Monday, February 22, 2016


L turned FOUR on Sunday!  Maybe I've said this about each and every year - I'd have to go back and refresh my memory - but this feels like a big one: FOUR!  That's the number before FIVE {or so The Count tells me} which is the age baby-children start KINDERGARTEN.  Four is basically a Real Human.  She picks out all her own outfits, orders her own food off menus, takes her plate to the dishwasher, folds laundry, knows which of her shows is on Netflix as opposed to Hulu, loves to "text emojis" to her grandparents, asks to Snapchat {= see the filters} on the regular, mothers her brother {see also: beats him up}, demands privacy, and figures she'll be both a doctor and "someone who draws the Sparkle Dash unicorn that flies" when she grows up.  I feel like I'll turn around tomorrow and she'll be asking for her own phone line. {Jeesh, that sentence just aged me.}

She loves singing at the top of her lungs, building "cities and castles" for a whole host of characters, elaborate make believe scenarios with multiple costume changes and props, PlayDoh, coloring and drawing {with markers... Crayons are sooooo three-and-a-half}, jewelry that lights up, riding her bike and scooter outside, climbing, Doc McStuffins, Sesame Street, My Little Pony {although she's never seen the actual show}, Frozen {how long can this continue?}, making anything into a balance beam, school and all of her school friends, going to the library, reading with us and by herself { maximum volume}, Taylor Swift, "exercising" on any sort of gym equipment she comes across, purple and blue and pink {in that order}, "squashing the bug" in soccer, visiting the Thinkery {especially the Shadow Freezing exhibit and the baby area with the stuffed bunnies}, "racing" {running and on scooters}, each and every one of her {what seems like} one hundred stuffed animals, cutting with scissors, having her nails painted with "Piggie Polish," teeny-tiny figurines of any kind, looking at photos of Cousin It from the Adams Family {especially Baby Cousin It... I can't even tell you how this came up}, wearing her hair "plain," "mismatching" her jammies, matching clothes with B, chomping ice, chasing and jumping on the couch with B, going to the bathroom by herself at the park, getting the mail with E, riding forward facing {we turned her around in E's car in November... we made it rear-facing in my car until her actual birthday! #smugasshole}, cheering for the "Sic-y Bears and Hooky Horns," and hanging out with her buddies on the grassy area after school.

Her favorite foods are sausage of any kind {especially T-Pop's sausage}, pepperoni pizza, mac and cheese, gingerbread pancakes at Kerbey Lane, bacon, apples, berries, yogurt, broccoli, carrots, hummus, any type of pasta, nuts, froyo {vanilla with sprinkles}, "pink chicken" {various red curries and Indian tandori}, chips and salsa, cheeseburgers, almond butter and honey sandwiches, sweet potato fries, cheese, "snacks" {fruit leather, fruit snacks, applesauce, fig bars}, and all forms of sugar {she claims not to like chocolate...until she's presented with chocolate}.  Dresses with leggings are her preferred attire.  She loves her sparkly tennis shoes and kitty-cat Mary Janes.  She still requests The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle every night before bed. Favorite books change constantly, but today they include The Paper Bag Princess and Doctor DeSoto.  She remains very, very particular about certain things and the vast majority of residual "threenager-dom" can be attributed to perfectionist frustrations.

She requested a Doc McStuffins birthday party at home {next weekend... Baby Cheesus take the wheel!} and My Little Pony napkins to accompany her treats at school {if you ever want an ego-stroke, bring Blue Bell cups to a gaggle of four year olds}.  On her birthday eve, she got to stay up late and watch Lady & the Tramp on a big pillow and blanket pallet.  She awoke on the 21st to the customary mylar number balloon a two small presents.  She chose a second round of gingerbread pancakes and bacon, then playing at The Thinkery.  In the afternoon, she bounced her little heart out on Mama J's joint birthday gift to the kiddos and munched on pepperoni pizza and birthday pie with J and T-Pop.  What a great day celebrating our Ladybug! 

She woke up this morning, snuggled in our bed for a hot minute, and announced "Well, I still feel literally FOUR!"

She's literally the best. 


  1. How is she already four? This boggles my mind. She and Siena have very similar food tastes and this cracks me up. Also? Maybe I've been watching Parks & Rec too much but I am picturing her as a mini Rob Lowe when she says "literally." Too cute. Happy birthday L!!

  2. Aw happy birthday! What a great tribute! I cracked up about your #smugasshole on rear-facing. Drew is 3 and I am debating turning her around - mainly because she creates so much destruction in the backseat and I can't reach her to STOP HER DESTRUCTION!


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