Friday, September 16, 2016

Five on Friday

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We're all watching Catastrophe, yes? It's really the only "adult show" reason I currently switch on our TV other than E's and my trudge through Homeland {and talk about a palate cleanser for foreign and domestic terrorism!}.  It's the first show that's made me truly LOL repeatedly in 24 minutes since Parks & Rec. Hit it up on Amazon Prime

Catastrophe high five rob delaney tv humor


I was all jazzed to recommend these little heart-shaped plug-in LED nightlights that you don't have to switch on {there's a sensor}, but just noticed that Amazon isn't carrying them currently. I bought them last week {$9 for a four pack}, so perhaps they will get them back in stock {or here is the same exact thing but square-shaped}.  L likes the light on in the restroom overnight but the bulb keeps burning out {can't buy LED bulbs for this particular light}, and one of these at each end of the kids' Jack-and-Jill galley bathroom is just the right amount of brightness for a midnight potty trip. We had two left over, so now our bathroom and the downstairs bath are decked out as well.  Super cute and functional, and, if I'm at the end of my rope before bathtime, "go wave your hands in front of the nightlights!" is a great time-suck for the preschool-set. 


I got RULL basic this week and entered Bath & Body Works for the first time in over a decade. I'm hyper sensitive to fragrances, and that place triggers a cluster headache like no other. But! We had a Skunk Situation {Tangent: Did you know fresh skunk spray stinks like an explosion at a fertilizer factory? It took us 12 hours to figure out why our house smelled like burning chemicals -- it was not akin to the stench that wafts into your car briefly as you speed past roadkill. I'll take that scent any day.}, and after scrubbing, baking soda-ing, vinegar-ing, coffee grounds-ing, Nature's Miracle expensive-ass shampoo-ing, our entire downstairs needed a little pick-me-up.  I grabbed 3 candles {all their 3 wicks are $10 off at $12.50 right now // not sponsored!} in record time and am quite pleased with my selections: Pumpkin Woods, Pumpkin Apple, and Sweater Weather. I had high hopes for Flannel after hearing so many raves, but it smells like every guy I dated from 1999 to 2005. What are y'all's other favorites? 

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I saw a friend's FB post about Wit & Wisdom "Ab-solution" jeans, and immediately bopped on over to to check them out.  Intrigued {and impressed by the $68 price tag!}, I ordered a pair of the Stretch Skinny silhouette in black, and I LOVE them! Super flattering and comfortable.   

Another recent {non-sponsored} shopping triumph is these astronaut footie PJs from Old Navy.  I fucking love my 40 lb toddler in footie jams!  Thank you, ON, for carrying one-piece COTTON pajamas all the way up through 5T sizes! 


Hands down, my favorite thing on the internet this week.  


  1. I am definitely picking up what you're putting down this week. I LOVE Catastrophe, I ALSO recently entered a Bath and Body Works for the first time in a decade and the Pinksourcing video made me laugh out loud!

  2. I'll have to check out those jeans. I love BBW candles (after swearing off that store for a very long time). I died laughing at your Flannel observation. The Pumpkin Fireside smells really good too.

  3. Girl I am QUEEN of #basic candles. I picked up Yankee Candle "Harvest" recently but J refuses to let me light it until the 22nd. My favorite Christmas-y candle is Williams Sonoma Spiced Chestnut. SO GOOD but doesn't veer too much into "this smells like food".

  4. I adore Catastrophe. It's a refreshing, irreverent take on how it can be pure hell to be married and have kids sometimes.

    1. Yes yes yes! It's so real that I cringe as I chuckle!

  5. Ugh! I wish I would have seen this before plunking down my $18 at Anthro for one pumpkin souffle candle (Now THAT is basic!). Totally ordering the astronaut jams, that's what both kids are dressing up for Halloween.

    1. I just realized that I credited Old Navy for the jams and they are GAP! I will go back and fix the link tomorrow but I wanted to let you know ;)

  6. I'm very excited to try those jeans! Always on a quest for decently cute mom jeans now.


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