Sunday, August 21, 2016

Whitefish, Montana: Days 9-12

We're headed towards home plate with the obnoxious vacation posts... I'll be brief as I just discovered Catastrophe on Amazon Prime plus I have an interview for a position I really, really, really want tomorrow... so the battle between Binge Watching Television and Career Advancement is about to edge out humble-brag-posting. 

Lucky you! 

Tuesday morning followed a very similar schedule as Sunday.  We played at the playground, then took a 3 mile stroll along the walking trails to Whitefish Lake.  Since the high was battling Texas temps, we packed swimsuits and took a dip in the 69 degree waters {a degree warmer than our beloved Barton Springs!}.  B's little teeth were chattering after 30 minutes, but L is truly my child and hung tough the entire time.  I took a little break from water-child-wrangling and paddled out past the buoys -- there's nothing more invigorating than a swim in deep water!   

The kiddos enjoyed the Sweet Peaks stand as we drip dried and power walked back into town. 

After lunch at home and naps, we all headed to Bonsai Brewing Project for craft beers. We'd hoped to dine there as well, but busted fridges put the kibosh on those plans.  The minions played happily in the gravel and "shared" a very kind tiny local's balance bike while we enjoyed our beverages.  We decided to head back to the Craggy Range for dinner.  Sadly, there were no tables available on the patio {where another fabulous live music act was performing} and our food was way subpar compared to our experience a mere 48 hours prior.  Kind of a bummer, but what can you do. 

Wednesday we were up and at 'em early for our last trip into Glacier.  We stopped {again} at Montana Coffee Traders for scones and coffee, then hit the Trail of the Cedars / Avalanche Lake Trail for Round 2. The vistas were equally as beautiful, and the mini monsters were a bit more cooperative when it came to pack-riding / hiking.  B hitched a ride most of the way, and L hiked half of the 6 miles. 

We lunched back at the house once again, and Mom and I hit up a few more shops during rest time. E and I snuck away for a couple more solo beers at Bonsai, and then we reconvened for our last round of cooking + s'mores at the house + gorgeous sunset + stargazing on the roof. 

Thursday found us taking another power walk around town + shop browsing.  We bought many, many beverage containers of various types and sizes, and then brunched at Loula's. I took my parentals to the airport during naptime, and then enjoyed more park-play with the bebes. As the cold front rolled in, we took refuge in Buffalo Cafe before performing our last mountain bedtime and Olympics of the trip. 

Our 4:30 am wake-up came early early, but we're all oh-so-glad for our time together in Montana! 

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  1. The meat loaves are so freaking cute! I love these hiking vacation recaps.


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