Thursday, July 21, 2016

short takes


B {screaming}: I NEED SOME CA-CORN!

L {executing an uncanny Kate impersonation}: Brady, I don't think you need popcorn. I'm pretty sure you just want popcorn. You might need to change your attitude, though.


Starbucks and I have been on a bit of a break recently.  The one nearest to me doesn't have a drive-thru {WOE}, and the parking situation is usually a bit of a bear.  Plus I just miss my White Rock kiosk something fierce.  But! A rousing discussion on Facebook the other day inspired me to try the new cold brew with sweet cream on the way to an interview last week, and now I'm hooked. A venti is a dollar cheaper than my usual grande latte order, and I prefer the taste of their cold brew to their espresso.  So...yay.  Major breaking news, yes?


I made a new baby meal yesterday as an excuse to a snuggle a squishy 3 week old nugget. I love a good cheesy casserole but figured wrestling ten pounds of lasagna in and out of a hot oven might not be the most fun witching hour activity in mid-July.  I went with a sweet kale salad with pecans and poppyseed dressing {thanks Costco!}, Tortellini & Tomato Salad, and Dewberry Pie.  I think this combo worked out quite nicely for a 100 degree day.  Plus, the leftovers are so super easy for mom or dad to grab straight from the fridge for lunch or a snack. 


L is about 50/50 with naps these days.  And it's any sort of consistent pattern -- more like "this week, I shall nap; next week, maybe not." She is still good about "resting" in her room, but the only toys we keep in there are books, stuffed animals, and doll house. I ordered 3 big floor puzzles for her to add to the Quiet Time Menagerie, and she is having a great time doing this "big girl" activity without her little brother pestering her. If you're in the market, these mermaid, butterfly, and Doc McStuffins puzzles are L Approved!


Apropos of nothing... A weekly tableau at library storytime. Just plugging into their Matrix pods. 

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  1. God bless floor puzzles. Have you tried the Crocodile Creek brand? Cute illustrations and they come in a variety of piece sizes (Harper can manage a few). I have no shame in the fact I have 5 in our house to keep quiet time fun (for me).


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