Monday, March 21, 2016

Bluebonnets 2016

An actual post with Spring Break highlights tomorrow...documented forced memory making today! 

It's not really Spring in Texas until your parents force you to squat in wildflowers and smile like a maniac while swatting away fire ants and scanning the hills for rattlers (I made the mistake of reading the "watch out for snakes" sign aloud at the Wildflower Center, so imagine L shrieking WAS THAT A RATTLESNAKE during every single one of these shots)...

Not our very best family / sib shoot overall, but probably the best bluebonnet photos we've taken in 5 years, so they count for something! 

Ahhhhhhh, wildflowers and headlocks!


  1. We did ours yesterday and I have them scheduled for Wednesday. It was my kids and my sister's kids and I told them 'the quicker you smile and the faster you sit still, the sooner we're done!' Ha! Gotta love forced merriment. :)

  2. We tortured our kiddos in the bluebonnets yesterday, too! But this year I had to promise Wade I wouldn't flip my lid (like I always do) if they didn't cooperate (which they never do), so it was pretty quick and dirty. I'm not sure why I force myself to do it every year because my parents never did?!?

    1. We had a patch in our yard growing up so we just always went outside and snapped a there was just one of me so that was probably not too taxing of an endeavor! I am glad we did the Wildflower Center this year so the outing wasn't 100% torture for them!


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