Friday, July 15, 2016

Five on Friday

Linking up with April & Co. for a very random, "Shit I Currently Enjoy" style Five on Friday!



I had my first legit job interview in over 6 years yesterday, and jeepers creepers did I feel rusty!  I am not sure if I'm a great fit for the position {I actually have feelers out for a whole heap of different opportunities, and this was the only non-lawyer job in the bunch}, but it was a fabulous opportunity to get those long-neglected interviewing muscles stretching again.  Plus, I really liked my outfit!  I ordered this Dot Flounce Dress from LOFT during their big 4th of July sale not knowing if the drop-waist {usually a non-starter for me} would be flattering.  I was pleased as punch to discover it did not translate to a human sausage casing on my real-life hips!  It is currently 40% off with the code FIVESTARS, and it will transition so nicely to Fall with black tights, booties, and a cardigan or jacket. {And no, that is not an affiliate link.}


So sorry, watermelon; cherries are by far my favorite summer fruit.  But pitting them for the kids to snack on is...well, the pits. I found this adorable cherry pitter on Amazon 2 years ago, and he continues to save us time in the kitchen and make us smile all the while.  When he's not performing his intended manual labor, "Cherry Man" can often be found lounging in L's dollhouse or observing her latest architectural Lego endeavor.  Of all the "one hit wonder" kitchen gadgets on the market, this might be my very favorite!  {And yes, those are affiliate links.}


Does anyone else remember James Marshall's books from childhood?  I think they were mostly written in the late 70s and early 80s.  My mom still has some old George & Martha tales in the kids' room at her house, and I came across a copy of Miss Nelson is Missing {which has Peking listed as the capital of China on the blackboard in one scene!} at the library last week. The books are more L's comprehension level, but B also really enjoys them {or at least enjoys shouting VIOLA SWAMP! at both appropriate and inappropriate plot points}.  I think his retold fairy tales {Goldilocks, Hansel + Gretel, 3 Pigs, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella} are also really cute and clever! {You better believe those are all affiliate links.}


Have you seen Maya Rudolph and Emma Stone performing Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" acapella with butter tubs? If the answer is nay, your life is incomplete. But! I'm happy to rectify such a sorry situation.  {I only wish I had an affiliate link to this.}


I keep meaning to do one huge post on all of my podcast obsessions {yet another reason I haven't been blogging as much}, but my latest discovery is too good not to share immediately. It is called My Dad Wrote a Porno, and before you write me off forever, NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour {very G-rated itself} highly recommended it, and it is simply DELIGHTFUL! A British gent {professional comedian? regular, funny Joe? I'm unsure} discovered his 60 year old father had self-published an erotic novel and reads a chapter per episode while simultaneously providing commentary along with his two hysterical friends. Obviously NSFW or tiny meatloaf ears, but you will legitimately LOL. {Maybe I don't wish I had affiliate links for this one.}


  1. Hey Kate - You may have looked into this already, but you might enjoy a position in a law firm marketing/business development department. Some positions are more event-focused, but others are very writing/editing heavy (like mine). The LMA site posts jobs: I don't see any in Austin right now, but they definitely pop up from time to time. Good luck with all the interviews!

  2. My mom was a PE teacher for about 25 years and she had a big Viola Swamp poster. Love those books! And I NEED that cherry pit remover. I let a bag rot because I took too long dreading getting the pits out myself. Such a travesty because cherries are AMAZING. Good luck on the interviews! Do you want to do lawyer stuff {ha...not a lawyer obvs} or something else?

    1. I'm open to other things but I'm pretty sure I'll end up with an attorney position!

  3. Ahhh...I love George and Martha! We have the George and Martha complete collection but I really need to pick up Miss Nelson for my 5 year old! This was another favorite from my childhood that was just as good when I bought it for my kiddo:

    1. Steven Kellogg is another blast from my past that we've rediscovered lately! Leighton loves his Pinkerton books!

  4. Adding the podcast to my list! Thanks for sharing!

    Also...I looove James Marshall's books! I have a bunch leftover from my teaching days and we recently dug them out for M and she's been enjoying them too! I need to pick up his editon of Goldilocks.


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