Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bright-Eyed Class Valentines

In all the excitement over casseroles {many eyerolls}, I completely forgot to mention a weekend highlight: L's first day of her second season of soccer!  I can't take any credit in finding this program {laziness / riding the coattails of another parent's research pays, guys!}, but E and I are already both so impressed with Soccer Shots {which, because of my aforementioned laissez faire approach to soccer-mom-ing, I did not realize until Saturday is a nation-wide program}.  The Y last year in Dallas was a fun experience, but our dad volunteer coaches had never coached soccer before, and a 45 minute weekly practice plus a full 30 minute weekly game was major overkill for a bunch of 3 year olds who were really only in it for the juice boxes.  Soccer Shots is coached by peeps who actually know how to teach the sport {and, most importantly, know how to teach the sport to preschoolers} and the team meets once a week for a joint practice and scrimmage... Still totally adorable, but now totally age-appropriate!  Highly recommend! 

Now! Valentines for classmates...

I'm normally a "pick your box of cardboard character Valentines while Mama stashes a Reese's heart in the cart without you knowing and let's be on our way" type of gal, but L begged for these heart shaped sunglasses in the Target Dollar Spot the other week {12 for $3} and, sucker that I am, I acquiesced on the condition we use them for her class Valentines.  I figured we'd make them work with woodland critter cards left over from last year, but then realized we had the exact number of those required for B's class.  So I set about finding something else cute and cheap for L's buddies. 

After a quick Pinterest search, I found these free printables.  I've actually never used a free Pinterest printable in my life so I'm feeling pretty 2012.  I uploaded those suckers to Office Depot, picked them up a couple of hours later, and prepped them while listening to a Lore on ax murderers {festive!}. L chose the card design and glasses color for each of her friends and is currently composing unique mixed media {um, Crayon and marker} art masterpieces on the back of each card. I think they turned out pretty damn cute, and I spent a total of $9 {would have been just the $3 for the glasses if our home printer wasn't cursed}.  The glasses were still available at Target a few days ago {I saw them in both the Dollar Spot and the seasonal Valentines sections}, so if you don't yet have a plan for kids' class Valentines and are in the mood to be mildly crafty, perhaps these would fit the bill. 

Another super cute {and cheap!} find for V-Day gifting -- I spotted these mini roses at Trader Joe's last Wednesday for $3.99.  The vases also come in pink and red.  I bought one for our kitchen and one for my parents, and I'm going back this week to procure four for the kidlets' teachers.  The Valentine card selection at TJ's is also pretty on point -- can't beat a 99 cent greeting card! 


  1. Love the valentines! We are doing bubbles from that section. I like that soccer shots discusses competition and teamwork!!

  2. Ah, so together doing your own. I snagged some box ones, and need to get a treat to go along. Sigh.

  3. I'm singing my little guy up for soccer shots this spring - the games will be cute and all but I'm really just excited to see how long he naps afterwards!!

  4. i'm totally stealing this idea. question- did you keep them the same size? i can't figure out how to make them smaller and they are huge! but then, maybe if they are smaller those target glasses wont fit?

    1. They are pretty big! But I kept them the same size.

  5. At 9:45, I said 'oh sh*t' to my husband completely forgetting about our 6 year old's party tomorrow. These printables saved me! He's got 30 kids in his class and they need non-edible Valentine's (Montessori school with a no sugar policy for the win!) - these are PERFECT!


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