Friday, December 9, 2016

Kidlet Gift Guide: For the Mermaid-Obsessed Pre-Ker + Bonus Stocking Stuffers

I bit the bullet and dove in head-first and got 'er done and every other clichéd metaphor you can think of, re: compiling gift guides for the mini-meatloaves.  Click on out if these things make your eyes bleed. And if you're searching for that perfect thing for your favorite small fry and don't see anything here that tickles your pickle, check out these compilations from Christmases past.

2015: Preschool Picks {L age 3.5}
2015: Toys for Tinkering Toddlers {B age 18 month}
2015: Crap Everyone Likes! {18 months to 3.5}
2014: 2-3 Year Olds {L age 2.5}
2014: Older Babies {B age 8 months}
2013: Toddlers {L age 22 months}
2012: Wee Ones {12-18 Months)

First up, I have L's wish list.  If you can't sense a theme... well, then I think you need another slap in the face with a mermaid tale.

1. Little Dress Up Shop "Pink Mermaid Costume." 
2. Little Dress Up Shop "Pink Mermaid Doll Dress." 
3. Cuddly Blankets "Mermaid Tale Blanket."

A completely unsponsored and unpaid word about Little Dress Up Shop -- This is the only place I buy L's dress up clothes.  She is a kid who is highly sensitive to itchy clothes and tags, and all the dresses from LDUS are soft, stiff-tulle-free, washable, and easy for little kids to pull on and off by themselves.  Plus, nearly all of the costumes have matching doll dresses.  And I kind of love that the "princess inspired" dresses are "Disney Adjacent" without being IN YOUR FACE ELSA or whoever. We will also be replacing our too-small Frozen Queen Elsa dress with the Satin Queen Elsa dress {the first one lasted us a good 2 years and still looks pristine}, and we still adore our Princess Anna dress from last Christmas.
1.  Aurora Plush "18 Inch Mermaid Doll."
2. Aurora Plush "38 Inch Mermaid Doll."

L's primary request from Santa this year is a mermaid doll and a mermaid dress up dress.  Since B is getting a bike {more on that next week}, I thought the massive version of the oh-so-adorable 18 inch Aurora Plush would be a nice balance, size-wise, on Christmas morning.  Totally unnecessary... but I think she is going to flip her ever-lovin' lid when she sees it.

1. Alex Toys "Tin Tea Set."
2. Imagination Generation "Happy Birthday Party Cake."
3. Doc McStuffins Pet Vet "On-the-Go Pet Carrier"

Our play dishes / cutlery and play food are in dire need of a spruce-up.  Both kids play with what we have daily, but so many pieces have been lost or broken.  I'm hoping a few new items will soften the blow of the ginormous purge that's about to occur in the playroom.  And that pet carrier... that one is a major compromise after L discovered the Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Vet Cart... which I'm sure is a very lovely piece of plastic, but the last thing we need is another large, wheeled item knocking into our walls {and our siblings}.  Bah-humbug.  
2. Lego Friends "Birthday Party Building Kit"
4. Disney Princess "Little Mermaid Sisters"

After receiving her first legit Lego kit for her birthday {as in "not Duplos"...which she and B do still play with a ton}, L is very into Legos at times when bothersome baby brother won't interrupt her groove.  Looking past the dumb "Legos for Girls / Friends" branding, I am sure she will love these two kits.  Sticky Mosaics are also always a big hit for quiet time and rainy days.  And... MOAR MERMAIDZ. And not just mermaids: TINY TACKY MERMAID FIGURINES.  It's like all of her favorite things wrapped into one.

2. The 1st 3 Books in The Princess in Black Series

Not pictured, but I also bought her The Complete Ramona Collection.  Cannot wait to start chapter books!

I lumped both kiddos' stocking stuffers together since their socks will mostly be stocked with new dental hygiene products and underpants.
2. Marvel Action Figurines

Everything is pretty self-explanatory here except for the glow stick flasher thing-a-mabobs.  We were at an outdoor venue with friends a few weekend ago and they busted these out for our whole gang once it got dark.  The kids loved them {"light sabers! fairy wands! WHISTLES!"} and we loved that we could spot them easily.  These would also be fabulous to keep in your car safety kit to be used as a signal "flare" for nighttime car trouble.  Oh!  And the Marvel figurines {which all punch their arms when you squeeze their legs together} don't have a link because they are out of production and I purchased them off Ebay. Try searching "Playskool Marvel Squeeze Legs" -- I paid $4.99 for the set of four.

Next week... Musical + Action Gifts for a nutty 2.5 year old!

*Please Note: Per usual, Amazon links are affiliate; links to anywhere else are not.  If it links back to Amazon, I bought it {or my family bought it} on Amazon.  None of these products are sponsored or freebies.


  1. Are you up for doing an adult gift guide? Let us know what is on you and your husbands wish lists?

    1. I will try to hammer one out this week!

  2. Your gift guides are hands down my favorite, and I reference them for every birthday/gift giving holiday. Thank you!

    1. And thank you! I'm so happy people actually find them helpful!

  3. Thanks!! So helpful! Oh and you may have already heard of this book but in terms of chapter books (we've started with my 4.5 year old), "My father's dragon" and its sequels were great and pretty easy to follow!


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