Friday, March 4, 2016

Five on Friday

Publishing another one of those "better late than never, hopefully" FoF endeavors...

Illustration of Bonnie Raitt

I really enjoyed the Lenny Letter interview with Bonnie Raitt this morning.   Much like Ms. Spanos, Raitt's music continually takes me back to super nostalgic places -- trumpeting through our house in the evening after a 3 hour swim practice, wafting out the open sunroof of my dad's Toyota Corolla as we drove to San Luis Potosi for spring break.  Sam Cook, Van Morrison, Willis Alan Ramsey, Nanci Griffith... and Bonnie. E and I are headed to see her in Apirl at ACL theater and I could not be more jazzed.  {Well, maybe if she'd proclaimed herself an ardent Hillary supporter, I'd be just a smiiiiiiidge more thrilled!} 


Speaking of my homegirls Hillz and B Raitt {yep, I'm going to keep chatting politics}, I've watched SNL's cold open from my birthday weekend at least half a dozen times.  It's it equal parts hysterical and depressingly accurate.  This article {thank you, S!} is also right on the money. I keep coming back to this paragraph and nodding vehemently in silent agreement at my various screened devices: 

I haven’t suffered the overt sexism of earlier generations, but in its place has come a more oblique, more insidious variant. It’s the kind that makes you question whether the fault might lie with you and your abilities. It gives rise to questions about why people aren’t enthusiastic about you, why they didn’t like it when you took a strident tone with them and then, when you adjusted course, complained that you weren’t aggressive enough, or why there’s something about you that just feels wrong. In politics people call this likability. And the female politicians we “like” are few and far between, because they remind us of our mothers or wives or that girl you hated in gymnastics class. We don’t have a frame of reference for what it looks like for women to be running the show, so if she’s not a man, she comes across as all wrong. 

YES.  I've been there!  On both sides! I am not too self-congratulatory to understand I'm guilty of silent, subconscious sexism, but, like Schank, I am done with tiny lurking thoughts making me anything other than loudly, enthusiastically supportive of HRC.


Board games!  Now there's a subject switcheroo! Who doesn't just absolutely love playing board games with their preschoolers?  Who doesn't cherish every teachable-moment when those black lose-your-turn dots transform your cheerful cherub into a scouring, screaming sore sport? Ahhhhh, the family bonding magic!

Seriously though, I really thought the friend who gave us Candy Land for L's third birthday must secretly hate me.  Turns out four is a much better age for us in the realm of board games.  We received three new games to add to our collection this birthday, and L is super into them.  My mom was kind enough to take B to the park for an hour this week while Sister and I played rousing rounds of Zingo, The Cupcake Spinning Game, and Little Vet's Busy Day {which is a book, puzzle, and shoots-and-ladders type board game all in one}.  Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel is also still a big hit!


L also built her very first big-kid Lego set {this one, if anyone cares...and yes, it's one of the damn "girly" ones, but other than the case it came in, I was pleased to see it wasn't all pink and purple, andplusalso, STEM SKILLS HOWEVER YOU CAN GET THEM}. She was super duper proud, and, as a friend mentioned on my IG post, building Legos is actually ridiculously therapeutic from an adult perspective. I never got into the adult coloring book craze, but I could totally be persuaded to jump on an adult Lego building bandwagon.


Our 1SE February video.  This continues to be such a fun little memory-keeping project!

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  1. G loves herself some Candyland. She also loves Snug as a Bug in a Rug- recommend!

  2. We adore candy land, Memory, hungry hungry hippo, shoots and ladders and of course lots of Lego building:)

  3. What is the deal with adult coloring books?? I was trying to grab a good crossword book at CVS the other day, and it was all adult coloring books instead. Target too!

    1. It is not a craze I understand! But they seriously are everywhere! Super markets, Michael's, even Whole Foods!


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