Thursday, September 8, 2016

back to school

These little gremlins started school last Thursday. I'm still failing at modern parenting / chalkboarding, so no cute signs.  You'll just have to take my word for it that they actually attended their first day of classes {Younger 2s + Younger 4s Pre-K, if you're keeping track} in these outfits.  Or don't. Maybe I took these photos yesterday.  YOU'LL NEVER KNOW FOR SURE.  I did ask them each what they want to be when they grow up, and, for posterity's sake, L wants to be Angelica Schuyler on Broadway and B wants to be a snowman.  Maybe we need to start researching colleges in New York and Greenland. 

I'm super proud of both kidlets as loads of things got switched up on them this school year and they are powering onward.  This is a new nursery school for B, even though he's certainly familiar with it since it's "sister's school" {soooooooo glad we don't have to do the Car Seat Dance 4x a day now!} -- but, ya know, new teachers {two sets}, new kids, new classroom, etc.  No tears on his 3rd and 4th days, so I think he's warming up quickly.  L is in the Younger 4s Class even though she was in the Older 3s last year... This means the vast majority of her friends are still in the "Older" classroom next door.  She's taking it in stride, but I know its a bummer for her to see all her old buddies in one place without her. To top it all off, both L and B are attending Monday through Friday.  L would have done the 5 day Pre-K program regardless {and I'm so, so glad she's doing 5 mornings this year; otherwise I think 8 hours of kindergarten would be a very rude awakening in 2017}, but this schedule is a big change for B, and he's the only one in his class who attends all week long.  We did this as I was hoping to be back at work once the school year started.  While I have a few great prospects {and one in particular that I am super excited about}, the nonprofit world likes to take its time, and I haven't nailed anything down just yet.  Cue Major Mom Guilt for dropping my littlest off every day without a job to rush off to.  But I know he has a wonderful time, and I also know I can't pull him out without losing his spot which I will eventually need. So... HIRE ME! 

Post-Whitefish and Pre-Pre-School, we've been soaking up the last days of summer.  Some days it feels more like languishing, but we've had fun nonetheless.  We've Hatch festival-ed, Sway-ed, baked {I'd link to the recipe but it ended up nearly inedible... don't try to make healthy pumpkin baked oatmeal}, and Chewbaca-ed, among many park trips, walks around the lake, and laughs with friends. We are certainly all jonesing for Fall, but it was a damn good summer! 

insert May The Force Be With You dad-joke here. 


  1. So cute and so grown! It seems like just yesterday you got married. I'm in the same boat with childcare - I hoped to have a new job by October when daycare starts but don't. We secured this spot in MARCH so he's going to start regardless and I feel so guilty. I'd rather spend time with him if I'm not working but there aren't daycares available on a whim.

  2. Very good changes for everyone! Drew got 2 new teachers this year but luckily in the same classroom with most of the same friends (and her old teacher became the director of the school), so that wasn't as painful as I feared. Fingers crossed you will get a J-O-B soon - and especially the one you are excited about. :)

    1. L's old teacher is her school's new assistant director! We love seeing her all the time!


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