Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sausage Cups & Favorite Things

Well, our trees are trimmed {actually, the outside could use a festive facelift, but the kids can only be bothered to care for our newly procured blowup yard ornaments, - NEVER SAY NEVER, Y'ALL - so I'm less inclined to bust out the ladder and staple gun than I normally would be} and our halls are decked. Shopping and wrapping marathons are a-go, and my babysitter scheduling notations are making me cross-eyed. 

I do love a holiday party, though -- very much indeed! Last night, my high school dance happy hour group {now with less spandex and much better booze} gathered for heavy apps and a "favorite things" gift exchange {this is my second such fete of the season and I really prefer it to White Elephant or Ornament Exchanges - Favorite Things for all!}.  Per usual, a snort-laughingly grand time was had by all. My edible contribution was a bounty of sausage cups -- seriously, the easiest and most delectable party food you'll ever throw together! When all is said and done, I'll have served 200+ of these little dudes in the month of December; they are just too simple to make in a big batch and then freeze until needed. I believe I've posted the recipe before, buried inside an old weekly menu post, but I thought these suckers deserved their own permalink! 

Sausage Cups 
as dictated by Sally Inman Toliver, circa 2003

- 1 pound hot pork sausage; cooked through, rinsed, and crumbled finely
- 8 oz sharp cheddar, grated
- 1 bell pepper (orange, red, or yellow)
- 1 overflowing cup of Ranch dressing 
- 6 boxes of fillo puff pastry cups {15 cups per box}

Mix first 4 ingredients together. You can also add a finely minced jar of {drained} black olives, but I pass on that disgustingness. Stuff fillo cups with filling. Either bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees or replace back to plastic trays / boxes and freeze for later. From frozen, sausage cups cook for 20-30 minutes at 350 {until cheese is bubbly and edges are beginning to brown}. 

And! If you're on the hunt for a "favorite thing" or fabulous stocking stuffer, might I suggest these wine markers! I was lucky enough to snag one last night, along with this delicious candle {made locally by my friend Traci's cousin!}.  I stuck with my standard Mrs. Meyers hand soap in the seasonal orange clove scent {which I'd link to on Amazon but the list price is ridiculous -- look for it at your local grocery store!} inside a melamine berry colander {Texas peeps: HEB has these in four colors for about $3 a pop and I use them every week to wash and hold berries in the fridge! Get you some!}.  


  1. I searched through your archives last week to get the sausage cup recipe! Made a double batch for our Griswold Christmas Party this past weekend, and they were gone in record time! Such a crowd-pleaser!

  2. Love the favorite things gift exchange. Wish we could do one every month. I am glad my vino marker photograph was good enough to make the blog!

  3. I have never heard of rinsing ground sausage... ?! Does it get rid of all of the grease but maintain the spice?

    1. Yes! It is still plenty spicy after being rinsed!


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