Monday, February 27, 2017

a super 5th birthday party!

Our very own Super Girl enjoyed a fast, furious, and fabulous fifth birthday fete last weekend! We've been heavy into super heroes since Halloween, and this was such a fun (and EASY) party to put together -- I thought I'd share a few details in case you've got your own caped crusader to celebrate!

For the fourth year in a row, we decided to hold our breath and cross every available appendage and plan to host our friends and family outdoors... I distinctly remember having panic attacks about the weather report last year and promptly putting a Post-It in my planner to-be-read at the beginning of December 2016 with the direction "indoor options for L's birthday?" scrawled on it... and then promptly sticking my head in the sand when I came across it after Thanksgiving.  Who wants to call trampoline parks when there are cookies to frost and clients with contentious holiday custody schedules to fret over {'TIS THE SEASON}?! 

Thankfully, the weather gods blessed us once again, and it was a glorious day for bouncing and sports-courting!  We used Austin Moonwalks for the second year in a row, and I can't recommend them enough! You pay for 4 hours, but both years they've set up around 11 am and held off on pick-up until 7 pm or so.  Your kids will be tired for days. We also pulled out our mini bounce house for the tiny tots -- what an excellent investment that sucker has been!

We also pinned-the-star on Wonder Woman's belt {an eleventh hour sketch project that turned out pretty damn good, if I do say so myself!} and had a special visitor from Gotham!  It pays to have a best friend whose father masquerades as Batman!  Two decades ago, C and I were concocting illicit margaritas in a secret blender in her bathroom, hiding the noise from her parentals with blasts from a hair dryer... and now Mr. S dons 30 pounds of latex to make my kiddos smile.  It's all come full circle! {Actually that blender story is apropos of nothing; I just continue to be completely tickled by it -- what knuckleheads we were.}  Batman was seriously the biggest hit of all time -- all future birthday parties are destined to be abject disappointments.  Sorry you peaked at 5, kid!

Originally, I'd thought we could have a little "make your own mask" station, and the resulting artistic treasures could serve as party favors.  While hunting for felt masks in bulk on the cheap, I stumbled across the deal of a lifetime -- hero capes of all varieties, direct from China for $2.39 a pop {free shipping}.  There is an option to buy the corresponding masks for a total of $2.99 per set, but I ordered just the capes, figuring we'd still do the mask craft... only for my capes to arrive with masks! International eBay orders always seem like a gamble, but this one really paid off. The capes + masks were adorable and quite well made, considering the epically inexpensive price tag. The shipping time for us was super quick -- I had the sets in hand within a week -- but be warned the window for delivery is up to a month.  For the festivities, I fashioned a clothesline out of a dollar store tablecloth and painter's tape and had each kid pick a set upon arrival... We had a backyard full of Marvel (wo)men and Justice Leaguers in no time flat!

The rest of the décor was Amazon-Primed the Monday prior to the party {Super Hero Jumbo Word Cutouts; Cupcake Picks + Liners; Happy Birthday Cake Sign} or pulled from our collection of toy figurines / party supplies {that balloon wreath is on it's 4th year of fun and was the easiest thing in the world to make with floral picks}.  HEB was kind enough to bake the cake {ELITE FROSTING 4-LYFE}, and I did make the dirt cake cups for the 3rd year in a row {L called them "Wonder Cups" which just made me think of bra shopping, but, hey, it's her birthday} -- these continue to be the most popular hostessing decision I've ever made.

3rd literal costume change of the day
It was the perfect celebration for our big FIVE year old!  I really cannot believe she's five... Five is like a real kid! What an extreme joy she is -- I never want to forget how big and how little she seems all at the same time.  She can play independently for hours and will create elaborate scenarios involving dozens of toys and moving parts; if she isn't running a constant narration on these adventures, she's singing {LOUDLY}.  She can write all of her letters and spent 3 weeks scribing individual thank you notes after Christmas. She adores school and is sad when she doesn't get to go on the weekend; Extended Day days are her favorite days {this only makes me a tiny bit sad -- mostly just excited how much she adores learning, her buddies, and her teachers!}.  She still loves Frozen and Doc McStuffins and playing doctor, but is also super into Moana and the Chuggington and Thomas trains.  She is obsessed with the name "Sarah." She loves drawing and crafts and creating "art schools" for her animals and babies. She is currently perfecting her "couch cannonball."  She chose tee-ball over soccer for the Spring. Her favorite foods are pepperoni pizza, sausage, apples, hummus & pimento cheese {with a spoon}, and hamburgers. She prefers rainbow sprinkles on her chocolate "froyoyo." She likes her hair "plain" {no bows or ponytails or clips}. She's been practicing the monkey bars almost daily for over a year. She continues to love books, and we're having a blast exploring some chapter books together {the Princess in Black series, Charlotte's Web, the Ramona books}.  She has a 75/25 Love/Hate relationship with her brother who she lives to boss around.  She wants to be Angelica Schuyler on Broadway when she grows up. She feels deeply, has a very strong sense of fairness, and asks a million questions a day. It is a privilege to witness her explore and figure out the wide wild.

{E and I also celebrated birthdays earlier this month.  We had fun.  And took some photos...}


  1. Happy birthdays to you all! The capes and masks are SUCH a good idea! I'm definitely using that idea for an upcoming party for my little!

  2. This is adorable! And happy birthday to all of you! BTW, I'm loving your insta-stories!


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