Thursday, April 14, 2016


My very-favorite, can't-ever-be-topped April Fool's Surprise turned T-W-O on the 1st!  This child has a smile as wide as Texas and a spirit like a twister.  Days with him are never boring, and I'm sure the coming year will bring adventures galore. We're ready for a wild ride with our Brady Back Ribs! 

B is a physical creature: he scooters with great ease, swings on the big-kid swings, jumps with two feet, scales 12 foot climbing walls, hangs from the monkey bars, and generally fires on all cylinders 24/7.  He is generally happy and sweet... until he is not, and then, woooooo-boooooy. When upset or frustrated, he can be aggressive or difficult to console, but tough moments {or hours} are easy to forgive when I hear that big and wide belly laugh. 

B is happiest when free ranging al fresco. He loves his Coze Coupe, scooter, plasma car, balance trike, water table, T-ball set, our little bounce house, and the park. Watering the veggies, smelling flowers, looking for bugs and leaves with "balls" on them, chalking, and climbing rocks on our hikes are also popular outdoor activities.  He is not the biggest toy guy when it comes to indoor pursuits -- he likes things he can tinker with {a myriad of flashlights, light switches, the keys and locks in his vet clinic} or push around {mini Dyson, doll stroller, the Swiffer}. I would say he plays best "independently" when L is in the mood to tolerate him all up in her grill with whatever imaginative magic she's making. "Sis-ter" is definitely his idol, and my heart grows 3 sizes whenever I see them enjoying each other. Their little conversations are getting more complex, and when they aren't pummeling each other, they are the best little buddies. Brother Bear is also very into coloring, PlayDoh, and helping me cook {the KitchenAid mixer remains one of his true loves}. 

B is my pickier eater and would happily subsist on buttermilk pancakes, mac and cheese, berries, "pah-corn," fruit snacks, nuggets from "Chicky-YAY-YAY," and smoothies if we'd allow it.  Seeing him take down 3/4 of a box of Annie's is truly a sight to see. He doesn't care for vegetables other than carrots, anything spicy, or anything with red sauce {sad times for pizza night}. But he did recently figure out ice cream isn't evil, so maybe there's still hope for him yet!

B's little mind gets fixated on the most intriguing things! He is very into talking about the moon and whether or not it's "off." {"Off" is actually a big point of conversation in our house right now. "Off?" can mean many things: "is it on? is it off? is it up? is the motor running? can we see it?" etc.} He is concerned about whose car we are taking where and knows exactly what all his people's vehicles look like. He needs to see both his shadow and the "monitor light" in his room prior to going to sleep. And he will not stop talking about that golf cart we rented at the beach last month. We've talked about golf carts every day since, and he squeals with delight when we spy them driving to our community golf course. School bus sightings are also major happenings! 

Other Favorites: sleeping with his ya-ya wrapped around his neck like a scarf, his purple and blue owl Beanie Boo, his "blue baby" doll; green rugby pajamas, sister's cowboy boots, dragon rain boots; Wheels on the Bus, Itsy-Bitsy Spider, This is the Day {that the Lord has Made}, the rap battles from Hamilton, Party in the USA {thanks, L}, Wagonwheel, Happy Birthday song; "Hulk Smash!;" Dear Zoo, Little Bluck Truck Leads the Way, Roadwork, all the How Do Dinosaurs books, Click-Clack-Moo, Eric Carle Around the Farm animal sounds book; "All Fall Down!" {Ring Around the Rosey}; sand; blowing out candles; his twice daily bottle {World's Most Okayest Mom!}; dum-dums {"lah-ee-pops!"}.

To celebrate our Bubba, we had a small gathering of immediate family and friends at our local park for breakfast tacos and red velvet cake. I just love feeding tiny people red velvet cake -- they all come away looking like pint-sized vampires!

As you can see, there was also a rousing game of T-ball. We were all thankful for the gorgeous weather and the opportunity to make B king for a day! 


  1. Happy birthday! What a cutie!

  2. He sounds like he's all boy! Glad he had a great birthday.

  3. Love this recap of sweet Brady boy at age 2!!


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