Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry, merry.


We've plowed our way through December, jingling all the while. 

We've worn the matching jammies and the thematic apparel; we've crafted; we've addressed and stamped and mailed and displayed holiday cards. 

We've awoken each morning to hunt for Flossy the Elf, and bickered over who gets to open the Advent calendar door. We've eaten marshmallows and M&Ms and miniature gingerbread fellows with our breakfast. 

There've been family parties and school parties and work parties and friend parties and neighborhood parties. 

There've been viruses and head colds and ear infections and pink eye and late night coughing fits and sugar comas and cocktail flus. 

I've Amazon-Primed...and Primed...and Primed some more. The Christmas cardboard box wasteland abides. 

Presents have been wrapped and ribbons curled. A few Santa construction projects were completed ahead of schedule...some real doozies remain as what is Christmas Eve if not for red wine, a Phillips head, and some good old fashioned cursing?

Bing and Perry and the Penatonix and the cast of Glee and Harry Connick Junior {and, fine, yes, Jessica Simpson and N'SYNC} blare steadily over the everyday fray. 

Twinkle lights were untangled and strung. Blowups were purchased and staked, then doted on and petted daily. 

We visited Santa. Twice. Some of us found him more appealing than others. 

We ooo-ed and awww-ed and clapped and sang at the Mozart's light show. We grumbled expletives any time we drove in the vicinity of the Trail of Lights. 

We counted our blessings and practiced gratitude. We tried to think consistently of those less fortunate and act in ways that made the world a little warmer and a little brighter for a few fellow Austinites. 

We threw some epically bratty shitfits of the first-world variety. 

We learned all the words to Christmas Monkey, and The Grinch became a regular at post-rest-time snack. 

We ate our first round of chili and tamales and too many "cook-cooks" to count. 

We baked and decorated. I Pinterested with overall moderate {yet modest} success. 

And we're ready to cram a couple dozen more shining, imperfectly perfect memories over the next few days. 

Merry, merry everyone. 


  1. And to you. May your substantial talent and what appears to be great good humor bring you all kinds of good fortune and fun.


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