Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Whitefish, Montana: Days 6-8

I take back everything nice I said about Pescado Blanco, and it shall henceforth be known as Food Poisoning Junction. I was laid up, sick as a dog, from early early Saturday morning until Sunday dawned. No more bison enchiladas for me. 

E took the kiddos to the Huckleberry Festival in town, as well as for a stroll around the Whitefish Walking Trails and to Whitefish Lake while I convalesced. L and B got themselves glitter tattoos, shaved ice, and fried noodles. I mostly moaned softly and cursed both e.coli and the fact that I failed to load any non-kid movies on our iPads.

My parentals arrived Saturday evening, and all the non-pukers ordered {reportedly highly delicious} carry-out Second Street Pizza. B scoped out some vintage wheels with mi padre while they waited on their pie. 

I felt about 80% on Sunday, so we skipped hiking in favor of a second round of WhitefishTrails, Whitefish Lake, and the Hucklberry Festival. I enjoyed the shade with my kindle and a mango madness shaved ice while the rest of the fam meandered around, made a few souvenir purchases, and admired the hula dancers {L asked if they were "real" and has been practicing her "hoo-lula" ever since}. We grabbed sandwiches and salads at The Great Northern Brewing Company before a good long rest time. 

After some horse feeding, we drove back into town for live music on the patio at Craggy Range. Both the food and the music were great, and both kids were well occupied by dancing with a few other wild ones up on the stage / on top of the corn hole ramps. 

Kidlet bedtime = drinks and visiting on the rooftop deck and a gorgeous view of the sunset behind far off storm clouds. 

Monday morning we were back in Glacier  after a Montana Coffee Traders pit stop. I was still not up for carrying a minion-pack for miles so we just brought the Deuter as a last resort and bribed the children with lollipops and walking sticks. 

We hiked Johns Lake...kinda sorta. The gal at the ranger station told us it was 3 miles round trip with views of waterfalls. The map she gave us said the same thing. The actual trail signage was extremely confusing and listed the hike as 0.9 miles. We'd previously found the trail signs at Avalanche Lake to be out of synch with what is listed in guidebooks and in Glacier's own literature, and we met many hikers on both trails who were equally confused. Sooooo...get it together, Glacier. I think we did the Johns Lake "Loop" and tacked on McDonald Falls as well for a total of 3 miles, but it wasn't an actual loop and we used my Map My Run GPS to track mileage. Leighton hiked at least 2.5 miles, and I bet B did nearly 2! Such good little nature cats.

Long Story Short: This was a beautiful, easy hike with shitty signage. And I'm not sure if how I've described it will help anyone find it for the future, but...time will tell! Says Jan. 

Rest time {Mom and I hit up the grocery store and poked around town a little bit}, then outside play and grilling for supper. T-Pop made some incredible fresh salsa {hauled his own peppers up from Austin and everything} and the mini meatloaves demolished s'mores after their grilled chicken dinner {turns out like juice, olive oil, and "BAM!" spice - whatever that is! - makes an excellent marinade!}. The adults enjoyed turkey burgers, roasted potatoes, and s'mores on the patio after the bambinos retired. 

Ladies' balance beam and men's synchronized diving capped off another amazing day in Montana. 

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