Monday, December 7, 2015

Kidlet Gift Guide: Preschool Picks

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Back again with more gifts for the preschooler in your life...and while we're pretty big on parroting "there are no girl toys or boy toys; everyone can play with what they wish," things are about to get pretty {traditionally} "girly" up in this piece.  Hold onto your tulle-swathed butts...

I take it back.  L's number one Santa request this year is the aforementioned bike {thank y'all for all the suggestions, btw -- keep 'em coming!} -- a very gender-neutral selection, indeed.  And since I can't yet personally recommend a set of training wheels for your precious parsnips, might I give a shout out to our much loved scooter - the Yvolution Y Glider Scooter!  L received it for her 3rd birthday and got the hang of it rather quickly -- even the foot break and steering seems pretty intuitive!  B can also manage it some.  We also have a Nutcase Little Nutty Helmet and really like it!  The magnetic clasp and adjustable size make getting the right fit really simple. 

L received the Frozen Queen Elsa Replica dress by Little Dress Up Shop for Christmas last year, and to say it's well-loved is an understatement.  She loves that it's "beeeeee-utiful" but not itchy like so many other dress-up clothes, and I love that it's easily washable and isn't stamped with licensed character medallions. I'm pretty sure the Replica Anna Dress will be just as big of a hit!  As will the Matching Doll Dresses, which are pretty stinking cute and affordable, considering that American Girl bullshit we've managed to stave off for now {I actually dig AG as a company and our Bitty Baby is great and I'm sure we're not far from a full-sized doll, but HOT DAMN WHY ARE PLASTIC AND POLYESTER SO PRICEY?}.

If you create an account with Little Dress Up Shop, they'll send you the standard email blasts - which, annoying, BUT!  The lightning deals are pretty excellent!  I bought both small fries Super Hero Capes & Masks for six buckaroos a piece earlier this week -- pretty sweet! 

Back to those dolls...

Babs and Bebe are in need of some new duds.  L spied the Bitty Lambie PJs in the "doll magazine" that came for her in the mail, and I also found this fabulous Etsy seller who makes Bitty Baby sized clothes.  I ordered four little outfits at $8 a pop, and they are super sweet in person!  They even come with matching headbands.  

wardroberack18inchdolls copy

A fancy doll wardrobe wasn't really something I really wanted to factor into the gift budget, but I'm on a DIY mission to craft a little Hanging Rack out of PVC pipe to display dollies' latest fashions.  Ours will be much shorter than the one pictured, and I'm hoping to spray paint it bright turquoise.  Rustolium included, this project costs less than $15 since I'm bumming the PVC-cutter off my dad. 

Aaaaaand I couldn't resist tossing this PBK Doll Carrier in my cart when I pulled the trigger on our cheesy matching family stockings {Parenting Level Up} last month.  This probably would have been a super handy diversion when B was tiny and constantly strapped to my chest, but I'm a-thinkin' L will take to babywearing just fine at this stage as well!

The Doc is in!  And she's pretty much always in at our house.  This Duplo Doc McStuffins Backyard Clinic Set will find a happy home in our Lego bin.

Books, books, books! We are swimming in them already, but I can't help treat our stuffed bookshelves to even more! L's library will welcome Strega Nona {BOIL BOIL PASTA POT!}, Doctor De Soto, Ladybug Girl and the Best Ever Playdate, and The Paper Bag Princess.

L is pretty into the board games we've introduced her to {Candy Land - ACK! - and Frozen Matching Game}, and I hear the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel is also a big home run for the three and four set.

What's topping your preschoolers' wish lists this year?


  1. Sneaky Snacky is a favorite around here! We are all in for the cheap (as in made, not price) bat cave that has been all over the commercials. Hopefully, it will spark some good imaginative play! We went back and forth on getting Jack a scooter. I'll have to save this one as an option.

  2. Quinn got the squirrel game for his bday and it's definitely a hit.


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