Monday, July 11, 2016

Day in the Life: Summer 2016

Nothing like a looming DitL Round-Up to shrug off an unofficial blogging hiatus! I ended up recording a weekend day of firsts -- one planned, two unexpected {and one of those ginormously shitty}.  It wasn't a typical summer Sunday in every aspect, but I suppose it was a memorable one! 

Summer 2016: Sunday, July 10th
L is 4.5ish
B is 2
E is 34
K is 33
The Boom is bumping right up on 10

7:08 am - I wake up to the dulcet sounds of B grunting in his crib.  He doesn't actually seem to be awake, so I check Hamilton-related and Hamilton-adjacent snap stories to see all of the late night after-party antics post-Lin-Manuel-Leslie-Pippa-Ariana final bow. Giggle at Retta doing shots out of the Grammy with Daveed Digs and fake-pout over LMM's cast aside pony tail.  Yes, I am a tween girl mooning over this week's Tiger Beat, and no, I don't care one single bit. #MusicalTheaterNerd4Lyfe

7:21 am - B is now fully awake and singing "I not throwing away...SHOT."  I've created a glorious monster!  E goes in to get him and they chat for awhile.  L starts hollering and soon emerges frantically crying that she needs to tell me something, then immediately turns all serene and sweetly says "I woke Bebe up but Babs is still asleep and I need to wake her up so I can nurse her and she doesn't cry all day."  She has been super into baby care the past few days, and it's pretty stinkin' cute.  E is changing B's gross diaper and they are joking about poop on faces {delightful}.  B really wants to watch golf cart videos {nope} and then wants to "go wake up Babsie" for L and then wants to look at his bed on the baby monitor.  So much energy!

Kids and E go downstairs to have a "breakfast snack" before our walk.  They take turns playing with a random frozen teether we still have shoved in the freezer. I make the bed and brush my teeth.  Downstairs, I switch the wet laundry to the dryer and hang up our clean swimsuits from yesterday to dry.  I find some clean exercise clothes and change.  L has lots of questions about my sports bra which and different {the questions, not the bra}. B wants to ride his car {outside}, get the kid scissors out of the art kit, and open and slam all the doors.  He is a little ping-pong ball this morning, and we need to get him outside before he melts down. As we're gathering up the water bottles and bagging up frozen waffles, B throws a fit because he wants a lollipop and/or a Starburst {"starfish"}.  I am ready for the 4th of July parade candy to disappear and will probably take care of that today since it's been a week.  L is being really whiny about something, and I ask her to please change her attitude or pick a consequence from our new consequence jar.  She brightens and exclaims "Oh! Can I have two?"  Hmmmmmm.  Perhaps the consequence jar hasn't been explained with the proper dose of gravity...

8:08 am - Everyone is loaded up in the stroller and we're off.  It's muggy as hell and there is no breeze, negating the cooler morning temperatures.  L "nurses" Babs as we walk and chatters constantly all about her eating, sleeping, and jumping {?} habits.  There appears to be some sort of minor water emergency a few streets over, and we get to see a fire hydrant shooting water into the gutter and a back hoe.  The kidlets are delighted!  We also see a friend of mine exiting her house with a sheepish dog and a tale of puppy-sitting diarrhea woe. I am sweating like a mouse in a wool sock, but at least I'm not scraping excrement off my carpet this fine morning! Perspective!

9:00 am - We are back home and decide to grab a real breakfast since E and I haven't eaten or caffeinated and B ate maybe a bite of his waffle.  L and I go inside so she can potty and I can find B's "Blue Baby" -- he is jealous L has Babs and wants his own buddy to snuggle.  We listen to Hamilton by request {sensing a theme?}. By 9:10, we are pulling into Texas Honey Ham, one of my personal favorite breakfast taco joints {and one that generally flies under the radar on the Austin Taco Scene}.  E and I quickly realize neither of us have our wallets. Oops.  We make a quick dash home and are back and in line by 9:22 with two monkeys hanging from the rails.  E orders two potato / egg / cheese tacos, I order a bacon / egg / cheese and a ham / egg / cheese, and the mini meatloaves get their standard pancakes {which are ridiculously delicious as well}.  The coffee is strong and the children adore the Sonic-style ice.  Our food arrives quickly and I post a snap of L signing along with Duran Duran on the radio.  Breakfast is soon demolished; E takes L and B to the bathroom and I clean up.  We are back in the car by 9:58.

10:10 am - Home again, home again... B is really pissed off that we are not at J's house - "I go to J's house!  I play at J's house!"  He is, in fact, headed to J's house in about 30 minutes to play while E and I take L to Finding Dory {her first theater movie!!!} but is pretty bummed we can't drop him off immediately. I jump in the shower while E attempts to calm B down by showing him a big green grasshopper on our front stoop.  Unfortunately, the grasshopper ends up jumping on to B's elbow, totally freaking him out.  So I soon have a shower buddy sitting on the floor of our bathroom, clutching his ya-ya in one hand and inspecting his elbow with the other while I shampoo. He plods downstairs after a while, and I'm pretty sure E gives in to his request's to watch golf cart videos.  I'm dressed by 10:25 and decide to let my hair air-dry since we need to leave again in 20 minutes. I cannot find my bandeau bra and a search ensues.  B shouts "where's mama's bra?" over and over again.  There has been a lot of bra talk today - yikes.  I ask E if he is going to take a shower, and he is wishy washy about it... and finally goes upstairs to clean up 7 minutes before we need to walk out the door.  Cue Movie-Going-Anxiety {which I always have}!  Never fear, we are all out the door and on our way to J and T-Pop's right on schedule.  I think B might be upset that the rest of us aren't coming in, too, so I am armed with a lollipop bribe.  But he's totally pumped to have his grandparents by himself, if not a bit perplexed at the sight of the 3 of us pulling away.  

11:00 am - We are arrive at Alamo Drafthouse for our 11:10 movie.  I print our tickets while E takes L to the restroom.  We take the requisite commemorative photos and find our seats. L is totally intrigued that we can order a full meal in the theater, but, since we just ate breakfast a nano second ago, we settle for popcorn and gummy worms.  L has been a little nervous about this movie -- she loved Finding Nemo when she was 2, but then realized the sharks were supposed to be scary around 2.5 and hadn't watched it again until a few weeks ago {Spoiler Alert: the sharks were still scary}.  We've promised her no sharks for Finding Dory, but she's skeptical.  The previews are really loud and she covers her ears.  We all think the Piper short is adorable, but L is pretty anxious throughout and asks a lot of questions.  We keep reminding her that we can't talk during movies, but the instinct to inquire is strong with this one!  She totally settles in once our snacks arrive and does so well throughout the main film. We have some tense moments with the giant squid {::shudder:: colossal squid rank third on my list of Irrational Things Of Which I Am Terrified, after Space and Deep Sea Trenches... although, perhaps they should just be a sub-group of #2... things to ponder...} as well as with the truck at the end, but all-in-all, she loved it and was a fantastic film-going companion! 

12:50 pm - We hit up the bathroom again and then exit the theater.  We are home a little after 1:00, and my mom and B are playing in the playroom.  She reports he's been a model charge, but he chunks a fish toy at my clavicle the minute I walk in the door.  He does this when I pick him up at nursery school as well;  I guess it's a "thanks for leaving me, woman" gesture?  L is upset because she wanted to play with J, too.  No appreciation for the special theatrical experience! {kidding, of course}  She is whiny and mouthy enough to warrant a consequence and has to clean up 10 toys in the playroom.  J and E help while I take B up for his nap.  He drinks his bottle {still going strong... World's Most Okayest Parents in the house!} and we sing Wagon Wheel.  He then wants to kiss L and E goodnight in L's room.  Then we "see shadow" {do finger puppet Itsy-Bitsy Spider on his dresser with the shadows} and "closet light" {turn on and off the light switch to the closet}.  He requests his "pirate book" in his bed and I kiss him goodnight.  He says "I wuv you, nigh-night" and makes kissy noises... making today the very first time he's told me he loves me unprompted -- Heart = A Gazillion Pieces. I go kiss L for her rest time while she and E finish up a book.  E heads to our room to read / nap, and I claim I'm going to the grocery store to get a few things for our happy hour with my parents tonight... but I somehow end up on our couch, perusing Facebook and listening to the latest episode of MFM.  I search the pantry around 2:00 and realize I have all the ingredients for hummus and plenty of things to feed the kids for supper tonight.  The grocery store can wait until tomorrow morning!

2:10 pm - I make hummus in my mini chopper, which I love but is insanely loud. I actually move it into the playroom for fear of the whirling in the kitchen waking B.  After the hummus is made and stored, I begin typing up this post.  MFM is just too much for me after the heart-breaking headlines this week, so I switch to the Hamilcast and listen to an episode about a woman who does Shakespeare with inmates in Sing-Sing. It's actually just what my soul needs right now.  I manage to get caught up on our day just as B wakes up at 3:30 pm. 

I go up to retrieve B.  He wants to stay in his crib for a bit and chat {standard}, so I straighten up his books and animals as we sing some songs {ABCs, Tingalayo, 5 Little Monkeys}.  Eventually, I force him out of slothdom in order to remedy the stink-factory in his diaper.  Some acrobatics take place on the changing table before I can convince him to come downstairs for a snack {but not until he's turned out his own light, shut his door, and inexplicably dragged Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site downstairs}.  B picks popcorn for his snack, and he and E settle in to watch some Dinosaur Train while I head upstairs to check on L.  

4:00 pm - Having previously fallen asleep {a rarity during rest time these days}, L is now happily reading library books in her bed.  When I come in her room, she tells me she needs to chat with the monsters under her bed for a second before she comes downstairs... Have at it, kiddo! She then asks if she can watch an episode of Doc McStuffins.  I'm inclined to acquiesce even though our theater going endeavor means she's already had a bunch of screen time today.  I take the easy way out and tell her to ask E... E takes the easy way out and defers to B... B thinks Doc is a swell idea, so we all hunker down for more brain rot. I also respond to an email in regards to a job opportunity... one I'm not entirely sure is a great fit but about which I'm excited to glean more info nonetheless. Doc ends at 4:30 and the kids play in the den while E and I chat about our upcoming family vacation to Montana.  E puts on the Les Mis soundtrack, 'lest we burn out on Hamilton. L is pretending to be an animal doctor for creatures on a fishing trip {love it so hard}, and B is engaged with his farm and alphabet robots. We attempt to Facetime GiGi and PaPa but there is no response.  E and I switch topics to possible family Disney and/or skiing jaunts next year. Or a possible 3rd baby.  I am waaaaaay more enthused about Mickey and/or snowballs. Gigi calls back and the minis chat with her while I get my rear in gear to host my parentals for happy hour. 

5:30 pm - I set out the hummus and cheese, chop some veggies, and wash a bowl of cherries. And I take a lame selfie since there is minimum photographic evidence of my washed existence today. My dad arrives at 5:45 while E and B are outside watering the flowerbeds.  T-Pop chats with L all about Finding Dory.  My mom arrives from her bridge group shortly thereafter and we all move outside.  Here's where things get a little dicey... We've recently employed a mosquito sprayer for the lawn which works really, really well 95% of the day.  Dusk, especially up on our deck, still seems to bring out a pest or two, though, and, for whatever reason, mosquitoes eat me alive.  I get down the bug repellent to spray a bit on my legs and leave it on the coffee table without thinking.  A few minutes later, B grabs it and sprays his legs.  This is something he's done under tons of supervision this summer -- he loves spray bottles of any kind, and it's just one of those stupid things we've allowed him to do in order to keep the terrible 2s tantrums at bay.  My dad mentions something to the tune of "should he really have that?" and I totally brush him off since we've been doing this almost daily for 6 weeks.  The minute my attention is elsewhere, B swipes the bugspray again and squirts himself directly in the eye. It's one of those slo-mo parenting moments where you look up the second it happens and the whole world stops.  We immediately grab the bottle as B scrunches his eyes closed and starts crying.  E runs for the hose as the rest of us frantically try to read the tiny print on the back of the label.  E and I flush B's eyes with the hose as he screams and wrestles in protest. After 5 minutes of garden hose flushing, we call Poison Control {first call in 4.5 years of parenting!} "just to be safe," and I completely expect them to be all "oh yeah, no problem, don't worry."  Of course, the lovely woman on the other end of the line instructs me {firmly, yet non-judgmentally} to get in the shower with B for another 20 minutes.  B and I strip down and clamor into the shower -- I hold all 35 slippery pounds of him directly under the stream of water as he screams, wriggles, hits, and begs {"please Mama, no, no, no, please Mama, let me out, let me out, please, please, no water, no shower, please, let me out, Mama"}.  To make sure the water is streaming down his eyeballs, E has to hold the shower head at an angle that feels like we're performing a waterboarding.  B and I are both sputtering and crying as he whacks the back of my head with the lollipop we foolishly thought would soften the blow of aquatic torture and {presumably} develops a life-long phobia of showers. It was maybe the most heart-wrenching experience of my parenting career {outside the entire first 4 months of L's life wherein every single hour felt like I was irrevocably screwing her up in some way or another}.  B was so relieved when we finally turned off the shower and toweled him off -- he was hiccuping and clinging to us like a wee spider monkey.  Thankfully, his eyes appear to be totally fine -- no redness or rubbing after our shower -- but I still felt {FEEL} extremely guilty for letting him fool around with that bug spray. Lesson-learned, man. 

6:40 pm - All the gang is back on the deck {L having been a very good and concerned big sister with J and T-Pop while E and I were upstairs with B... she was very concerned with both his eyes and the fact that my new dress got soaking wet - HA!}.  The kiddos eat a "snacky-supper" {our hors d'ouevres + quesadillas} and play in the water table while the adults chat about the aforementioned possible Disney / snow skiing jaunts. At 7:15, my parents help me clean up while E takes both gremlins upstairs for PJs, teeth brushing, and a book.  We kiss J and T-Pop goodbye at 7:25.  After he finishes his bottle and his book with E and L, B and I read The Belly Button Book and Let's Count before singing Tupelo Honey and chatting about what happened with the bugspray.  I give him a big snuggle and put him in his crib.  Back in L's room, we pick out her outfit for school tomorrow {her zebra romper!} and sing songs {her requests are Mary Had a Little Lamb, Daisy Daisy, and Twinkle Twinkle}.  Loads of kisses and lights out by 8 pm

Back downstairs, I order Austin's Pizza for E and me while he waters a few more dry spots in the front yard. We peruse the movie options on our various apps and settle for The Big Short {which was our Christmas Day movie this year but E is psyched to jokingly mansplain the mortgage crisis for a second endeavor that is quickly nipped in the bud after about 7 minutes}. 

10:00 pm - E says goodnight and I continue the movie while typing up the rest of our day. When the market finally crashes, I switch over to Grease as I finish recapping, then post one final insufferable snap. I slip into bed and read a few pages of Good Omens before tapping out for the night. 

And that's a wrap on Summer 2016! Be sure to check out all the DitL posts over on My Life in Transition (thanks Julia!) if this sort of thing tickles your fancy! 

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  1. We have identical fears (Well, except for giant squids). I couldn't see Gravity because being lost in space is terrifying (I even get overwhelmed at the Air & Space Museum here in DC!) and deep sea trenches are right up there too (sometimes I end up in a rabbit hole about the Marianas trench and things get dicey). This made me miss Austin like whoa, though.

    1. Against my better judgment, we rented Gravity (hoping the small screen would make it less horrifying)... I woke up sore the next day from clenching every muscle in my body for 90 minutes. I'm not sure what that says about my fitness level, but I'm choosing to believe it's more indicative of just how FUCKING MISERABLE space is.

  2. So love your DiTL posts! I loved following when you were in Dallas but even moreso now that you're back in Austin - my Texan heart will forever miss ATX!

    1. Thanks Katie! I am so, so, so happy to be back home in Austin!

  3. Austin's Pizza! We can't get that in Georgetown - we used to order it ALL the time before our move to 'south Dallas' (as some of my downtown friends lovingly call it). I had to laugh over E watering the yard - I swear my hubby does that daily! Glad B is okay too - how scary! I think I'm taking both kids to Finding Dory this weekend!

    1. No Austin Pizza in Georgetown?! That stinks! And yes, E is totally obsessed with lawn care and official conservation watering schedules!

  4. I am a long time reader (lurker???) from way back in the bathroom mirror photo days! I finally felt compelled to comment to ask where your necklace is from? I always notice and admire it!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi! My necklace was a gift from my father on my wedding day and it has a neat (if not longish) story behind it that you can read here...

    3. Thanks for the link...what a great story and necklace that no one else will have (sadly for me!).

  5. Ack- poison control!!! One of my friends had the number programmed in her phone as on of her favorites, because she had to call it so much with her son! HA!

    I refuse to see any sort of space movie. REFUSE. I haven't even seen Star Wars all the way through. That's a combination of I think movies about the future are dumb, and the realistic-isn ones, such as Gravity, stress me out unduly.

    1. I really should just program it into my phone and have my parents do the same because we were all crowded around the bottle shouting "is that a 3 or an 8? Repeat that last part again? Are you SURE that's a 3?"

      I don't mind the future-y space movies that much in a fear sense, but I'm with you in thinking they are dumb! Realistic ones just make me twitch and curl into the fetal position.

  6. Every single time you post there I think about how I should really do one. I love them!

    That poison control incident, SO scary! And poor B....and you! I'm glad he was ok (despite the traumatic shower).


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