Tuesday, December 1, 2015

gobble, gobble

Well, we made it through Turkey Day with our sanity and good spirits in tact, so that's definitely something to be thankful for!  I love, love, love hosting the big meal in our home {and as each year passes, sloooooooooowly but surely, I act less like my favorite funny Gayle} {FLUFF THE PILLOWS, LOSERS}, but this was my first year welcoming overnight guests simultaneously... Additionally, we invited more folks over for a Macy's parade-watching brunch and then a belated Saturday Friendsgiving.  Throw in some very uncooperative weather, and I was left feeling as if I'd gnawed off a lot more of the turkey leg than I could chew!  Things mostly came together, though {praise baby cheesus for spacing out the cooking, my looks-like-a-serial-killer-works-here extra freezer, and pre-craziness tequila with friends} -- my squash casserole was inexplicably liquefied, B refused to eat even a morsel of Thanksgiving food, and I failed to take any photos during the parade, of our entire family, or of Saturday's festivities {save for one of my pumpkin + yaupon "arrangement," ie: I threw some shit together in a bowl and plopped it atop fancy coffee table books as if I knew what I was doing}, but we were together with people we love along with enough carbs and booze to sink a schooner.  All in all, it was a very good week.  

Some snapshots...

with Bubba after his Nursery School "Feast"
Monday Margaritas
L & her Pilgrim buddy Mia

Carving it up
Pie is Morally Offensive
a break from the rain

Flossy arrived & washed our holiday jams
Lost a kid {for 5 minutes} / Found a tree!
Pony Boy
Little Nut{cracker}s

Fair Warning: I'm going to do kidlet gift guides this week.  I know this drives some peeps absolutely bonkers, and for that {and for the shameless use of affiliate links}, I apologize.  But finding non-wholly-obnoxious toys for the meatloaves is hard, and I like to think the embarrassing amount of time I spend reading Amazon reviews during bouts of 3 am insomnia is actually good for something, so we're just going to do this damn thing. 


  1. I love the guides!! Bring them on! Your pie and bowl o'stuff look rather festive!

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  3. Thank you for doing the gift guides! My best friend has two little boys and I am always looking for gift recommendations! I have bought them a few things from your past gift guides.

  4. I always appreciate your gift guides. Looking forward to your recommendations.

  5. Your gift guides are great! Bring em on!

  6. What kind of Scrooge hates a gift guide? Get over yourself, Scrooges and click the damn affiliate link already.

    1. This made me laugh so hard! SERIOUSLY, SCROOGES!


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