward, matching jammies were a go {even if sibling photos were a bust} and the munchkins laid out everyone's stockings and left milk and cookies for Santa. Growing up, my grandmother always hosted a party after church {a party that seemed to me to be the all-time fanciest ever, because she served her queso in a silver chafing dish}; over the years, the formality and the number of guests have both tapered off, but this was the first year it's just been our family on Christmas Eve night, and it was really, really lovely. Our attention wasn't divided between putting the kids to bed and party-chatter; plus we really got to focus on those fun childhood traditions of writing Santa a note, picking out carrots for reindeer, reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, etc. I love doing those things with our little meatloaves, and it was super nice to be free of hosting distractions! 

We had 3 Santa gifts that required construction this year, and I'm very pleased to say they were all finished by the end of rest time on Christmas Eve {big props to T-Pop for re-drilling Melissa & Doug's shoddy screw holes (why does that sound so dirty?) and rubber-mallet-ing the crap out of the plasma car!}.  This made the actual Eve highly relaxing post-kidlet-bedtime.  

'Lest you think I'm a super-smug-and-mellow, has-her-shit-together parent, I completely forgot to pack B's little farm toy and cried as if the Grinch himself had stolen it and then scoured the internet for a local replacement and then tore through Target with half the population of McLennan County trying to hunt one down only to have my hopes dashed amongst the toy aisles.  #FWPs?  Of the finest caliber!  Would the 20 month old really have noticed or cared?  Nope nope nope.  But I like symmetry, and that toy is too stinkin' cute, and L would have totally noticed Santa left one more toy for her than for her brother. Thankfully, my aunt saved the day and picked it up on her way out of town -- a big, hearty gracias to Joanz! 

Christmas morning came a bit too early for me and E's liking... L was sleeping in our room on a futon and had night terrors every hour from about 9 pm to 1 am -- super frustrating because nothing really helps as she's really still asleep when they happen and doesn't respond to our attempts to comfort her -- and then coughing fits for the rest of the night.  I pulled one of our twin mattresses onto the floor next to her, but that didn't really help matters at all.  It seems she gets night terrors when her immune system is working to fight off a funk, and she's been super tired and cranky and just generally not herself for several weeks - since around the time B had his ear infections and pink eye - so I'm guessing she's been having them this whole time and not getting good rest as a result and we just didn't realize it since we can't hear her from our room at home {she gets up and tells us if she needs something...but, again, night terrors = still asleep} {not sure why I'm writing a novel on this subject... mom-guilt, much?}.  Sure enough, she was diagnosed with a double ear infection on the 27th, so the pattern rings true!  TIS THE SEASON, GERMS. 


L was raring to go at 7:15, waited patiently for the rest of the house to rouse at 7:30, and then begrudgingly waited some more while her brother snoozed until 8 {which is much later than his norm, go figure}.  Boot and hoof prints from the fireplace assured her that Santa did in fact arrive, and girlfriend was all aflutter with excitement!  Adulting doesn't get much better than watching kids suck the ever-lovin' marrow out of Christmas! 

The kids were royally spoiled this year with so many lovely new playthings..  Honestly, there were many moments I thought to myself "damn, are we overdoing it?" but having extremely generous family who love you and your tiny heathens to pieces really is a nice problem to have.  L was drawing a picture on the new easel of "what Christmas is about" and her description of her sketch was "giving to other people - like the the kids without toys or beds, my new bike from Santa, cookies, and Baby Jesus."  They might be a tad out of order, but her priorities seem pretty legit, so I don't think our materialism has completely ruined Christmas just yet.  Spending QT all bumbling around that big red brick ranch house, eating Texas Trash and BBQ brisket and frantically wrapping gifts is always my favorite gift of all... I'm hopeful our kids will feel the same! 

Speaking of that bike, it was a massive hit!  I admit I had my doubts... L seems to take more after me when it comes to athletic prowess, and I was really afraid she'd get really frustrated with a big girl bike and give it up almost immediately.  I know we're only a week out from Christmas, but this child is absolutely ROCKING her bike!  My cousin taught her to ride it within hours of her receiving it {I feel like this was an essential step, btw... cool, 21 year old cousins should be dispensed to all parents when attempting to teach easily-frustrated-perfectionist offspring new skills}, and she's pedaled it independently each day since.  She even took a massive spill this morning on our sport court and hopped right back on with minimal tears!  So proud of her. 

B would like you all to know Santa forgot his bike.  Such a major injustice as you can see. 

Shoutout to Magnolia Market shenanigans.  We finally visited the new silos, and they are as cool as you'd expect.  Waco is hip now, y'all!  For those who have asked on IG, most of what is in the store space you can order online, and it's really not much more stuff than what was in the {tiny} old Bosque storefront -- there's just more of it and more places to put it all. Worth a gander if you're driving through already... I personally would not log a 100+ miles for a special trip.  But you do you! 

We are home again, enjoying {and also sometimes not-enjoying} a break from nursery school.  Bonus Points to me for procrastinating on a few of those holiday crafts, because apple-cinnamon ornaments and gingerbread houses are making fabulous time sucks now that the weather is finally cold and a bit dreary. 

I hope your holiday hangovers aren't putting you through the ringer and your NYE plans involve the perfect amount of craziness or laziness!  Don't forget your black eyed peas and collards! 


  1. Glad you guys had a merry Christmas! What I need to know is this: are L's and B's pajamas the same size?! Because they totally look like they could be!

    1. There are totally the same size! I mean, L usually wears a 4T because of length but they are the exact same weight, so we have a lot of 3T PJs and shirts that they can both wear! Craziness!

  2. We were also in Waco for Christmas and enjoyed tamales on Christmas Eve - which led to me melting down a bit and complaining to my husband about how we can't get tamales in Georgia (at least, not the kind we can get in Texas) and I miss Texas and waaaaaah… :) Happens every year. Merry Christmas!

  3. Just now catching up on my blog reading and absolutely loved reliving our Christmas through your photos and words. There's nothing quite like experiencing Santa again through the eyes of little ones--very special!!


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