Monday, February 1, 2016

February Frenzy


Rabbit, rabbit! It's time to bust out the birthday banner and ceremonial balloon wreath, because we like to hit February full-force around here.  E, L, and I will each gain an extra digit this month, as will three special members of our extended family. 

We'll also travel to Dallas to celebrate E's new law partner status {woot-woot!} and to Scottsdale for a partnership retreat.  And I suppose we'll pause to acknowledge love and chocolate and Hallmark somewhere in there, too.  I'm exhausted just thinking about all that fun.  Time to plot those strategic uppers! 

We jumped the gun just a tad on E's 34th and partied down this past weekend. I made Smitten Kitchen's Carrot Graham Layer Cake, and, let me tell y'all, you've never tasted anything so {here it comes... the M word...} moist and delicious {toot, toot goes my own horn}.  I'm not surprised as Deb never steers me wrong, but this one was beyond tasty. I did two layers instead of three {just cooked the pans about 20 minutes instead of 15} and omitted the butter from the icing {I never add butter to cream cheese frosting, making the final product practically health food}, but otherwise followed the recipe to a T.  I recommend you do the same ASAP. 

L told me she'd like "dis ci-monny carrot cake" for her 5th birthday {funfetti cupcakes are already a go for her 4th}, and B demolished his slice in about 5 seconds once he realized it wasn't just a canvas for some candle sculpting. 

We also dined at Uchi {love that the only photo I could manage without semi-public shaming by my family depicts zero sushi...even though we consumed pounds of it} on Saturday night with my parentals, which was actually a YAY YOU'RE A PARTNER NOW LET'S EAT RAW FOODS supper, but the proximity to birthdays allows for a double-dip celebration, methinks. Much like Chardonnay, I always claim a dislike of sushi / sashimi, but then I remember: no, I just don't like the mediocre stuff. I'm an asshole like that.  I'm now convinced Tyson Cole could bring me anything from his kitchen, and I'd eat it happily, then dream about it for days afterward. 

Our other E's Birthday Weekend activity was more hiking with the kidlets on the greenbelt.  This adventure included a little easy {well, easy on the way up} rock climbing which both chickadees loved. 

Signing off to do a little wrapping for the Real Deal Birthday tomorrow... pretty jazzed about that leftover cake!


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  2. So hard to read a post about delicious food while in the midst of a round of Whole 30! That cake looks amazing! Happy birthday to EVERYONE! And congrats on the partnership for E!


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