Monday, March 6, 2017

Free Printable Fill-in-the-Blank Thank-Yous for Kids

I'm still a stickler for hand-written thank you notes {although I must admit I'm currently averaging an embarrassingly long lag-time between whatever event we've celebrated and the actual mailing of the thank-you... sorry, Emily Post!}... and now that L can write her alphabet, I'm continuing the time honored tradition of nagging my offspring to write her own! 

At Christmas, she drew each of her benefactors a picture and then wrote the entire note {Dear XYZ, Thank you for the ABC! Love, L-------}.  While adorable, it took about six weeks to complete 8 notes, and with 26 gifts for which to express thanks, I was looking for a much speedier solution for her birthday party aftermath.

Enter these cute, easy {FREE} Mad Libs style printables from Petite Lemon! I slapped a ton on some green cardstock we already had {white would be sharper, but, alas, I care not}, filled in the gift and an extra thank you message, and L wrote the name of the recipient, selected a few adjectives, and signed her name at the bottom. It was the perfect amount of writing for a newly-minted 5 year old -- enough to signify some good effort but not too much that the undertaking became overwhelming or painful.

Are you still rocking your thank-yous old-school?  Do you torture your kids with the task, too?


  1. I torture Z with it for sure. However, before we were married J's mom remarked on it -- that I would always have thank you notes go out when Z's mom.... never did. People notice!

    I love this idea of the fill in - builds the good habit for her but streamlines it time-wise :)

  2. I am team old school thank you notes for life! My Miss A is not old enough to write the notes yet, so I write them and have her add a picture. Once she is old enough I will most certainly help (nag) her make her own. There's always appreciation for good manners and gratitude, I think. :-)


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