Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kidlet Gift Guide: For the Musical Energizer Bunny + Collective Top 10 Toys

Time now for B's picks for Christmas morning!  

B decided he would ask Santa for "a GEEN bike" for Christmas 2016 about 2.4 seconds after seeing L's bike under the tree on Christmas 2015.  We have been super pleased with L's version {which B has been riding since his feet finally reached the pedals in July} -- the price, how simple it was to put together, how sturdy it is, how it's lasted "in the elements" on our sport court {we're replacing the grips and the basket, but everything else still looks and works great!}.  There are some less-than-stellar reviews I've sweated over, but I'm hoping we get a product comparable to last year's purchase! 

The helmet and the basket are pretty self-explanatory, and the ukulele should thrill our "geeee-tar!" lovin' boy! 

L picked this Duplo set out for B, and I think she did a damn fine job!

4. Shark Snuggle Blanket

These Squigz look so neat -- they seem fabulous for general construction tomfoolery, as well as for bathtime fun and building on the go {restaurants, air plane tray tables, etc}.  I've heard incredible things about the Symphony #2 {and long-time readers know how much I love the B. Toys brand}, and I really think both kids will go bananas making musical combinations.  B remains a tinkerer at heart, so I am sure this new drilling iteration will be a hit, too. And a Shark Blanket {which I actually found new with tags for $15 on eBay!} to match sister's mermaid tale! 

I saw this Build-a-Road set on an infomercial whilst binging on HGTV in my conference hotel room last month. The ad was hypnotizing, and I remember thinking "the kids would love this, but it's likely a piece of crap." 2 weeks later, I saw it on a Fat Brain Toys "Best-of" list {these are great gift guides categorized by age, btw!}, and that was that -- I'm so ready to play with this one!  Thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda's tweets, we added Chuggington to our TV repertoire {if it's good enough for the progeny of America's Shakespeare, it's good enough for our spawn}.  Wilson, Brewster, Koko and the gang will be a welcome addition to our train gang. And a plane you are encouraged to dismantle? Genius!  Finally, L saw this tractor at our favorite toy store and thought B would enjoy it. At first, I figured it might be a little babyish for his age, but after seeing how much L liked playing with it {she miiiiiight have had an ulterior motive for suggesting it!} and reading some stellar reviews, I added it to the list. 

Top 10 Toys

I was asked on a previous post which toys from past guides really knocked the kids' socks off, and the honest answer is they've really enjoyed almost everything on these lists {which I suppose justifies my somewhat obsessive perusal of Amazon reviews!}.  If I had to pick a Collective Top Ten, these would all rank {in no particular order}:

1. Yvolution Glider Deluxe Scooter / Bikes {links above} / Plasma Car
2. Sweetpea3 MP3 Player
3. Step2 Water Table
4. Little Tykes Cozy Coupe
5. Magformers
6. Lego Duplos
7. B. Toys Parum-Pum-Pum Drum
8. Little Dress Up Shop Costumes + Doll Dresses
9. Melissa & Doug Corner Kitchen
10. Melissa & Doug Easel {buy the bulk paper rolls at IKEA!}

*Standard Post Script: All Amazon links are affiliate / all other links are not. Nothing listed here was a freebie or sponsored. 


  1. Santa is bringing that helmet to Thomas!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the all time greatest hits. Very appreciated!

  3. I love all the picks, but we've had that tractor for a few years, and I must confess my hatred. It's been in heavy rotation, and yet never run out of batteries. No off switch. It's really loud. And no off switch.

    1. Oh dear. And I put it on my MIL's "gift idea" list... She adores extremely loud items so I'm sure she purchased it. And I'd just gotten rid of 3 horrid, ear-attacking V-Tech Toys, too...

  4. thank you thank you thank you for all these lists! Great price range, great selection.

  5. I love all of your lists! Squigs are a huge hit here for babies and preschoolers alike. We were just recently gifted the take-a-part car (same brand as the plane). Pros: the children LOVE it! Cons: That electric screwdriver noise will haunt your dreams. It made a bee-line for the grandparents house toy pile. :)

  6. My kids LOVE that build-a-road set. We've had it for almost 3 years now. The only problem is the cars are kind of crap. They burn through batteries and the batteries don't stay in very well, so we've replaced the cars a few times, but replacements are less than $10 for 2, so it's worth it for how much they play with it. My advice is to stock up on AA batteries for it though! And my nephew loves that take-apart plane. I bought him a similar dump truck for Christmas this year.

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