Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gift Ideas for Adult Humans

We're down to the wire here, folks.  I haven't done a gift guide for peeps over 4 feet tall in a while, but I had a few requests for one, plus I had a handy dandy "Favorite Purchases of the Year" iPhone note burning a proverbial hole in my pocket.  All of these items {save for one} are things we own and love, love, LOVE. A few are old friends, but the vast majority were new finds from 2016. 

If you're working that last-minute holiday shopping hustle, I hope you find something here that tickles your pickle... or perhaps just a January happy prize for yourself!

1. Benefit Soft & Natural Brow Kit: I've never done a thing to my brows aside from plucking and waxing, but I'm now somewhat addicted to the products in this kit!  I don't bother with the stencils, but the filler/liner glides on and fills in smoothly, the gel keeps everything in place all day without flaking, and the highlighter really adds some pop -- all without looking like you've tattooed your damn forehead. If I only have 1 minute to slap on some makeup, I do my brows + mascara and lip gloss, and I still feel polished.

2. Bauble Bar Earrings: The only item(s) on the list I don't already own, I want about 8373 pairs of Bauble Bar earrings... but especially the Crispin Drops and Pinata Tassels!

3. Hurraw Lip Balm:  This balm was a local Whitefish, MT discovery, but it's likely available at a boutique or spa near you or via Amazon {although there is a price hike}. The ingredients are organic, vegan, and raw {HIGH CRUNCH}, but most importantly, it smells delicious {the ALMOND!!!}, isn't tacky or greasy, and won't melt -- not even in your hot ass car in August. I cannot tell you how happy this makes my Texas heart. 

4.  Lysse Leggings: Are you stumbling through life wearing leggings not made by Lysse?  Then I'll be blunt: you're doing it wrong. My friend Erin turned me onto these about this time last year, and it is one of the 8373 reasons why I love her face off so hard. I tried to let my mom in on the secret, and she admitted she'd already been wearing Lysses for months.  So. We know who really loves me now. ANYHOO.  Get you some.  I wear the Seamed Ponte and the Jeggings each and every week. Super comfortable, super thick, perfect for travel.

5. Antonini Olivewood Cheese Knives: We've had these for 8 years, and it would be impossible to count the number of times we've used them.  I pull them out anytime we have guests, and they still look brand-spankin' new.  Automatic purchase if I spy these on a wedding registry.

6. Lifefactory Silicone-Sleeved Glasses:  These come in all sorts of colors, sizes, and styles {the 20 oz variety would make an excellent "super pint" for the beer drinker in your life!}, and I've pretty much ditched my regular wine glasses since purchasing these. The silicone sleeve is cute and cushy and is perfect for patio-sippin' and/or Distracted Disaster Insurance.

7. Hamilton: The Revolution: Hey, did y'all know I kinda like Hamilton? This is the most gorgeous coffee table tome that is sure to delight fans of the show, general Broadway enthusiasts,and history buffs alike.

8. CoffeeSock Cold Brew Kit: Still loving my CoffeeSock, and still slamming that cold brew in December!
9. Wide-Mouth Klean Kanteen w/ 2 Tops: Klean Kanteen makes my very favorite adult insulated beverage receptacle. Cheaper and less obnoxious than a Yeti, but your coffee will stay hot through the work day / your ice will remain icy throughout a beach marathon.

10. Le Creuset Stoneware Mugs: Much more fun than your boring white coffee mug but classier than your "Let That Shit Go" cup {just me?}, these mugs make me so happy! I received the turquoise color in a This Is My Fave IG gift swap, and it truly is my fave now!

11. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook: Deb can do no wrong. Everything she cooks is gold.  As is this cookbook.

12. Rifle Paper Co. Slim Wall Calendars: My 2016 Folk Art version looks so cheery in our kitchen. And the prints make pretty frame-fillers when the new year arrives!

13. Deneve Riverock Diffuser: I know I've waxed poetic about these before; we have three now, and I'm purchasing another for my office.

14. Parabo Photo Desk Calendar: This product is only available via their app {which is super use friendly}, but I'm gaga for these desk calendars. The quality is excellent {nothing I like better than a luscious, thick paper product!}, and it adds just the right amount of personality to your workspace. 2 photos featured for every month: a new photo for the calendar side and last month's photo on the flip side {so your office guests can ooh and aah over your kiddos or your pups or your latest culinary endeavor}.

15. Folding Wayfarers: Classic style now folds up to fit in your tiniest clutch. These are the only sunglasses I wear now.

16. Elizabeth Volk Suede Tassel Earrings: Elizabeth is an extremely talented personal friend {who I happen to be having beverages with manana - what, what!}.  I have 3 of her pieces and am constantly eyeing more! I'm particularly fond of these suede tassels.

17. Mi Golondrina Mexican Peasant Dress: If you grew up in a Southern border state, chances are you sported a zillion polyester Mexican peasant dresses as a kid. Mi Golondrina's offerings are your childhood favorites all spiffed up -- the embroidery is all done by hand and knock-your-socks-off pretty.  I get more compliments on this dress than any other item of clothing I own, and it's the easiest and coolest thing to throw on. The price tag feels decadent considering mass-produced styles are available for 15 bucks a pop, but the craftsmanship truly is worth your dinero.

16. Humble Hilo Bag: Finally, speaking of most-complimented, I've been carrying a Humble Hilo medium-sized bag since last Christmas, and I get stopped constantly with inquiries. HH products are made from gorgeous recycled Guatemalan hupils, and each item is one-of-a-kind.  A portion of every purchase supports your choice of three humanitarian projects in Guatemala: Child Nutrition/Clean Water; Education for Women, and Small Business Opportunities for Women.

*Please note: Amazon links are affiliate.  All other links are "squeaky clean." No freebies or sponsored items on this list -- just a bunch of shit I adore.

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  1. Love all of these ideas! I don't know if they still carry them, but I randomly discovered Hurraw lip balm at American Apparel while making a return after last Christmas. The tinted black cherry is my fave!


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