Friday, April 1, 2016

Five on Friday

No snappy intro... just Five Things...


It's been a big week in our neck of the woods.  No rest for the weary after Easter... it's Anniversary Time {the 28th}, then T-Pop's Birthday {the 31st}, and finally, the B Man's Birthday {Happy April Fools!}.  It was a pretty cranky morning for both kiddos {cue angst derived from my tendency towards somewhat unreasonable expectations in the face of celebrations mixed with small children} made even less festive by last night's surprise hail storm and the discovery that our neighbor's 5 am delivery truck knocked over {and crushed} our large brick mailbox.  B's little birthday lunch bunch at school was pretty cute, though, and the little people seemed in better spirits upon pick-up, so hopefully the general mood around here will lighten post rest time.  We're looking forward to really celebrating our crazy man-cub on Sunday with breakfast tacos in the park!  And Official My-Kid-Is-The-Greatest Birthday Post forthcoming, naturally. 


The 3 month wait for living room furniture is over!  I am really, really pleased with our new swivel armchairs {slip-covered in Sunbrella fabric for minimum Annette-Benning-as-Carolyn-Burnham-ness} and coffee table {which includes "wagon wheel" in its official description, garnering at least two When Harry Met Sally references per day}.  I'll be happy to ditch the bachelor pad loveseat at a later date, but we had to leave the minions something on which to bounce. 


Having recently recommitted to My Fitness Pal, I've been eating a lot of hardboiled eggs for lunch over the last month. This week, my stomach decided NO MORE, and I was on the hunt for another easy, protein-packed, healthy lunch.  Remembering a pin I filed away a few weeks ago, I whipped up Jessica's Lemon Almond Roast Chicken Salad, and sweet baby cheesus, it is delicious!  We ate it for supper last night with a kale and brussels salad and a few blue corn chips on the side, and I just polished off a little scoop atop fresh spinach.  I really do not like wet chicken salad, so I used half a personal-sized container of nonfat Fage and only 1 tablespoon of mayo.  This is about half of what the recipe calls for on both accounts. 


If you love Hamilton as much as our household does, you will get a kick and a thigh-slap out of this  post {thanks to Melanie for sending it to me!}. Also: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA



Thanks to April and the gang for hosting FoF this week and every week! 


  1. The chairs look great! I am jealous. I want chairs, waaahhh!

  2. Love your living room! I think I saw a snap or ig post from you on a dining chandelier? (though I'm nursing a 1-month old and on social media at all hours of the night so maybe my brain is playing tricks on me). If so, can you share more pics/info? I'm currently trying to pick one to go over our farmhouse style table.

    1. Oops! Replied in the wrong spot -- see below!

  3. Thank you! I will totally update the blog with some better photos. But if you'd like to Google, it is the Eldridge Rectagle Chandelier from Ballard Designs (in the Antique Bronze). I love love love it, but it was a bitch for our electrician to install (quite heavy) so keep that in mind if you're looking to DIY the installation!


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