Friday, September 9, 2016

Five on Friday

Joining April once again for a little FoF...


You can make risotto in your oven and it is good and life-changing. I was totally skeptical, but Bon Appetit don't lie.  There are times when constant rice stirring is very cathartic, but that time is not (a) May through September in Texas or (b) when I'd rather chat with company.  This recipe offers a great base for any sort of spin on risotto you wish to take, but the kale pesto is also delish.  I made it during naptime with toasted pecans instead of walnuts, an extra cup of kale instead of parsley, plus I went ahead and pulsed in my Parmesan {instead of stirring it all in at the end}. The only other adaptation I made was to use chicken broth in place of water. 


What to do with all that leftover arborio goodness? Bake you some balls! I just form my leftovers into slightly-smaller-than-a-golfball orbs {the pesto in this recipe held everything together nicely, but depending on what kind of risotto you are using, you might need to mix it with a beaten egg} and roll them in a mixture of half Italian bread crumbs and half finely grated Parmesan {1/4 c + 1/4 c is usually sufficient}.  Bake at 375 on a wire rack {pop a cookie sheet underneath it for oven cleanliness} for 15 to 20 minutes.  They'll also freeze and make great appetizers. I've been trying to get creative with nut-free lunches and was planning on sending these to school for the kidlets... but, um, PECANS, duh.  So I've been forced to eat them myself.  Such a tragedy, but I'm coping well enough. 


Like every other annoying white lady in America, I can't stop drinking cold brew coffee. And while the store-bought bottles of concentrate are much cheaper per cup than a coffee shop latte, I was plowing through them at a very brisk pace. I was all set to purchase the Toddy T2N Coldbrew System after admiring it at my friend C's house {she highly recommends it, btw!} when E saw the Coffee Sock Coldbrew Kit.  It's made by a local company, the cotton is organic and responsibly sourced, and its super easy to clean and use {they sell hot brew goodies too!}. Mine is the 64oz kit {you can see the sock hanging dry over my sink faucet in the background}, and it can make up to 6 cups of coffee concentrate. You do have to replace the sock about once a year.  I am super pleased with this purchase and feel like a regular pioneer woman whilst brewing my own coffee in a baby-sized mason jar. 


I bought the Dignitet curtain wire kit before B was born.  Possibly even prior to becoming pregnant with B.  I had grand thoughts of creating a rotating art wall for L, and, like so many other Pinterest projects, I procrastinated in a big way. Of course now I'm pretty pleased with myself as, had I executed this little tableau on my original timeline, it would be firmly stuck in Dallas and not brightening up L's current space!  See kids, sometimes laziness pays!  As far as IKEA projects go, this one is not too terrible if you have (1) screws {the kit doesn't come with them}, (2) a good pair of wire cutters for the deceptively strong braided wire, (3) this YouTube video {the included directions are crap, surprise-surprise}, and (4) a laser level {unless you are going diagonal like me... I don't like levels and that may or may not have played into my positioning decision}.  And DO NOT LOSE THAT TINY ALLEN WRENCH FOR THE LOVE. Once you have all your gear in place, this shouldn't take more than an hour, tops.  If you have a knack for building things, I bet you can hammer it out in 30 minutes. I love how it turned out! 


Livin' that 1SE life in August! {Is this an expression people actually use with a straight face?}

Happy weekending! Don't think too hard!

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  1. I should probably get that sock. #basic I also want to thank you for your HP and the Sacred Texts podcast recommendation because it is so lovely and now I am OBSESSED with it.

    1. I'm so glad you like it! It is so soothing!

  2. Should it surprise you since I like the opposite of what you cook that I don't like coffee? Haha.

  3. Ohhh kay. I'm totally an annoying white lady. Hot coffee makes me sweaty!
    I thought the only way to cold brew was a giant mixing bowl full of water and coffee grounds left out overnight. That sock thing looks way classier and much more tidy.
    I just bought one.

  4. Also,the idea of oven risotto is freaking me out. I made a lovely roasted veggie risotto least Monday (for meatless Monday, of course) but spent over an hour doing so.
    Next time,I do it in the oven and go play outside!

    1. I was SO skeptical. I thought good risotto was the reward for all that arm exertion, but it turns out you totally can let your oven do the work! I wouldn't say the end result is a complete equal to the traditional method, but it's like 90% and good enough to serve to guests! Good enough for me when it's still 90 degrees outside at 6 pm!

  5. If you come up with more preschool lunch ideas I would love to see a post about it! I always need more inspiration with that. And, I love when you post about recipes you've made. I've made too many recipes from blogs only to find them sub-par, so I love when you've experimented with them first! Keep doing what you're doing!

  6. I just added the coffee sock to my Amazon list. I think it will make a great gift for Ty!


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