Thursday, March 31, 2016

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

Always one to procrastinate a tad on the holiday photo dumps, I bring you Easter 2016! 

The festivities began on Good Friday -- With the chickadees off nursery school, we dove fingers {and fists and forearms} first into an ambitious egg dying endeavor {at J's house... bless her and her cream kitchen countertops!}.  We went the uber traditional PAAS route with a wee detour through the Pinterest-popular shaving cream + neon food coloring technique. L was an old pro, and B was pretty enamored with this new-found "sensory table."  As indicated by the purple dye stretching up to his elbows. 

Tubbed & Scrubbed, holding bunnies I sewed a bajillion years ago.

On Saturday, we harked back to a Scruggs tradition of years past and hunted eggs at my parents' house with the whole family -- Kids' egg-a-palooza in the back yard and "adult eggs" surrounding the rest of the property.  As expected, L focused on quantity, while B preferred to wait until someone grown pointed an egg out to him for immediate consumption. 

Neither kidlet found the cascarone demonstration entertaining; B actually bawled when my cousin cracked one on my head and continued such dramatics until chocolate was proffered.  Hopefully they'll find their confetti egg joy next year, 'lest their Texan Child Status be revoked. 

We took advantage of the festive atmosphere and pulled a two-fer birthday celebration for T-Pop and B.  Smitten Kitchen's Carrot Graham Layer Cake {I just do two layers and increase the cook time by a few minutes but otherwise amend not a particle!} was a hit for the second time in 2016. B was SO stinkin' excited about the cake {BIRFDAY CAKE? BIRFCAKE FOR BRAY DEE?!}, so I'm super glad we've decided to host another little party {"gathering" would be a more apt word choice} this weekend {a major last-minute decision on my part so we'll see how that goes...}.  

SO proud to have a scooter like Sister's!

The Easter bunny came bright and early Sunday morning, bringing her customary swimwear, summer shoe, and hot weather play clothes offerings, along with a few other goodies {PlayDoh, beach chairs, and baby feminist propaganda}.  Our little goobs were pretty pleased with their baskets but mostly excited about jellybeans and DumDums with their toaster waffles! 

After a very lovely church service and sermon {which L sat through in its entirety -- so proud!}, we brunched with the whole fam at Fonda San Miguel. Other than a rather daunting buffet line, our meal was fantastic -- celebrating the risen Lord with mole and carnitas is really the way to go. L & B enjoyed the chicken nuggets {CLAMS, SUCKERS} and the ginormous sugar cookies... as well as the talking parrot and "fancy dragon art." 

This is Four.

If you so happen to celebrate, we hope your family had a rejuvenating Easter!  Or at least a rejuvenating nap after the sugar crash! 


  1. Looks like a great one- you were so smart with separate egg dye containers and the cardboard box for B. Deeds combined all the dye colors in about 3 minutes, then split the blue everywhere. Time out and baths for everybody!!

    1. The box was all my mom's genius! We tried to do that whisk thing everyone seems to be rocking and that was a huge NO GO. Whisk + Egg = Drumstick.

  2. It was a very special weekend all the way around, and you captured it perfectly with the wonderful photos!

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  4. Drew liked to sprinkle confetti into a proffered hand as her method of Texas Childhood Confetti Egg delivery - it was too cute. And she's so tiny, no one cracked anything on her head. Just wait oh precious girl! Although I'm a bad mom, and we don't dye them. HEB for the win!


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